Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059: Arena

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After listening to the crowd, all of them were so energetic that they could not directly enter the fourth city.

They walked around the street and found that there are all kinds of people here. Zhao Yuande can see that these people have very good qualifications.

He knew that these people had come to the first city in the past, and had no confidence to continue. Although they were not determined, they were all peerless geniuses.

They are united here to have offspring and wait for the next opening of the Twelve Ascension City.

Every time they open, as long as their descendants meet the requirements, they can continue to go down.

"Let's go! Let's go to the arena, it should have begun now!" Zhao Yuande took everyone to the arena and explained while walking. "You must make good use of the rules of the arena. If you lose, you will immediately give up and lose. It doesn't matter once, as long as you can achieve a ten-game winning streak in the end, you can get the qualification. Of course, whether you can lose or not is the best. This is related to your ranking in the Xianyu Ranking. Entering the second city, you will arrange the screening positions according to the ranking of the Xianyu Ranking. "

Everyone silently wrote down Zhao Yuande's instructions.

They soon came to the arena, where no tickets or qualifications are required, as long as you reach the age to reach the standard, you can enter the free challenge.

The arena is like a small world, fully divided into one hundred arena.

As soon as they entered the arena, they were transported directly into the auditorium.

Zhao Yuande swept away the soul, and suddenly found that there were tens of thousands of people in the auditorium!

Seeing this number, he couldn't help but stay for a while. The number of major forces combined to successfully enter the first city should be about 3,000. Are the other people in this first city?

He glanced at some cultivators around his lower body. Most of their cultivation practices were in the Divine Emperor Realm, but their strength was obviously lower than that of the sword, and they were far lower.

Zhao Yuande instantly understood that although these people were born in the first city, the cultivation conditions here are excellent, and the qualifications of their original parents are very high, and they all have very deep skills, so they can easily reach the realm. Ascended to Divine Emperor Realm.

But there are advantages and disadvantages. Although the aura is extremely rich, it is a closed space and no one can get out!

Without going out, these people can only improve their combat experience in the arena.

And here is not allowed to fight in the city, if you want to solve the problem, you need to go to the arena, so there is less training of blood and fire.

More importantly, these people are trapped here, and those Lingbao left by their ancestors are simply not enough for their distribution, so these people not only have no real fighting experience, but also have no Lingbao at their disposal!

At this time, they seemed to be tiger wolves raised in cages, and even their teeth were not sharpened. If they were really put back in the tiger wolves, they were destined to be eaten.

Having obtained this conclusion, Zhao Yuande was immediately not worried about the sword passing by several of them.

As long as they do not seek death on their own, it is impossible to lose at all.

"Everyone is free! If anyone can find an opportunity, hurry up!" Zhao Yuande did not tell several people at this time, but he didn't want to let them feel contempt.

There are a hundred venues, and the locals in the first city are not very enthusiastic, so Dong Guofu quickly grabbed the first position.

Dong Guofu is now in the middle period of the Divine Emperor, and with his terrible flesh, the Sipin Xianbao Hundred Sky Hammer in his hand, except for some particularly perverted guys, can basically sweep all the powerful under the Divine Emperor Realm.

Dong Guofu won all 10 games with ease, and the people were sent away.

Seeing the combat effectiveness of the practitioners in the first city, everyone else was eager to try, Gu Jianqiu grabbed the position for the second time.

She was in the early days of Divine Emperor, although her combat effectiveness was far inferior to that of Dong Guofu, but she was well equipped, and she always followed Dong Guofu to eat a small stove, and her combat effectiveness was far beyond ordinary people.

Going up for three games in a row, in the fourth game I met the little girl of Tian Ling Xuan Nu.

This little girl does not look small, but she is extremely arrogant and speaks more hurtful.

"You are the waste of the lower realm! Come on, I will let you take the first shot, if you can take three moves on me, I will spare your life, if you can't take the three moves, you will kneel to death On the stage!" The little girl was aggressive and overbearing. She had a great taste of looking down on the world. Looking at Gu Jianqiu seemed to see a ant.

"You are not her opponent, admit defeat!" Zhao Yuande saw this little girl and suddenly knew that Gu Jianqiu was not her opponent.

The little girl's pearlescent treasure is better than Gu Jianqiu, and her cultivation has reached the peak of the Divine Emperor Realm!

Gu Jianqiu is the young lady of the big family. When she was subjected to such insults, she couldn't even listen to Zhao Yuande's persuasion, and she shot directly at the little girl.

The little girl just sneered. Under the powerful force, the other party would not want to succumb!

Sure enough, as expected by Zhao Yuande, Gu Jianqiu was injured by the opponent in just one move. The little girl actually had a Sipin fairy treasure fairy sword in her hand. She did not need the little girl to command her. She flew and made a trick with Gu Jianqiu.

Gu Jianqiu suddenly had a long blood stain on his body.

"Humph! The waste in the lower realm is waste, and even an autonomous attacking fairy sword can't catch it!"

The little girl looked contemptuous in Zhao Yuande's eyes, and she couldn't help but feel a trace of murder in her heart.

But he didn't stop it anymore, it was related to Gu Jianqiu's dignity, let her do her best first!

Gu Jianqiu was not a Bai Xue for such a long time in Xian class, especially after having experienced many times with Dong Guofu, it is considered to have a very rich combat experience.

Especially after a long two-week break with Dong Guofu, I also got some essence of Dong Guofu's prison body, and his body has been quietly transformed. The physical body is much stronger than ordinary people.

Her body sprinted forward, and the dagger in her hand was shining bright white light. This dagger is a second-grade fairy treasure, and its power should not be underestimated.

She hit the fairy sword with another blow, and rushed to within a foot of the little girl.


Gu Jianqiu's body suddenly soared, and the powerful flesh revealed no doubt that one palm turned into a grinding disc and shot fiercely towards the little girl.

The little girl frowned, and she thought that her cultivation level was two small levels higher than the opponent's, and the mana could crush the opponent.

"Give me death!" the little girl yelled, greeted Gu Jianqiu with a palm.

Gu Jianqiu saw the other person's palms facing each other, and her face suddenly showed a hint of joy. Although the other side was very strong, this palm contained all her powers, and she almost inspired all the potential in her body. The strongest blow.