Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069: Caveat

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His soul is now equivalent to God Emperor Peak Powerhouse, instantly covering millions of miles of space.

"Huh? Only such a few people?" Zhao Yuande saw only hundreds of people and was heading in one direction. They all seemed to know the goal ahead, but they were ignorant.

"That's sword drifting! She's also at a loss, isn't it..." Zhao Yuande's eyes revealed a touch of Sen Han's murderous opportunity.

He stretched his hand and tore the void directly, stepped in, and at the next moment he appeared tens of thousands of miles away.

With the current cultivation practice and the understanding of the Void Avenue, it can only travel through the void of tens of thousands of miles at most, but this is already enough to go against the sky.

Normally his flying speed is a thousand miles, but now it is tens of thousands of miles to travel through the sky, which is directly increased by dozens of times!

After a few breaths, he had come to the cultivator closest to him.

"Stop, I have a few words to ask you!" When Zhao Yuande stepped out of the void, he appeared directly in front of this cultivator.

"You..." This cultivator looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. A man from the emperor realm could freely travel through the void!

"Don't talk nonsense, what did the people from the first city say to you before sending?" Zhao Yuande asked directly.

"Speaking to the east, don't kill sharks in the sea, crocodiles on the beach!" The man was a little dazed, but soon understood that the other party obviously didn't hear this.

"Who told you this, is it Zonglu?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"It's the city master!" this humane.

"Humph! I know!" Zhao Yuande stepped into the void step by step.

Soon he appeared beside Jianbian.

"Go towards the east, don't kill sharks and crocodiles!" Zhao Yuande's voice rushed into Jianpiao's ears, "I'm looking for others."

Jianpiao nodded, her daze had a goal, and the speed became faster.

I don't know how big this sea area is. Zhao Yuande flew through the incense sticks until he discovered Gu Jianqiu.

At this time, she was under siege by two cultivators, thanks to the numerous treasures on her body, but even that was a little precarious.

"Chick, don't resist, you are not our opponent!" A young man in yellow sneered repeatedly.

"Yes, you can lead the man out only by grabbing you! That roar of the gods is not what he can have!" The other person's face showed a greedy grin.

"Don't think about it!" Gu Jianqiu's face was angry, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not escape the entanglement of the two.

She knew that if the other party didn't want to catch themselves alive, she might have died in the hands of the two.

"You are proud of yourself!" At this time, one person stepped out of the void, a deserted ancient world that covered the whole void, and the void was suddenly suppressed towards two people.

"No... no!" The young man in yellow had not been reacted, and was directly crushed by the terrible force, turning into a blood mist.

But the other person crushed a jade bead at the most critical moment.

A gleaming glory enveloped his whole body to see if it blocked the suppression of the wild world.

"You dare to kill me! I am a disciple of the Imperial Palace, Shangguan, asking God, Shangguan Zhantian is my brother-in-law!" This man was arrogant and wanted to use his big brother's name to deter Zhao Yuande.

"Shangguan Zhantian? Even if he came to me personally to suppress him." Zhao Yuande flicked his fingers, and an invisible force directly shattered Guanghua, cutting the body in half.

This person did not die. Zhao Yuande grabbed his head and brought it up. The powerful soul instantly invaded the other party's consciousness. Everything he knew was suddenly enlightened.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Gu Jianqiu hurriedly saluted.

"Twenty thousand miles in the west are looking for the sword to drift away, you two will act together!" Zhao Yuande's voice fell, and the whole person disappeared into the void again.

He knew the conspiracy of this group of people, and worried about other people. If he didn't find others, he would be upset.

His spirit is so powerful that it exceeds all others. He soon discovered Dong Guofu. This guy is very powerful. He is not worried about the safety of the other party. He also feels relieved to continue looking for the wind when he sees him heading eastward. Wujiang and Gu Jianyu.

However, no matter how he searched, he found no trace of the two.

While he was very anxious, he suddenly thought of Ming Zhenzi's memory. The test in front of the second city was divided into two areas. The two areas in Ming Zhenzi's memory are wild jungles and wild mountains.

And the warning from the first city host is dont kill sharks in the sea, crocodiles on the beach!

This obviously shows that another area should be a beach by the sea!

After getting this conclusion, his figure disappeared into the void again.

When he searched the sea just now, he vaguely felt that the shallower the sea was, the deeper the sea was, indicating that the coast should be north.

Sure enough, after dozens of breaths, he saw a golden beach under the glance of the soul.

He had just jumped out of the water and came to the shore, suddenly feeling that he seemed to have been crushed by an ancient ancient mountain, which greatly slowed his speed.

"It turns out that this is the so-called punishment!" Zhao Yuande felt the weight of his body, and had thousands of times of gravity to suppress himself.

Under this pressure, he feels that he can play at most 80% of his strength!

But 80% is enough to sweep everything.

He began to search on the beach, shuttle all the way, and finally found the figures of Feng Wujiang and Gu Jianyu, and the two were surrounded by a large group of people at this time.

As the first young man in silver armor, he looked at them with a smile on his face.

"As long as you cooperate with me and capture that Zhao Shizi, I recommend you to become a true disciple of the Immortal Emperor's Palace! In the future, Xian Realm will be regarded as a strong backer, is it better than following Zhao Shisi?"

"If you have the ability, you will kill us. It is impossible to want us to help you!" Feng Wujiang sneered repeatedly, his face unyielding, and there were many injuries on his body, but he was still standing straight, like a tree. Green pine.

"Good, or you will kill us! Brother Zhao will avenge us!" Gu Jianyu leaned tightly on Feng Wujiang's side, grasping Feng Wujiang's arm with both hands, and there was a trace of regret in his eyes.

Her curly hair was messy and panting, apparently after a war.

Zhao Yuande could not help but see a smile on the corner of his mouth. It seemed that there was a little abnormal relationship between the two.

But this is a good thing, it seems that after the event, they have to match them up.

"I'm here! Don't worry, listen to my orders!" Zhao Yuande has quietly approached them in the void at the moment, and sent a message to the two.

Both were happy in their hearts. As long as Zhao Yuande came, they would have no fear.