Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066: Admiration

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"What do you think?" One of the young silver robes turned to look at the others.

"Very powerful! The fighting power is above me! If I don't have a hole card, I can't beat him!" A woman in red answered softly.

"His strength is mainly on the flesh. In fact, his strength is not much different from ours. If the flesh is the same, I can win him, but now I am not as good as him!" The bald man who just blamed just now looked at Zhao Yuande with a frown. The words in my mouth are very bitter.

"I think that under the surprise of the soul, he may be able to defeat him, but he did not show the power of the soul, I am not sure!" The last one is a voluptuous woman with beautiful **** and buttocks, but she is only 27 years old. Eight years old.

From time to time, she heard a strange wave of spirits. People who come into contact with this wave of spirits will feel the heat of their heads, and there is a nameless fire burning in their hearts.

She sat alone in the uppermost corner, and there was no one in her seat within three feet of her body.

Hearing the comments of these people, the eyes of the young man in silver robe also frowned.

They are all the most powerful existences under the emperor, and they all have the same fighting power as Xiao Kang.

As soon as this conclusion came out, he couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness.

He turned his gaze to another direction, and there were also a few people who were quietly watching the battle in the field, and could not see whether the expression on their faces was happy or worried.

At this time, all the people present were solemn, except for a little girl with a terrible look on her face.

She gritted her teeth at Zhao Yuande in the field and wished she could be swallowed alive.

The stronger Zhao Yuande behaved, the more angry she was. No one could kill Zhao Yuande, leaving her almost in a state of rampage.

She would love to kill Zhao Yuande in person, but she still has a certain self-knowledge. Even if she used the card given by Xuan Nu, she might not be the opponent.

"In the fourth city! I must report to Xuan Nu at this time and let Xuan Nu take action to kill it!"


The meteorite in the sky made a huge noise, crashing with the black vortex of a few acres.

The black vortex spins wildly, constantly absorbing the horror impact carried by the meteorite.

After a breath, the entire black vortex blasted away, and the powerful force swept the ring instantly.

The protective light curtains around the ring are easily torn apart like paper sheets, and at the same time, the light curtains of dozens of rings around the ring are instantly torn by this terrible impact. Ten pairs of cultivators were blown off like scarecrows.

Suddenly the figure in the arena flew across the sky, hitting the light curtains of other platforms, and then crashing down to the ground.

Someone who is unlucky is caught off guard, and the face of the impact is full of blood!

"It's so powerful!" At this time, even the few young men such as the Yinpao young man couldn't help but change their complexion. They consciously suffered under this kind of power!

At the moment in the middle of the ring, Zhao Yuande stood upright. Although his hair was scattered and his clothes were broken, he still couldn't stop his heroic vigour and his brilliant image.

In his hands, Xiao Kang's body was grasped at this time. Xiao Kang's face was covered with blood, and there were even thick blood marks on his body.

This is the time when he was hit by a lot of cracks caused by his physical strength. If Zhao Yuande grabbed him and let him fly out, I am afraid his body will break up and become torn apart.

If the body is broken, even if he has a strong elixir support, I am afraid that it will be difficult to recover in a short time, I am afraid his footsteps will stop in the first city!

At first, Zhao Yuande looked down on this Xiao Kang. At that time, the other party came out to challenge himself, which was considered a danger. But after fighting, he knew that this person's tenacity was rare.

The previous frivolity was just his appearance, but his true heart was very powerful.

If this person is not a disciple of Bajing Palace, he will certainly be killed on the spot by his character, but he is a disciple of Bajing Palace. The other party is his own disciple who does not know how many generations later, according to his seniority. He has an obligation to teach him, and of course he has an obligation to save his life, so that he can go further on the road of cultivation.

"You... why are you..." Xiao Kang's face was pale, he felt that all his bones were broken, and the internal meridians and internal organs were even cracked. If the other party caught him in time, under this blow, although he There is no death, but it will inevitably suffer irreparable damage, and even lose the qualification to the twelve ascendant city.

"My real name is Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande's voice passed into Xiao Kang's ears. It seemed as if a large stone had been dropped from a calm lake, and his heart was undulating.

The name Zhao Yuande seemed to be a thunder blast into his mind, making his ears buzz.

It has been rumored in the Eight View Palace that Patriarch Zhang Ling accepted a disciple. This disciple is very talented, has a very powerful fighting power, and is only a teenager!

At that time, there was an uproar in the Bajing Palace. Many genius disciples felt dissatisfied. Why did a teenage boy become his ancestor-level character and what qualifications did he have.

Of course, Xiao Kang is also one of these people, but now he finally understands, because the person in front of him makes him feel what a real genius is.

The other party was only a late emperor, and his fighting power was at least the pinnacle of the Divine Emperor. At the end, what a terrifying talent is this?

What makes him feel even more magical is that the opponent simply defeated himself without using the Eighth Palace's exercises.

To know the powerful exercises and powerful magical powers of the Bajing Palace, there are countless powerful magical powers. It is said that the star-handed man he used just now can only be ranked in the middle of the many magical powers of the Bajing Palace.

If the other party exhibits a truly top-level supernatural power, it might be able to fight against the powerful in the fairyland!

Thinking of this, even the genius who always thinks highly of himself, such as Xiao Kang, couldn't help but have a sense of admiration in his heart, and there was a trace of admiration for Zhao Yuande.

In fact, he really misunderstood Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande doesnt know anything about Bajing Palaces stern school. He only learned Ziqidonglai and Qiqisanqing, and Zhang Ling gave him a gift when he was married. There are several powerful magical powers in Bajing Palace, but he simply has no time to practice!

"Thank you..." Xiao Kang didn't even know what Zhao Yuande should be called, but he grinned a little embarrassedly.

"Don't reveal my identity!" Zhao Yuan secretly autographed to Xiao Kang. Once his identity is exposed, it will cause a lot of people to target. He doesn't want to be the target.