Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064: Old Patriarch

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Many people heard a cold hum.

"Okay! Boy, you hand over the treasures on your body, I spare you not to die, otherwise... hehe!" The young man smiled with pride.

This young man is indeed strong enough, and there is a hidden strong breath hidden in his body, which makes Zhao Yuande secretly surprised. This breath on the other party has reached the level of the early fairyland. If he is really injured, it may be true. Is not his opponent.

"Don't be wordy, I'm so hard to pretend to be hurt, isn't it just to attract you to fight me down?" Zhao Yuande felt the confidence and power of the other party, knowing that even if he showed his true strength, the other party would not admit defeat, simply. He just let go.

"What! He wasn't hurt? He just pretended that! This guy is too sinister!"

"Damn! Thanks to the fact that I didn't grab it, otherwise it will really be planted in his hands."

"However, it is impossible for him to defeat Xiao Kang!"

"Xiao Kang! That person turned out to be Xiao Kang! Xiao Kang of the Eight View Palace!"

"It turned out to be him, but he is very famous. Although you are not in the realm of God Emperor, you are ranked 32 on the potential list of the Three Realms!"

"Potential list? What stuff? Isn't Xianjie a world list? When did another potential list appear?"

"I only got it recently, and I also heard from my elder brother. He went to Xianjie to bring back the latest issue of the potential list. This Xiao Kangnai is one of the strongest disciples of the Bajing Palace generation, and the potential list is 32!"

"Okay! It looks like this Xiao Kang will be cheaper this time!"


Although these voices were very small, they fell into Zhao Yuande's ears.

Eight View Palace! Xiao Kang?

This is still the same door with him, it seems that his life is to be left today, otherwise it is the same door, and the sin is terrible!

"Why? Are you scared?" Xiao Kang's feeling is very sharp, he can clearly feel the murderous energy of the other party has dispersed, and that powerful breath has also converged a lot.

"Afraid of you? Huh! I'm afraid of killing you!" Zhao Yuande grinned. Although he couldn't kill this guy, there was no problem in giving a hard lesson.

You know that he is a disciple of Zhang Ling, and Zhang Ling is a personal disciple of the owner of Bajing Palace. He is the third of Bajing Palace!

The Bajing Palace has not been known for many thousands of years since ancient times, and it is not known that thousands of generations of disciples have appeared.

The other party's seniority is obviously different from his own by a thousand miles, so the old ancestor is also poked.

The old patriarch taught the juniors something, which is justified.

"Since that is the case, come on!" Xiao Kang's face suddenly sank, and he was completely despised by the other party.

The other party apparently heard Bajingong's name before changing his mind.

He was not happy because of this, but felt a shame. He wanted to jump out of the powerful backer of Bajing Palace and use his real power to break out of the world.

The strength of Xiao Kang's body is getting stronger and stronger, and a purple qi rises like a real dragon, rushing you out of a huge cave, revealing the void of the black hole above.

"It's a powerful purple qi coming here! This person has already won the true story of Bajing Palace. It seems that this victory has been decided!" Seeing such a scene, many people in the stands suddenly began to open their eyes excitedly.

"It turns out that Ziqi Donglai can be so powerful, it seems that I underestimated this kind of exercise!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nodded secretly.

At first, he only practiced the Qi Qi to practice the Qi and Sanqing, so he practiced the Ziqi eastward, and after practicing to a certain degree, he never continued this practice.

It seems that in the future, I must study the practice of Ziqidonglai.

"Purple Handprint of Purple Air!"

The purple air was steaming in the palm of Xiao Kang, as if holding a rising sun.

The temperature in the space instantly increased by a thousand times. Zhao Yuande even felt that the water in his skin was instantly evaporated by this terrible heat, and he seemed to instantly become a dry body, and his dry skin was like a stone. .

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande felt a trace of pressure from the other person's body, which was enough to show how powerful the other party was.

Zhao Yuande naturally did not dare to relax at all. The six rays of light in his palms flickered, and a huge six-color roulette appeared in the void, rumbling towards the other party.

"Kaitian fist! This is six heavenly wheels!" The audience in the stands suddenly recognized this kind of fist, and also exclaimed.

The phantom image of the ancient world that Zhao Yuande has just displayed is already an art of fist that contains the power of fortune, so no one recognizes that there is no power of fortune among these six heavenly wheels, and it still belongs to the law of open fist.

Feeling the power of the six heavenly wheels, Xiao Kang's face also became extremely dignified, and the blazing sun in his hand erupted into a more radiant brilliance.

"Die to me!"

In the palm of Xiao Kang, Guanghua suddenly burst into a more brilliant light. This light was shot, and all the people in the arena were instantly blinded, and hundreds of battles stopped at this moment.

The whole arena is quiet at this moment, as if entering a silent world instantly.


The brilliance, even more blazing than the sun, instantly collided with the six heavenly wheels.

The two figures, like meteors, were rushed by the terrifying air and hit the light curtain of the ring fiercely.

With the sound of "wave!", the light curtain was smashed in an instant, and the speed of the two figures flying backwards did not slow down. They flew straight out of the arena and flew to the extremely high sky dome.

However, the next two shadows flew back from the sky dome again. Xiao Kang's face flushed, and the blood between his mouth and nose seemed to spring. He grabbed a fist-sized hole in his chest, and the blood was dripping. The internal organs were exposed, and it looked miserable.

Zhao Yuande's complexion was as usual, but just now he really didn't expect the other party's palm to change. He was blown away by a strong impact, his shirt was ragged, and his hair was spread out, which was more calm than Xiao Kang. .

Of course, it is also because his physical body is too much powerful, the impact force falls on him, and even a small wave has not returned.


Everyone in the stands exclaimed, they thought that under this palm, Zhao Yuande would be seriously injured even if he did not die. The next step was the very simple Xiao Kang harvesting the fruits of victory, but did not expect Xiao Kang to be seriously injured, but the other party Nothing.

These people have a fear in their hearts. If they rushed to the stage just now, they might have been directly killed by Zhao Yuande's six heavenly wheels.

This person is really cunning like a fox, pretending to be injured many times, and harvesting the lives of many powerful men many times. Now it is really shocking to think about it!