Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060: Tian Gang Zi

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"Huh?" The little girl suddenly felt something was wrong.


The two men fought in the palm of their hands, and suddenly a terrifying force instantly defeated the little girl's confidence.

The little girl felt like she was hit by a big mountain, there was a huge pain in her chest and abdomen, and she spit out a mouthful of blood on the way back.

Although Gu Jianqiu also felt a strong shock at this time, it was because the body was strong, but he took a step back.

The little girl crashed down on the stage, her face suddenly pale.

She was completely careless just now, and did not even take out one-third of her strength, otherwise how could Gu Jianqiu bully her, forcing her to slap her hand hard, swaying her inner abdomen, almost one He didn't lift his tone and passed out.

"You lost!" Gu Jianqiu walked step by step toward the little girl who fell to the ground, and the short sword in his hand swallowed Han Mang.

" this waste..." The little girl was defeated by her inferior, waste, and suddenly her face was full of anger.

She gritted her teeth at Gu Jianqiu, but the aura in her body was disordered and she could not gather for a while.

This little girl is the proud daughter of the heavenly imperial palace. They grew up following the spirit of the heavenly mysterious girl, but they did not like to cultivate the physical body, and ignored many physical problems.

They think that the physical body is useless, and those who practice the physical body are reckless, as long as the spiritual power is strong enough, they can ignore the power of the physical body.

I did not expect to be educated today!

"You can admit defeat!" Gu Jianqiu looked at the little girl coldly and whispered, "Don't think that you were born noble, you are just a little maid!"

"You... you untouchables, I killed you!" The little girl was said to be the least willing to mention the question of identity in her heart, and immediately roared roaringly, "You die for me!"

A little black slap-sized beast appeared in the little girl's hand. The little beast's eyes were blood red, and when it appeared, it rushed towards Gu Jianqiu at a faster speed than the electric light.

"Not good!" Zhao Yuande suddenly looked at the little beast.

That's the Demon Rat, which has a terrible toxin that can make the Emperor God's powerful die instantly, and his body is as strong as gold and iron, and his speed is as fast as electro-optical.

He stepped out in one step and stepped into the void. The next moment already appeared in front of Gu Jianqiu. He reached out and grabbed the small beast directly.

"You will concede defeat, otherwise I will be in violation of the rules!" Zhao Yuande also transmitted to Gu Jianqiu.

Gu Jianqiu did not hesitate and shouted "I admit defeat".

As soon as the three words came out, she was swept by a white light and returned to her original seat.

She watched Zhao Yuande squeeze the little beast in her hand, and the little beast's teeth were bitten into Zhao Yuande's hand, her face could not help but be white.

"You're dead! You're dead! You want to make an early appearance for your concubine, but you didn't expect you to die here! Deserve it!" The little girl watched Gu Jianqiu disappear, and her little beast bite at Zhao Yuande On his hand, there was a fierce smile on his face.

"You are really **** it!" Zhao Yuande squeezed hard.

"Squeak!" came a stern cry.

Zhao Yuande spread his palms again, and the Demon Rat had lost his vitality.

" is it possible!" The little girl's eyes widened wide, and she looked at the palm of Zhao Yuande's palm in disbelief, where she was bitten by the demon **** rat, and she didn't even have a tooth mark!

"Huh! As a woman, you are so malicious, domesticating this vicious beast, your master does not seem to be a good thing. I will send you to the road first, and then go to her to settle the account!" Zhao Yuande's face appeared The color of anger.

The terrifying pressure shrouded the entire fighting field in an instant. The opponent's little girl's body could not move at all, and even the voice was released. She could only stare in horror and looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief.

She felt that death was near, and she finally began to despair.

"Little friend, can you save her life!" Just when Zhao Yuande wanted to directly kill the other's life, an old voice came quietly.

Zhao Yuande was shocked when he heard this voice, but he immediately understood it.

"When she summoned the Demon Rat, just now, why didn't you say something to stop it, and just now export, do you think her identity is more noble than my friend?" Zhao Yuande sneered.

"Yes, her identity is indeed higher than that of your friend, but she is the maid of the sage of the imperial palace, and her identity is higher than that of her disciples!" The old voice was full of reason.

"Really? It's a pity that in my eyes, she is just a vicious maid, and she is now fighting me, I want her to give birth to her, I want her to die, she will die!" Zhao Yuande heard the other person clearly speaking to them If the lower class discriminates, the anger suddenly rises.

He was not a person who was afraid of anything at all. He tapped his finger lightly, and an invisible force directly tore the little girls forehead, and instantly shattered her knowledge of the sea and the spirit in it.

"Hey! Boy, you're done! All the worlds will be your enemies. I'm afraid you can't pass this first city!" The old voice was helpless, angry, and a little unwilling.

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande ignored the other party, just stood on the ring with a sneer and waited.

When Zhao Yuande killed the little girl, one of the stands almost boiled. These people looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief. They could not have imagined that a person in the late Emperor would be so powerful, and he would not be so bold. After killing the maid of the Celestial Mystery, is he not afraid to anger the Celestial Mystic, a super genius?

After the shock, it was anger and surprise. These people all stared at Zhao Yuande, who was staring at Taishang.

They knew that if they could kill this kid, they would surely get the friendship of the Celestial Mysterious Girl.

"Who! Who killed me and killed this untouchable, waste! I must tell Xuan Nu to let Xuan Nu give him a lot of benefits!" At this time, another little girl was sober from the unbelievable, she was hysterical. Screaming.

Although she was extremely angry, she knew that she was definitely not the opponent of this person, so she did not rush to avenge her sister herself, but encouraged others to do it.

"Tianyuan Daozong Tiangangzi, willing to avenge Chunhua girl!"

A young boy with a sword holding a sword seized the opportunity and rushed into the arena first, falling in front of Zhao Yuande.

"You dare to kill Chunhua girl, I really don't know life and death, today I will take off your head from Tian Gangzi, as a consolation... You dare to be bold..." Tian Gangzi also wanted to say something just justice and awe Down the other side, showing his superior swordsmanship.

But Zhao Yuande was simply too lazy to listen to his nonsense, pointed out with a finger, and an invisible force cut directly into Tian Gangzi's neck.