Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072: Have You Seen Enough

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"These two seem to be the companions of Zhao XIV. Zhao XIV killed Chun Hua, the maid of Heavenly Mysterious Maid. If we leave the images of their deaths, maybe Qiu Shi will be able to get some benefits! "The other person is a voluptuous woman, but in the eyes of a pair of eyes, there is a spicy light, like a beautiful snake eating a person.

"The two of you still have time to think about this. Let's run! Later, when the crocodiles eat them, it's our turn!"

"It's really bad luck, these crocodiles are actually not strong, but unfortunately they can't be killed, otherwise we will run!"


Seeing the crocodile behind him getting closer and closer, Feng Wujiang and Gu Jianyu showed despair on their faces. This group of crocodiles has hundreds of heads. Although the strength of each end is only the Emperor Realm, it can't be killed.

"Don't worry, I'm here!" Zhao Yuande's voice rang in the ears of the two at this time, "Prepare to enter my body world!"

When the two heard Zhao Yuande's voice, their hearts were suddenly settled.

As long as Zhao Yuande is there, they can't think of anything that can hardly hold him.

Even if it was the mortal situation in front of him, the appearance of Zhao Yuande instantly made their hearts settled.

Zhao Yuande stepped out of the void in one step. After a quick exploration, he directly ingested the two of them into his own body world. He grabbed a crocodile and threw it towards the people in front.

"Not good!" Leng Jun's young people were paying attention to the movements behind him. Seeing Zhao Yuande appear, they directly rescued the two of them.

They knew how powerful Zhao Yuande really was, and it didn't take much effort to kill them.

At this moment, he saw Zhao Yuande throwing a crocodile towards them, his face suddenly changed.

Although he saw Zhao Yuande, others did not.

These people felt a strong wind behind them, and an instinctive reaction made them shot.

"Do not!"

Leng Jun's body was horizontal, and he decisively blocked the flying crocodile.

"Boom! Bah! Boom!"

With several loud noises in a row, Leng Jun's young man got a palm, a sword, and a mouthful of blood spewed out.

"Hurry up!" Although the cold young man is strong, he is somewhat weakened by this trauma.

He swallowed a panacea quickly, and at the same time pushed back the crocodile with a soft force.

The gentleness of the technique is like holding his own son.

"Oh! You're so careful." Zhao Yuande gently waved his hand, and the crocodile of more than ten feet fell in front of him.

"Goodbye a few of you, waiting for the horrible existence to hunt down!" He swept his sleeves, and the crocodile was detained by him directly into his own inner world.

The next moment, he stepped directly into the void and disappeared.


Just when Zhao Yuande disappeared into the void, a roaring roar came from heaven and earth.

The distant sky, a huge shadow shrouded in their direction, like a large black cloud, instantly covering the entire sky.

A trembling coercion passed from the sky.

The cold young man stayed a few people, but then his face changed greatly.

"He's so cruel!" Leng Jun's young man gritted his teeth, "Hurry up, Sister Su, I'm too injured. Take me for a ride."


Before Leng Juns hands reached the voluptuous womans shoulders, he felt a strong force coming towards him, and flew himself out of the unguarded.

"Sister Su..." Leng Jun's youth looked incredulously at the cold enchanting woman.

He could hardly believe that this was the Su Shimei who was tired of being around him all the time, this was the Su Shimei who had a alliance with himself, this was the Su Shimei who wanted to give up everything for himself!

The reality is too cruel, so that his heart was instantly cold.

Suddenly he grinned, and his steel teeth broke into pieces instantly.

"Sister Su, don't blame me for being injustice since you are not kind! Let's die together!" Leng Jun's young man handed a piece of black net to cover the world, and directly covered the previous people into the net together.

This large black net is connected to one of his arms. At this time, you can see his body shriveled instantly!

The big net is like a hungry wolf who is unable to eat enough, madly plundering the blood of the cold young man's body.

As the cold young man shrivelled, the big net gradually bleeds red, as if it were a waking monster, shrinking and shrinking desperately!

Leaving a few people hate in the net!


Some of the people caught in the net showed horrified faces, because they saw the sky, and a black dragon, who didn't know how big, swooped down and opened a big mouth of blood to them.

"You killed my children, I want to eat you!"

The black dragon has a length of hundreds of thousands of feet, just a pair of dragon eyes is like two blazing suns.

Its sound thundered and shook the entire void. Several people only felt that the shocked body softened for a while, even if they were not caught by the big net now, they had no strength to escape!

"I don't want to die!" the enchanting woman yelled in despair.

"No! It's not that we killed your child, but someone else!"

"Yes! Not us..."

"Oh! Who is that? You pointed him out, and I promise to let you go!" A cunning light flashed in the eyes of the black dragon.

"He..." The man suddenly was speechless.

"Since you can't hand it over, my child's breath disappeared around you, that is, you killed it!" The black dragon's voice rumbled as if it was intended to be told to anyone, and it continued, "Since you kill With it, then I have the right to eat you!"

"Shoot!" The corner of the mouth of the black dragon overflowed with crystal spit, which seemed to be a bright star, and was flaming with the eyes of the hot sun.

In the big mouth of the black dragon, a long tongue protruded, as if it were a sky river descending from the sky, rolling towards several people on the ground.


Several people screamed for the last time, wrapped in their long tongues, and brought them directly into the dragon's mouth.

"It's not addictive to eat like this! It's not enough for me to stuff my teeth!" The black dragon frowned.

At the next moment, its body shrank sharply, but in a blink of an eye a black dragon with hundreds of thousands of feet was changed to only a dozen feet in length, similar to those of the crocodiles.

And several people fell in his mouth, it was just right!


The mouth of the black giant dragon snapped together, and suddenly blood spattered from the teeth...

"Hey! Have you seen enough?" The black dragon tapped his mouth, and he looked like he hadn't finished.

He tapped the void with his big paws.


Layers of void, as if broken like glass, Zhao Yuande's figure suddenly fell out of the void.