Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 106

Chapter 106: I Dont Know If The Master Dares To Eat People

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The first and second floors of Wantong Baolou are all ordinary goods, but the highest level is no more than the fourth-level elixir, while the third floor is a fine product. The fifth-level sixth-level or even seventh-level elixir can be purchased, but the price is high.

Zhao Yuande did not dare to go up to the fourth floor before, because the things there were no longer affordable for him.

Today he patted his waist bag and went directly to the fourth floor.

The shopkeeper on the fourth floor is a middle-aged man. The scholar is dressed with three strands of long beard.

The cultivation of this middle-aged man is not high, it is just the early stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, so seeing everyone hurried to get up and introduce themselves to everyone.

"Dear guests, I am Song Yuan, the owner of the fourth floor. I don't know what the guests need to order?"

"Oh! Let's take a look first!" Zhao Yuande has the appraisal technique, so no one needs to introduce it.

After walking a small circle, I saw two people discussing something together. Zhao Yuande didn't care, but when he walked past them, he heard the words "the best food in the world". He couldn't help but slow down.

The people behind him also heard it, and raised their ears one after another.

"Brother Jin, have you heard that there is a store called the No. 1 in the world recently in Shenxu City?" A young boy with a big nose and big eyes, said to his companions.

The tone of his speech was deliberately pretending to be old and horizontal, which made people feel a little nondescript.

"I heard a little bit, it's said to be amazing, even Chang Yuliang's wood pimples are even praised, it should not be fake! I heard that it is not only delicious, but also helps people improve their cultivation." The person who spoke was not tall There are some fat young men whose eyes are small and almost squinted into a slit, with a respectful attitude towards the teenager.

"Why don't we try it later?" The teenager's face moved.

"Cough... but the price there is ridiculously expensive. It is said that only one dish needs at least 200,000 middle-grade spirit jade!" The chunky young man smiled a little embarrassedly and continued, "We are the poorest and a little spiritual Jade is wasted on tempering meat, I can't afford it!"

The chunky youth said this, but a bright light flashed in his eyes.

"Hey...Brother Jin, you are wrong to say so. Our brother is one. I invite you!" The teenager patted his storage ring and smiled proudly on his face.

"Then thank you Brother Lin!" The face of the chunky young man showed surprise, and his eyes narrowed inadvertently swept over the storage ring on the finger of the teenager, and the depth of his eyes contained Greedy light.

When Zhao Yuande saw this, he immediately understood that this young man must be a great student who has just gone out to practice, and the short and fat young man is a gangster who wants to make money and kill his life. Wantong Baolou, the teenager will definitely be attacked by the chunky youth.

"Lin Xiaoran, a disciple of the Lin family, the mid-pregnancy spirit of the Lingtai, the Kirin treasure... intermediate-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Kirin True Spirit", the chance of eating the Kirin bloodline, the food material table... the difficulty of capturing!

"Jin Fei, the protagonist of the Great Wild Sect, the late stage of pregnancy, the devoured body...Middle-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Tun Tian Na Di", there is a chance to extract his

The power of swallowing has a chance to get the prototype of the in-vivo world, which is the material table... The difficulty of capturing is ordinary! "

When Zhao Yuande saw the information of these two people, his heart was a jump. One of them was a unicorn treasure body, and the other was a swallowing body. Each of them was a very strong constitution, especially the swallowing body, which could swallow everything and cultivate into the state. Fast, if you let him grow up, the whole world will become his food, absolutely terrible.

Such two peerless geniuses now appear in front of him at the same time, especially the bad physical quality of the devouring, which is likely to grow into a scourge. He feels that he should do something.

"Brother, some people are worried about your things!" Zhao Yuande went up and patted the young man's shoulders with no morality, and murmured at the chunky young man.

The teenager looked at Zhao Yuande for a moment, but only felt that the opposite person, who looked similar to his age, did not seem to be lying. He turned his head to look at the opposite Jin Fei.

But seeing the fierce color on Jin Fei's face, as if being destroyed by others, although the teenager just came out and walked, but he was not a fool. Recalling the experiences of meeting this fat man, he suddenly understood everything in his heart.

The teenager took a step back involuntarily and pointed at Jin Fei with a very ugly face: "Well, you are Jin Fei, I am a brother, I didn't expect you to want to make money and kill your life!"

Seeing things exposed, Jin Fei knew that nothing could be undone, and ignored Lin Xiaoran's scolding, but turned his head to Zhao Yuande.

"Boy, you are good for destroying me! Well, very good, very good! I dont believe that there are people around you every day, I will wait for you when you order... Hey!" Jin Fei looked at Zhao Yuande and grinned , "Hope you don't regret it!"

Jin Fei turned his head and went downstairs.

"Huh! It's really a lantern to go up to the hut, looking for shit!" Heifeng groaned aside, even he dare not say that he can beat Zhao Yuande, is this kid here to deliver food?

"Oh, there is no hair!" Yi Jie declared a Buddha number, and there was a light smile on his face, "This donor may be looking at us too poor, and want to help us! Black Wind must not misunderstand the meaning of others!"

"Heifeng, how can I give you a chance!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Jin Fei's physique.

The engulfing body is a very powerful physique. In the ancient times, there was a strong man who achieved the celestial position by practicing the engulfing body to the God Emperor's extreme realm. This physique has unlimited possibilities.

Although the Black Wind is a strong devil bear now, but its potential is limited, it is impossible to cultivate to the Divine Emperor Realm. If Black Wind has the swallowed body, then it can always accompany itself to promote the Divine Emperor and achieve the fairy position.

"What chance?" Black Bear's pair of soybeans squinted with small eyes. The chance did not get this thing casually!

"Go back and talk!" Zhao Yuande looked around and found that there were many eyes. The young man Lin Xiaoran was staring at him with his eyes wide open. Ji Yuling listened to his ears, so he didn't say it directly, but gave Heifeng one Wink.

"Oh!" Heifeng nodded disappointedly, scratching his heart like a hundred ants.

"Hey, this..." Master Yijie couldn't sit back at this time, and came forward to lower his voice, "Brother Zhao, Brother Yuan De! You must not lose sight of this and lose fairness. Look at me, it's also very Weakness requires opportunity!"

"Oh! Do you also want a chance?" Zhao Yuande glanced at the master ring and said softly, "I don't know if the master dare to eat people?"