Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073: Bargain

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Zhao Yuande jumped in his heart without saying a word. The moment he fell from the void, he directly released the crocodile that he had thrown into his body.

"Hi! You're so naughty boy!" A voice sounded in Zhao Yuande's soul, full of playfulness.

But on the surface, another sound echoed between heaven and earth.

"It turned out that you hid my child and made me eat these people by mistake. What do you say you should do?"

"Predecessor Ming Jian!" Zhao Yuande could have figured out the rules, he was not afraid of the other party's move, he smiled, "Senior, you should thank me for being right!"

"Oh! Why?" Heilong looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile.

"If it weren't for me to take over your child, it might actually be killed. I saved it!" Zhao Yuande simply talked nonsense to the other party with his eyes open.


Two guys with their own concerns, one question and one answer on the surface.

But secretly he told the Black Dragon: "Senior, how should you thank me?"

"Thank you? You're fine, kid!" Heilong preached.

"I let my predecessors get what they wanted, and I ate the sheep, otherwise you may only be able to see Yang Xing sigh in your life!" Zhao Yuande's voice seemed to reveal a kind of self-confidence to grasp the overall situation.

" do you know?" Black Dragon was a little surprised, and his voice suddenly became cold. "Who the **** are you?"

"I... hehe! I'm just a tester in the lower realm." Zhao Yuande transformed his body at this moment, replacing his avatar with his body.

"Huh? and the boy of Zhou..." What kind of cultivation behavior was Heilong, he instantly sensed the change of Zhao Yuande's breath, and his complexion suddenly changed in the next moment.

"You know who I am!" Zhao Yuande's voice was full of pride.

"You turned out to be the reincarnation chosen by Zhou!" The black dragon's voice began to be bitter, but he became very excited immediately. "Reincarnation, how are we going to discuss?"

"Come!" Zhao Yuande moved, "Senior, what do you want to do?"

"I helped you successfully enter the second city, you helped me out of trouble!" Black Dragon's voice was obviously urgent.

"Successfully entered the second city?" Zhao Yuande's lips flicked and almost laughed out loud, "Haha! Senior, aren't you kidding me! Do you need help for my cultivation?"

"This..." Heilongyusai, indeed, the opponent's cultivation base is basically top-level in two adjacent battlefields. The opponent also masters the most important rules in the battlefield, and absolutely does not need his own help, "I help Your friend will do too!"

"No! I can help them. It's just as dangerous as it was just now. It's good to be in the world of the body!" Although Zhao Yuande refused in his mouth, his brain was spinning rapidly. What benefit can he get from the other party.

"So what conditions do you want? As long as you help me out of danger, you can just ask for anything except my freedom!" Heilong seemed to be really sleepy here for a long time, and began to seek medical treatment in a hurry.

"Hmm..." Zhao Yuande prolonged his tone, thinking quickly in his head.

Except for his freedom... Want its blood? Such a big one, and the strength is so powerful, its blood should help me open the third star of the Chaos Eucharist.

At that time, his third star was about to be opened, but in the wars, the spirits of the fairy that gave birth to the third star were completely consumed. This big guy is an ancient **** beast at first glance. No matter what, its blood should work.

But for him, a little bit of essence blood is just like a cow, if you just ask for it to be too cheap.

Zhao Yuande's eyes swept around the black dragon.

Heilong only felt that a layer of goose bumps had been swept over by the other party, and one heart of it was up and down at this time, hoping that the other party would not make excessive demands.

If the other party wants to make himself his mount... do I agree or not?

Just when Heilong was thinking wildly, Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of something.

This kind of mythical beast from ancient times must have some collections from ancient times. If only one or two materials can be found to help the restoration of Wa Palace.

You have to know that the Wa Palace has been in your hands for many years, and basically did not play a big role. He has not found any materials repaired by the Wa Palace for so many years. I always feel a little sorry for the name of the owner of the Wa Palace.

Thinking of this, Zhao Yuande immediately made up his mind.

"Okay! I thought of it!" Zhao Yuande preached, "I have three conditions, as long as you promise me, I will help you get out, otherwise we will shoot twice."

"Say!" Heilong's spirit was lifted, and he said, the meat play is coming.

"The first condition is the simplest, I want you 100,000 pounds of essence blood!" Zhao Yuande raised a finger.

"Poof!" The black dragon almost spewed out a mouthful of blood, "Boy, you are a big lion's mouth! One hundred thousand pounds, you think this is plain boiled water! The essence and blood are the essence of blood, don't look at my size It's so huge, in fact, there is not as much blood as you think! Ten thousand catties, no more!"

"Deal!" Zhao Yuande originally planned to only need a thousand kilograms. He thought about bargaining and directly asked for a hundred times the amount. Unexpectedly, the other party was so real, he directly agreed.

"The second condition!" Black Dragon heard that the other party promised so happy, he knew that the transaction made his own compensation.

"Second, you have to guarantee the safety of my friends, but you cannot interfere with their normal trials and allow them to reach the second city safely." This condition was actually put forward by the other party.

"Okay!" Black Dragon's brain suddenly went crazy when he heard this.

"Third, I need some materials, as long as you can meet one of my, our transaction is even concluded!" Zhao Yuande directly passed the materials needed to repair the Wa Palace to the other party.

He is also thumping in his heart, which is excited. If he can really find one, he can be regarded as an explanation to the Wa Palace.

"Huh? These materials..." Black Dragon Eyes looked at Zhao Yuande oddly, "You... are you going to repair a creation treasure?"

"Yes, you say if you have it!" Zhao Yuande saw the light in the other person's eyes, and immediately felt that there was something wrong with this matter.

"Yes! And more than one! As long as you can promise me another promise, I will give you two materials!" Heilong is not a fool, and immediately saw that the first two conditions are only piggybacking, and the last one is what the other party really wants of.

"Deal! You say it! What conditions?" Zhao Yuande readily agreed.

"Here, for the second city's Yin and Yang trial channel, besides me, there is an old guy guarding the bottom of the sea, can you put it together..." Black Dragon Road.

"No problem, let it also hand over 10,000 pounds of essential blood!" Naturally, he will not refuse a blank check in exchange for 10,000 pounds of essential blood.

"Yes! I agreed to him, but at this time it was too important. I think both of us must make a vow of heaven!" The black dragon looked at Zhao Yuande with a staring look, afraid to say half a word from his mouth.

"Okay! I promised! But I need to be able to release you!" Zhao Yuande explained in advance.

"it is good"