Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Girl He Is Not A Normal Person

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"Vag!" Almost immediately vomited, he patted his chest and shook his head hard, "Forget it, the poor monk eats everything, but he dares not eat people!"

Ji Yuling, who listened to the other side, heard the words Cannibalism, terrified all over the body, stopped directly, and looked at them with dreadful eyes, as if they were really cannibals.

Lin Xiaoran even jumped out and almost knocked over the counter not far away. He had the feeling of just leaving the wolf den and entering the tiger's den. He even began to wonder if the other party wanted to eat himself, so he started from Jin Fei. Saved himself in his hands.

"Okay! You guys, I just made a joke. Is the reaction so big?" Zhao Yuande thought he wouldn't explain again, Ji Yuling had to summon the old man in white to pin him to death!

"Hoo! You villain, scared the girl!" Ji Yuling patted her small chest hard, and then she was relieved.

Lin Xiaoran was not as naive as Ji Yuling. He gave them a dreadful look and turned away!

"Boy, you saved his life, he didn't even thank you!" Heifeng glanced at Lin Xiaoran's back and whispered, "Otherwise let me catch him back, let's stew him!"

"Boom! Curry!"

In front of Lin Xiaoran hearing the words of the black wind, he was frightened and hit the counter, the whole counter was knocked over by him, and the treasures of the elixir rolled into the ground.

"Haha! Boy, don't be afraid! The real person is just making a joke!" Heifeng suddenly couldn't help laughing when he saw the other party.

"Hee hee!" Ji Yuling couldn't help covering her mouth and laughing, the smiling flowers spreading, the smiling body trembling, and the high mountain on the chest was undulating at the moment, which caused many people to look sideways.

Especially when quitting this master, a pair of eyes almost fell. If Zhao Yuande stepped **** him, this evil monk would almost stretch out his sinful hand!

"Thank you Xiongtai for your life-saving grace!" Lin Xiaoran felt that he really seemed a little unreal, and even if the other party wanted to harm himself, he didn't dare to be here. This is the place of Wantong Chamber of Commerce. People will be stupid enough to make time here!

"Brother Lin, don't mind, my brother likes to joke." Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Then we are destined to meet again!" Lin Xiaoran compensated for the loss of the next Wantong Baolou, Fei also fled.

"Haha! This kid is really interesting, I really like it!" Heifeng grinned broadly.

"Hey, how did you see that the fat man was mischievous?" Ji Yuling approached with some curiosity and poke Zhao Yuande to ask, "I didn't see it at all."

"Oh... This can only be thought or not!" Zhao Yuande didn't bother to explain to this young lady, and could only do so casually.

"Hey! You really are..." Ji Yuling has no experience, but she is not stupid. She knows that Zhao Yuande is really perfunctory at first glance. She suddenly pointed at Zhao Yuande angrily, not knowing what to say.

"That's..." Zhao Yuande suddenly swept to an item dropped on the ground at this moment, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He hurried forward, picked it up and put it in his hands, and looked at it carefully. It was a flesh-like thing, and it was still wriggling, making people feel a little oozing.

"Demon spirit flesh, possesses powerful qi and blood, is highly toxic, and peels off from the spirit world... Intermediate ingredients, matching the recipe Devils Soul, you can feel the position of the deity, the list of ingredients..."

It turned out to be this kind of thing! Zhao Yuande almost screamed, but he restrained his inner excitement very well. This kind of thing contained a huge demon spirit blood, but it was a strong man above the demon world realm after the failure of the robbery. The flesh and blood flakes off in the demon world left behind.

This kind of thing is very useful, and Zhao Yuande can now use this flesh to worship the abyss blood symbol, let the abyss demon appear in this world, and then use it to enhance the soul power!

The elixirs used to enhance soul power are at least upgraded and above, and there is no market, he can quickly accumulate a lot of wealth through this recipe!

"How much spirit jade is this thing?" Zhao Yuande looked at the shopkeeper who was packing up the damaged counter.

"This is an unknown material, we have a price of 300,000 Zhongpin Lingyu!" The shopkeeper looked at the items in Zhao Yuande's hands. Do some curious counterparts know this material?

"Buy!" Zhao Yuande directly threw the demon flesh into the storage ring, and then casually threw a bag of spirit jade to the other party.

The shopkeeper took it, and at a glance, the number was not bad.

The crowd strolled around for a while. Zhao Yuande felt a little anxious, so he hurriedly returned to the crowd. Although he bought a lot of materials, he still had a lot of spirit jade. .

"Why do we have to go back?" Although Ji Yuling was the mistress of the young lady, her temperament was a little carefree, and she just disappeared when she was turned away by ignoring anger.

"You don't need to inquire so much!" Zhao Yuande simply ignored her question and walked out of Wantong Baolou with a black wind and a sway.

The angry Ji Yuling stomped his feet.

In the darkness on the street corner, Jin Fei gritted his teeth and watched the four Zhao Yuande leave, quietly following behind them.

Zhao Yuande's spirit was so powerful that he immediately felt Jin Fei's follow-up. He could not help but sneer in the corner of his mouth.

It seems that I don't want to find this opportunity for the black wind!

When approaching a corner, Zhao Yuande waved his hand to the black wind and Yi Jie behind him, letting them go first.

How much time the two guys have cooperated with Zhao Yuande, they understand every movement of him.

" did they go over there?" Ji Yuling felt something was wrong and turned her head to look at the black wind and Yijie who walked to the other side.

"Come on! You will be invited to watch a good show later!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and a powerful force pushed Ji Yuling to the other side.

"What are you talking about?" Ji Yuling was still puzzled and asked, but felt a huge force holding himself in the sky.

"Hey, this kid is going to pit again!" Heifeng grinned.

"It's sinful! Another fresh life is here to return to the Nine Nether Souls!" Master Yijie's makeup looks like his hands are folded together, and a Buddha's number is announced, "No hair!"

"You two guys, I'm so mad!" Ji Yuling hammered the black bear a little angrily, this guy was so painful that he caught his arm!

In a flash, the scenery under the hundred meters became instantly clear. Ji Yuling only saw the two people on the street below one after the other and quickly left the city gate!

"That's... villain fat!" Ji Yuling realized what Zhao Yuande said was good, and couldn't help worrying about Zhao Yuande, "but his cultivation behavior is the realm of blood and sea god!"

"Girl, he is not a normal person!" Master Yijie pointed down with a smile, "Don't ask too much, you will know in a moment!"

Zhao Yuande walked out of the city with the tail behind him, and stopped on a group of hillsides fifty miles outside the city.

"Jin Fei, come out!" Zhao Yuande turned back and smiled, "There may be a misunderstanding between us!"