Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068: Screamed To Death

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"In that case, you come out, little guy!" Zhao Yuande took the little guy from his arms and put it on his palm, gently stroking its soft white long hair, and said softly, "These two people bothered me to practice, What do you say?"

The little guy heard this, turned his head to look at the little girl and the Tsing Yi monk, and the blue eyes were full of anger.

"Squeak!" The little guy yelled at Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! You said you want to scold them, that line!" Zhao Yuande pointed the little guy at the little girl and the Tsing Yi monk.

"This...not good! Rewind!" Suddenly there was a shocked voice in the void, full of anger.

The little girl instinctively felt that something was wrong. When the little guy turned her head, she obviously felt a sense of horror, so she retreated quickly!

The Tsing Yi monk was blind, just watching the little guy sneer, even if he heard the warning in the void, but he didn't know what was going to happen.

Just when he was stunned, the little guy who seemed harmless to humans and animals suddenly opened his mouth suddenly and gave a terrifying roar of horror.

It can be seen with the naked eye that a horrible circle of sound waves emanated from the mouth of the little guy. The void around it seemed to be broken like a mirror, and everything that sound waves destroyed was destroyed.

The upper body of the Tsing Yi monk instantly turned into powder under the shock of this sound wave, and although the little girl retreated early, her arm was also piggybacked and instantly burst into a cloud of blood mist.


Under the shock of sound waves, a wall of the hall suddenly appeared a circular hole with a size of tens of feet. Through the circular hole, you can see a void, bright stars, and a sky river across the sky.

"Ah!" The little girl's screaming sounded.

When everyone around looked at the little guy in Zhao Yuande's hands, there was a look of terror and fear on his face.

"What is this? It's so scary!"

"It seems to be the legendary sky roar, but it was only in childhood."

"This person has terrible fighting power, and the chance is even against the sky. If the roar of the Dark God grows on this day, at least it will be the cultivation of the fairy king realm, which is extremely precious!"

"If it is available..."

"Don't dream, this person has much more fighting power than me..."

"No matter how strong one is, after all, the power is exhausted..."


Many people's eyes burst into greed at this time.

Being peeped by so many people, even Zhao Yuande felt a little uncomfortable.

"You... you dare to kill people here in public!" There was a shock in the void, and a white-haired old man appeared in front of everyone. His eyes stared like Zhao Yuande like a falcon.

"No! I have a murder, my little pet just said a word with him casually. You said it yourself, senior, you don't directly do it, it's not against the rules!" Zhao Yuande put the little guy back in his arms, so he was comfortable Looking at the opposite gray-haired old man.

This old man is very strong, but he is a strong man in the early stage of the fairyland, but Zhao Yuande is not afraid of seeing the other party's breath. This person is obviously also a cultivator in this first city. I am afraid that the fighting power is only a little stronger than the peak of the God Emperor.

Although this kind of person Zhao Yuande can't kill, he can easily defeat him.

"You... you dare to quibble, you openly murdered in my first city, today I will take you down to be effective!" The old detective grabbed him directly towards Zhao Yuande.

The crowd only felt that the void was tight. They seemed to be pressed against a mountain instantly, unable to move at all.

However, Zhao Yuande's mouth was slightly tilted at this time, and the other party's mastery of the void made him sneer.

"Crush me!"

He pointed his finger slightly towards the void.


As if a piece of glass shattered, at this moment the entire blocked void was directly broken by Zhao Yuande.


The old man was frightened and angry, and a magnificent mane burst out of his palm again, and a huge phoenix phantom flew out of his palm.

There was an instant flame in the void, and the whole hall was crackled by this terrifying flame.

"Huh? It turned out to be the awe-inspiring phoenix of the imperial palace for nine days. Is this person a descendant of the imperial palace once left in the first city?

"It's quite clear now, this person must have started for Chunhua!"

"It turns out that there is such darkness and injustice in the Twelve Ascension City, which is really disappointing!"

"It seems..."


Suddenly, some forces that did not deal with the imperial palace were in dispute.

The words were very sharp, and the old man's face was twitching.

"Okay! Zong Lu stop it!" At this moment, there was a voice in the void again.

The white-haired old man named Zong Lu shivered when he heard this voice, and immediately stopped, and bowed slightly: "Yes! Lord Lord!"

"Zong Lu, you are in front of you for this matter, and the other party did nothing wrong! This matter will stop!" The voice sounded again.

"Follow the order!" Zong Lu nodded and said yes, but his eyes still swept Zhao Yuande fiercely, and his eyes were full of resentment.

"Thank you, Senior, for your justice!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand against the void, but his heart was not very cheerful.

Although he was angry, he exposed the existence of the little guy and caused many people to covet.

"Good! Happy!" Dong Guofu several people, at this time excitedly gave thumbs up to Zhao Yuande.

"Everyone is paying attention. You must be careful when you enter the second city. You may be the target of someone you want because of me." Zhao Yuande was not so optimistic, and passed the message to everyone to let them act carefully.

Everyone also felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere in the hall and nodded.

After such a thing, Zhao Yuande no longer has any thoughts about cultivation, and the doppelganger decided to sit down with everyone to discuss some of the problems encountered in cultivation.

Although these people are not as powerful as him, Sister Jing is all above him, and many of the problems he encountered are suddenly open in these people's casual words.

A little bit of time passed, and there were more and more people in the hall, and finally finally opened the passage to the second city.

The immortal jade in the center of the hall released ten thousand white lights, immediately wrapped everyone in the hall, and disappeared all at once.

Zhao Yuande only felt the flower in front of him, and found himself appearing in the vast sea in the next moment.

"The sea? This is not the same as the memory in Ming Zhenzi's mind. The test of entering the second city in Ming Zhenzi's memory is a wild jungle, and here..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning.

He explored the soul, but this time he found that his soul was not hindered at all, but there was still a light film in the sky that prohibited flying.