Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057: Alien Starfield

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He was lurking quietly. A team of more than a dozen people hundreds of miles away was particularly conspicuous. They uniformly rode a dragon horse beast. These dragon horse beasts are descendants of dragons and wild horses. Although their fighting power is not strong, they are extremely fast. , Even being able to walk on the clouds in the void, is a good mount.

These people are men and women, all dressed in animal skins, and their bodies exude a savage and domineering atmosphere all the time.

These people who are supposed to be star fields in the desert have a wonderful jade charm in their hands that can sense the breath of other jade charms in the same area, so these people can easily get together.

"Huh? Someone dared to spy on our lonely Bloodhoof Army?" Just when Zhao Yuande looked at these people carefully, the first big man among them, slammed and pointed in the direction of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande froze for a moment. Although these people are not bad, shouldn't they be able to sense their existence?

He looked carefully at the big man headed there, but found that there was a flower fox marten on the shoulder of the big man. At this time, he seemed to be looking in his own direction.

Although these dozen people are all good, there are powerful dragon horses and beasts as mounts, but for Zhao Yuande, they are just giving food.

He was worried about how to find the enemy, even if it came to the door.

He simply did not conceal his figure, and walked out directly.

"It turned out to be a little boy in the lower realm, who killed me to death!" Dahan saw Zhao Yuande, suddenly a sneer in the corner of his mouth, glancing at a dozen people around him.

"Seven brothers, let me come!" A woman wearing tight leopard leather armor walked slowly towards Zhao Yuande with a horse belly.

This woman has a sturdy body and a wild beauty. It makes people seem to see a female cheetah, full of danger.

"Eleven sisters shot, I'm relieved!" Dahan chuckled, "Big guys cheer on eleven sisters, see if she can win this little boy with a few tricks."

"Sister Eleven, come on, hit this kid shit!"

"Elder Sister, don't you like Xiaobai's face best? Grab it and enjoy it a little bit, and then say it!"

"Elder Sister..."


More than a dozen people said all kinds of words and cheered the eleven elder sister.

"Boy, did you hear that? As long as you surrender to me, I will spare you, and you will follow me in the future. What do you think?" Eleventh Sister walked to Zhao Yuande's front three feet, tying the reins and face There was a smiley expression on the face.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly and lifted his feet towards the other party.

Eleven Sister was originally planning to humiliate Zhao Yuande, but she didn't have that intention at all, but after listening to Zhao Yuande's promise so happily, she couldn't help but slightly surprised.

But for a moment, Zhao Yuande came to her.

"Eleven sister be careful!" The big man saw Zhao Yuande's speed, and his face suddenly changed, and he rushed towards Zhao Yuande with a horse belly.

But it was too late at this time, Zhao Yuande had already pressed the eleven sisters.

A huge force that made people feel irresistible immediately enveloped Eleven Sister's whole body. She now seemed to be a small flying insect trapped in a cobweb. She struggled hard but couldn't break away from the other's palm.


The eleventh sister made a miserable scream and was photographed by Zhao Yuande with the dragon horse beast in the next moment!

The big man who had just rushed to the eleventh sister, who was less than a dozen feet, saw this situation and suddenly changed his complexion. He ran away with a rein and turned his horse.

"Elder Sister!"

But everyone except the Dahan, at this time a pair of eyes were red, screaming and rushing towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande, who had originally planned to chase down the great man, had to turn his head to kill these people.

Although these people are the best in the star field, they are all powerful geniuses, but they are nothing compared with Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande rushed into these people as if a tiger entered the flock. The terrible shadow of the frightened ancient world was suppressed. All of these people were crushed to the ground, and the anger on their faces became all terrified.

He did not hesitate to kill all these dozens of people. When he turned his head to look at the big man, the other party had already escaped and did not know how far.

He didn't care, searched the storage space of these people, and then chased away in the direction of the disappearance of the big man.

How fast Zhao Yuande is, it is simply not comparable to this big man. After a dozen breaths, he has seen the figure of the big man.

"You... you dare to kill the people in the Starry Realm, you are done!" Dahan saw Zhao Yuande catching up, his face changed greatly, and his voice was full of fear.

"It's not you who killed me, it's me who killed you, and I care where you are!" Zhao Yuande was really not afraid of the other party's revenge. It was a big battle, and if he was not enemies, we just sacrificed the big killer. I don't believe that the three brothers in the starry universe can kill themselves.

"You will regret it!" The big man screamed desperately, his voice did not know how far it spread.

He intended to spread his voice to let the three brothers know the cause of his death.

"Have you shouted enough, the people who should have heard it have already heard it!" Zhao Yuande had already caught up with the big man at this time.

Although the big man knew that Zhao Yuande was strong, he did not close his eyes and waited for death, but struggled to resist, but even if he was ten times more powerful, he would not be Zhao Yuande's opponent.

Zhao Yuande killed the man with a palm and took what was on his body. He drove away in one direction with a goal.

He felt the breath of two people in that direction.

The two were very close, and they must have heard the shouting of Dahan and saw how he looked.

Although he is not afraid of things, it is best to be able to avoid trouble.

But when he chased far away, he didn't see the trail of those two people.

After thinking for a while, he simply left!

He found that these people were very wealthy, with all kinds of elixir and spirit materials, and even he got a fourth-grade fairy treasure.

This is an odd-shaped scimitar, and it was obtained from a big man. Although he cant use it, but his friends and brothers are many, even if they cant use it, they can be replaced with fairy jade. According to the memory he got from the brain At least, the top grade immortal jade with the value of tens of millions of celestial treasures of the fourth grade is a great asset even in the fairyland.

The powerhouses in the Lonely Star Territories might not even think of killing them. Killing these people is as simple as chopping melons or vegetables, otherwise they will not hand over a Sipin Xianbao to this man.

In the following ten consecutive days, Zhao Yuande has been through the killing.