Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055: Wasteland Slaughter

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This young man's speed is so fast, and if he changes his hands fiercely, if he changes someone else, he might not really react.

"Hey! Remember the dark wind of my name!" The boy's voice was cold and quiet like the death coming out of the Nine Nether Hell, without emotion.

"Dark wind! The name is good, but people are a little silly!" Zhao Yuande's speed is much faster than the other party imagined, swiping his finger, an invisible force of the sky cut off the sharp knife stabbed by the teenager.

"What!" The teenager's complexion changed greatly, and he felt an extremely dangerous breath coming from the other person.

He even felt that if he did not flee immediately, he would die tragically here.

But he realized now that it was a little late. He only saw the white shadow flash, and a slap-sized rabbit jumped out of the other person's arms.

He was stunned for a moment, but his mouth widened in shock at the next moment, and he wanted to yell.

But the little rabbit's eyes suddenly turned into azure blue like a bright starry sky, and Zhangkou shouted at him!


A horrible sound wave instantly swept through half of the sky and instantly destroyed the body of this young boy named Dark Wind.


A head fell to the ground from the air, and the expression of horror appeared on the face of the palm of the dark wind.

If he hadn't risen in the air just now, I was afraid that he would be directly roared to death by this roar.

"Dark wind, I remember you!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward to crush the head, and the little guy fell into Zhao Yuande's arms.

"The little guy's voice must have attracted a lot of people. I still have to leave here quickly!" Zhao Yuande's figure flickered and disappeared into the grass, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

"There was a fight just now! This broken sword seems to be the weapon of the dark wind of Shadow Shenzong. The dark wind is good at ambush, but it is killed here. The other party must be very powerful!" A young man in white, glanced The overwhelming grass all around quickly understood the truth of the matter.

"There seems to be a battle ahead!" Zhao Yuande escaped hundreds of miles, and suddenly saw the figure in the grass in front of him, and the roar of shouting and killing kept coming.

He quietly dived towards the place where the battle occurred, and suddenly saw two people in the field are fighting, the weeds around have been shattered by the terrible force.

One of them is a young Taoist with a crown of cranes, and a long silver sword erupts in the hands of a silver sword, covering a radius of hundreds of feet.

The other man is a big man in animal skin, holding a big mace of fangs, and waving a gust of wind. It is this big man who keeps roaring.

Both of them are the cultivation practices of the emperor's peak, at this time some are evenly matched, and no one can beat each other.

"Ming Zhenzi, we've been playing for a long time, it's better to forget it, and maybe we will be attacked by someone with heart in the future." The skinned man said first.

"If you stop, I'll stop!" The young Taoist eyes flashed with a strange color, calmly.

The two of them are evenly matched. If anyone stops their hands and is caught by the other party, they will probably win the match soon.

"I count one, two, three, how about we stop hands together?" Seeing the other party seems to be unable to believe him, the animal hider did not get angry, but instead made a suggestion.

"Okay! Just say what you said!" The young Taoist nodded.

"One! Two! Three! Stop!" Dahan drank in his mouth.

There was a hint of cunning in his eyes, but he didn't stop his hand as expected, but he slammed into the other party with a mace.

"Brother, don't help me!" At this time, the young Taoist did not stop, but shouted at a grass not far away.

The Daxian immortal froze, but then he laughed.

"Hey! I want to lie to me. When the uncle is a three-year-old child, if your brother comes, you will have already started!" The big man didn't care, and the mace danced more fiercely.

But at the next moment, the big man suddenly felt the crises coming behind him. He turned his head to look at it, and suddenly the dead souls were frightened, and a long sword had been quietly delivered to his neck.

"Damn it! Your kid is cheating!" On the side of the big man's body, the long sword directly pierced his arm.


A loud cry came, and Han's stabbed arm instantly shattered into countless pieces.

"Poof!" Dahan opened a mouthful of blood, and looked at the opposite person who had lost his arm. The mouth opened a thick blood mist, Sen Leng said, "I remember you, blood shadow **** escape!"

The big man's body suddenly fell into the blood mist, so he had to fly away.


Lai Ren shot with a palm, directly cutting off the way that Blood Mist will fly away.


The blood mist exploded, the big man's body shattered, and he was lying on the ground dying, with less air and more air.

This is also a young man dressed like a young Taoist. He killed the big man and smiled slightly at the young man.

"Brother, you've been here for a long time, why don't you shoot!" The young Taoist named Ming Zhenzi saw the person appear, and suddenly a happy smile appeared on his face, striding towards the other side.

"I haven't seized the opportunity just now, now is the best time!" Youth Humane.

"Thanks to the brothers who came, otherwise it would take some effort to kill this guy," the young Taoist Ming Zhenzi showed a grateful smile on his face and approached the other party.

"Hey! They are all brothers from the same discipline. They said that there are some treasures in this person's body. It's not as good as you and me!" The young Taoist glanced at the big man on the ground and his eyes fell on the storage ring.

"I don't need it anymore. All of these things belong to Senior Brother! It's also the senior brother's action to kill him." Ming Zhenzi was very sincere.

"Okay! Then I'm welcome!" The young Taoist reached out and grabbed the storage ring on the corpse. After grasping the storage ring in his hand, the expression of excitement appeared on the face of the soul.

But at this time, the long sword in the young man's hand suddenly spewed out a bright silver awn, and directly pierced the back of the young Taoist.

There is no sign of this move. The brutality of this young man's means and the poisonousness of his mind are evident.

Although the young Taoist felt the crisis, he didn't expect that the younger brother he had just rescued would do it for himself. He didn't even respond to the reaction. His head knew the sea and was smashed by the sword and the whole person crashed to the ground. Lied with the body of the Han.

"Brother! Don't blame me, I have no way. The master once said that the first city has no rules and does not need any mercy. This is a **** elimination. I might be eliminated if I don't kill you!" Young Taoist There is a wicked smile on the corner of Ming Zhenzi's mouth, and the voice is cold and makes people chill.