Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063: No Guarantee

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Shangguanzhu is also a strong man, and he also has his own backhand. He feels the force of irresistible depression and suddenly knows that he has been taken by the other party.

A silver-white light rushed out of the top of the head, the light reflected the world, and the wild world was rushed away at once, and a phantom of the **** of war emerged from the light.

"Do you think you only have a hole card? This is a projection of an immortal realm in my God of War Palace. Come on if you have the ability!" Shangguanzhu's face again showed a determined and proud expression.

"Humph! I have more than one hole card! Jing Yuanzhu burst out for me!" Zhao Yuande could not let this guy go.

A huge force exploded in the field instantly, and the power on Zhao Yuande's body climbed up.

"Crush me!"

He once again condensed the ghost image of the ancient world, but this time he had 80% of his strength.

And the opponent's God of War Palace strong shadow, now at most only the fighting power of the late God Emperor.

Under this powerful crushing, the shadow of the God of War Palace strongman shouted unwillingly, and then directly shattered!

"You... Hello treacherous! I... recognize..." Feeling the irresistible power of terror, Shangguanzhu showed a terrified look on her face, she knew she was counted by this person!

Unfortunately, she wanted to call out the words "I admit defeat", but Zhao Yuande was ruthlessly interrupted.


Under the horror of the horrible ancient world, Shangguanzhu's body exploded.

Zhao Yuande happily withdrew the spoils, and then began to look pale. The strong power of his body receded like a tide. The whole person squatted on the ground and began to close his eyes and recover from the injury.

"How is this possible... The other party clearly said that it was time for Yixiang..."

"You kill! People say you believe it, you see he has pitted three strong men!"

"Maybe he is really seriously injured and dying now, I feel his breath is like a gossamer, it really won't work!"

"He now has three Xianbao, the lowest level is the fourth grade, if we can kill it, these three Xianbao are ours!"

"Yes! For the three immortal treasures, I got out of it, and I just admit defeat if I feel wrong!"

"Hey! It's all greed!"

"You are not greedy, what light is on your eyes!"


Just when everyone was noisy, another figure fell into the field.

This is a woman in black, her body is extremely cold, she said nothing about her cat waist, just stared at Zhao Yuande coldly, carefully observed his every move.

"She is... the killer of the true temple!"

"It seems that this guy is going to end in the star killer!"

"It is not the practice of the True Temple that kills the stars, but the method of killing passed down from the ancient ways of killing, the most vicious and malicious!"

"Yes! This person is no less dangerous than an early Emperor of the Divine Emperor. If it is replaced by me, I would rather face an early Emperor of the Emperor rather than face her."


This woman, called the star killer, bowed slightly like a light tanuki, and began to circle around Zhao Yuande constantly, as if looking for Zhao Yuande's flaws from all directions.

It took a long time for the incense stick to pass, and the woman called the star killer still didn't shoot.

In the end, the woman even uttered the words "I admit defeat" directly.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be curious about this woman.

This girl must have seen her truth and reality, otherwise how could she admit defeat without saying a word?

The killing star returned to his seat, and many eyes around her turned to her.

A pink-clothed woman sitting next to Kill Star looked at her and couldn't help but ask, "Sister, why didn't you kill him?"

"I'm not sure! I'm not sure!" The killing star's words were simple and clear, and the pink-clothed women around her couldn't help but look slightly changed.

Even the elder sister was not sure of the person who killed, the thought in her mind vanished in an instant.

Star killer's direct confession makes the rest of the people look slightly changed. Although they are conceited, they know how powerful the star killer is. Since the star killer is not sure about it, others are afraid to do it.

Suddenly Zhao Yuande was a bit cold here.

The cultivators in the first city didn't know this. A burly man rushed onto the stage and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's face was suddenly pale, and his face was even more fearful.

"I admit defeat!" Zhao Yuande exclaimed, his figure was swept away by a white light instantly, and returned to his position at the next moment.

Zhao Yuande's performance suddenly made those who coveted the treasures on his body all turn their attention to killing stars.

Their meaning is obvious. This person is obviously not good enough. I am calling you to be cautious. Now we are scared of all our opportunities.

"Humph! Idiot!" The killing star swept these people, and there was a trace of disdain in his eyes, and he was not explaining much, but closed his eyes and practiced quietly.

"Brother Zhao!" Feng Wujiang secretly gave thumbs up to Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! These guys are too fat, but unfortunately no one dared to come up, otherwise there will be two more." Zhao Yuande whispered to several people, "You can replace some of these three fairy treasures, you should be able to Make sure you are in the first three cities."

Zhao Yuande secretly handed over three pieces of Xianbao with more than four ranks to them, and let them distribute them themselves.

Xianbao above the fourth grade is already very powerful. If you don't encounter yourself as a perverted person, other people in the same realm or even a higher realm should be able to cope with it safely.

After doing all this, he casually crossed his eyes and closed his eyes, pretending to recover from his injury.

Time rushed by, and the swords drifted away. They waited for a powerful treasure, and increased their own strength. They quickly accumulated ten consecutive victories and were sent away one by one.

But at this time, most of the people from the Lower Realm inherited from the ancient gods, most of them did not complete the ten-game winning streak and left their eyes on Zhao Yuande.

They saw Zhao Yuande's injuries, how heavy they were, and they felt that he could not heal without ten days and a half months.

At this time, there was a ring to win, he stepped out one step, and he already appeared on the ring at the next moment.

On the ring is a cultivator from the first city. When he saw Zhao Yuande, his face suddenly changed and he simply conceded defeat.

Zhao Yuande has already won the ninth game. Only one game left will qualify for a ten-game winning streak.

At this time, his face was still like white paper, no blood, and his breath was still not strong. Obviously, the injury was too heavy and he did not fully recover.

So the person who wanted to challenge him flew out at the same time and fell to the ring.

"Haha! You have given in!" A young man with a smile on his face landed on the ring before everyone else. He turned his head and arched his hands at those people.