Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071: People Do Not Die For Themselves

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"What should I do? If we don't kill, I'm afraid we will be exhausted here!" An immortal disciple's face expressed hesitation.

"How can we kill them without killing this group of beasts?" said another disciple.


"There is nothing but killing the shark and rushing out. We still have a glimmer of hope. If we are trapped here, we will definitely die!"

"Okay! Get out! It's a big deal anyway!"


"Wait! You can not kill them, throwing them into the body world is not a kill!" Zhao Yuande thought of this time, and reminded them.

"Yes!" One of the disciples of the fairy world wrapped a black shark directly into his own body world.

This disciple of the fairy world threw it into the ocean of the world in his body. As soon as the black shark entered the body, he suddenly became honest.

The other Adelaide black sharks found their companions disappeared, first stunned, and then fled around in fright.

"Who is! Who! Killed my baby!" A deep roar came from the depths of the sea, and a huge black shadow appeared from the deep sea.

The sea was full of waves, and the whole sea area became boiling at this instant.

Countless fish, shrimp, and sea beasts, and even beasts on the seabed fled in one direction at this moment, forming a black wave.

At the next moment, a huge undersea beast, whose length is unknown, appeared in front of these people, and a pair of eyes that were fiercer than the sun stared at them.

"You killed my child, I'm going to eat you!" The huge seabed beast is dark all over, and its body is dissatisfied with scale armor that is a few miles in size. Each scale armor has a natural pattern on it. This kind of grain is like a carapace of a black turtle, representing indestructibility!

On top of his head were two horns thicker than Tianzhu. The horns were spiral-shaped, with two black flames burning on them.

As soon as Zhao Yuande sensed, his face suddenly changed. This big guy was too powerful, even more powerful than the long-browed old man in the Pantheon he had seen!

The results he discovered using identification techniques were just a series of question marks!

"Hurry up and release the black shark!" Zhao Yuande looked at the scared fairy disciple in the whole body, and hurriedly transmitted a voice to him.

Immortal world disciples heard Zhao Yuande's voice, and there was a sudden look on his obvious face.

He beckoned back the black shark.

The black shark once again felt the space change, and he couldn't help feeling dizzy, but when he saw the scene in front of him, he saw the terrible black figure, and he was so scared that he shuddered and fled towards the deep sea.

"This senior, I didn't kill it, you see!" The disciples of the fairy world laughed and pointed to the black shark that had fled into the deep sea.

"Roar!" The huge undersea beast roared with open mouth and seemed very angry.

"Why didn't you kill him! Why!" The sound of the beasts on the seabed shocked the whole sea area. The sea surface was detonating at the same time as hundreds of nuclear bombs at the same time, and the waves were so high.

The disciples of the fairy world were so scared that they looked pale, and all the people behind him looked as if they were earthy.

Although the surrounding waves rolled, it was easy to crush a **** emperor to death, but these two dozen people did nothing!

Zhao Yuande, who was hiding in the void, found a thing at this time. Although this fierce beast under the sea was extremely powerful, he could not harm the practitioners because of a rule.

However, as long as the cultivator kills the black shark, this rule is broken, and the seabed beasts can be killed at will!

Since there are such fierce beasts on the seabed, there must be such fierce beasts on the coast. I want to tell this time to Feng Wujiang and let them know that they can also master this method of turning danger into danger.

The undersea beast roared in anger for a long time. Just when it was disappointed and wanted to swim back into the deep sea, suddenly a pair of sun-like dazzling eyes swept towards the sea in front, with a huge body wrapped around the horror that did not know how much. The huge wave rushed towards the front.

Zhao Yuande suddenly knew that someone in front of him had really killed the black shark this time, and those people were about to face the anger of this underwater beast.

"I don't know that Xiongtai mentioned something! Please come and meet again! Ji Mingyue, Ji Family of Xifengzhou, thank you here!" Escaped from the dead, let the fairy disciple worship in the direction of Zhao Yuande's voice.

"Ji Mingyan would like to thank the brother-in-law for saving!" The only woman among the three also hurriedly bowed.

"Zi Yunzong Yuan Feng thanks!" The last person was a big man with a hairy face, a tiger with a bear on his back and a breeze.

Those in the first city only reacted at this time, and hurriedly thanked the three.

Being able to save lives in such a place will definitely not be an ordinary person.

Ordinary people only care about whether they can get the qualification to enter the second city. They only look at the excitement, and they will help each other.

In fact, Zhao Yuande was just a whimsy. He didn't expect these three people to have a little relationship with himself. There was nothing wrong with saving them.

Needless to say, the Ji family knows that it is Ji Mings true siblings. The Ziyun Sect is a little far away, but Ziqiong, one of the three giants of Wanjie City, is a disciple of Ziyun Zong. She is in Wanjie The city is also very good for himself, and Zifengling is also the fiancee of Shen Tuyinghao, and Yuan Feng is right.

"Haha! Say hello to Brother Ming Zhen, Yuan Zhen and Miss Zi Fengling for me! Just say that the Jingguang Taoists will soon meet them on the road ahead!" Zhao Yuande did not come out to meet them, but he did not do good deeds either. Leave a name!

Several people heard the name Jingguang, and their faces changed obviously. The faces of the Ji family showed surprise, and Zi Yunzongs disciples were a little confused, but he knew that the other party could say the names of brothers and sisters. There must be some interaction.

The practitioners of the first city also remembered the name Jingguang.

Zhao Yuande told what happened here with Jian Piao Ling, let them be careful, and then shuttled to the beach, intending to tell Feng Wujiang and Gu Jianyu about the matter.

But they found that the two were now escaping their lives. Behind them, there was a large group of crocodiles with a length of tens of feet chasing madly, and several people were fleeing madly in front of them.

"You are so mean! You have led these crocodiles to us!" Feng Wujiang already had several wounds bitten by the crocodile, and the wounds were **** like pillars!

The crocodile in the back smelled the **** smell on him and became extremely excited!

"Hum! People don't die for themselves, blame you on the bad luck!" A cold young man in front sneered.

Just when he was passing by, he cut the windless thigh with a knife, let him bleed like blood, and divert the attention of those crocodiles.