Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074: Leave Far Away

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The two sides each made a heavenly vow. After a joss stick, Zhao Yuande got two crystal blood beads, and two kinds of essence blood were contained in the two beads.

One of them seems to have a black dragon coiling, while the other one has a **** fish swimming continuously, and both creatures come to life.

At the same time, Zhao Yuande also got a fist-sized blue metal, a bead countless times more blazing than the sun.

He sent the two materials into the Wa Palace for the first time. The old servant saw the two materials and almost burst into tears.

"How about these two materials? How much can be repaired?"

"Good! Good! One hundred days later, it should be possible to repair 1% of the Wa Palace. It should be able to give the master some help in the battle!" The old servant nodded vigorously.

"Okay!" Hearing one percent, his heart sank suddenly, but he heard that he could help himself, his eyes lit up again, and asked quickly, "I don't know how I can help me ?"

"Suppression of Wa Palace's phantom! Each battle should only be used once!" The old servant replied.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande was slightly disappointed.

This kind of phantom can't be used indiscriminately. It is recognized that he got the Wa Palace, and I am afraid it will cause a big disaster!

Chuangshi Shenbao is equivalent to the existence of Jiubian Xianbao. Even in the fairyland, it is unique. Even the owner of the Pantheon may be coveted. In case the name of the universe cant hold back these horrible existences, he will die unjustly. Too.

Now that he got the promise of the Black Dragon, he simply let go of his heart and released Feng Wujiang and told him to go back to the sea alone. It was a formal abandonment of everything to experience this trial.

In fact, this second-channel trial is a kind of control of the crisis, a test of the nature of the mind, and a test of cultivation.

This time, only 10,000 people who arrived first will be selected to enter the second city, while the others will be returned to the first city.

But for Zhao Yuande, as long as they have mastered the rules and a little bit of luck, it will be very simple.

Soon Zhao Yuande passed this yin and yang trial passageway that was tens of millions of miles into a big city more magnificent than the first city.

People from the second city are particularly lively, but there is a very strange atmosphere. When people in the city see Zhao Yuande and their cultivators who have passed the trial, they all show gloating, even a kind of perverted madness.

Many people looked at them with a longing look and saw that they had some hair on their bodies.

"No! These people are weird! They are all bodies of souls!" Zhao Yuande discovered the situation in an instant.

Why are there so many souls here? Was their physical body ruined?

"Everyone gathers under the fairy jade list of the central square!" The voice of the sky rumbled, shaking the whole second city.

Zhao Yuande saw many familiar faces under the Immortal Jade List.

To Xiao Kang, who bowed slightly, a pair of cold eyes continuously scanned his killing star, and the little girl Qiu Shi who gritted his teeth, Ji Mingyan, Ji Mingyue brother and sister he once saved...

"Brother, your speed is a little slow!" Dong Guofu didn't know when he appeared by his side. This guy did not disappoint Zhao Yuande and went to the second city before him.

"It took some time on the road." Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, but he had communicated with Heilong for a long time, otherwise he would definitely be the first to enter the second city.

However, he didn't want to be too sharp-edged, properly concealing his own strength, to be able to produce unexpected effects.

Their gaze fell on the Immortal Jade List again. He found his name, and now he was photographed in the 730th place, again with a leap forward.

And the top ten list has also changed!

The first-ranked Emperor Hades became the Celestial Mystery Girl, and the Hades went to second place, Zhang Fan third, and Ji Mingzhen fourth. The rankings of these two people have not changed.

The fifth place was changed from Shikui to Shangguan Zhantian, the sixth place was Xuanye, the seventh place was Heavenly Daozi, the eighth place was Shikui, followed by Tianxing, the wilderness!

The names of Celestial Xuannv and Emperor Xingguang are both radiant, and they are almost as bright. It seems that the power between the two should be not much different. The overlapping of the rankings between them will not stabilize a certain person. The two of them formed the first fiercely competitive small group.

Zhang Fan and Ji Mingzhen were slightly worse than the previous two, but they should not be underestimated. The two of them are on the same level. Dont look at Zhang Fan in the third, maybe Ji Mingzhen will give it to you next time. This exceeds.

The two of them are the second small group.

Next, Shangguan Zhantian may really break out this time, from eleventh to fifth, and firmly occupy the first place of the third small group.

At this time, Dong Guofu was ranked 99th, Xiao Kang was ranked 60th, Xingxing was 72nd, and the mad little girl Qiushi was 63rd.

Qiushi saw Zhao Yuande, a pair of eyes suddenly burst into flames.

"You're not dead in the trial, it's really fate!" The little girl's voice showed a strong smell of gunpowder.

"Go away if you don't want to die!" Zhao Yuande glanced at her. The little girl was really lingering. It seems that the next time she enters the third city, she will find a way to kill her.

"Okay! Zhao XIV, you untouchable underworld, you will regret it!" The little girl's eyes burst into flames. If she could kill Zhao Yuande, she might have rushed up now.


Zhao Yuande's face suddenly froze, and the voice contained a trace of the power of the six-character mantra of Buddhism.

Others listened to nothing, but fell in Qiushi's ears, as a sledgehammer bombarded her heart fiercely, the blood and blood in her body shook, and she almost spit out a blood.

"You dare to do it! This is the second city. You openly dealt with me in the second city!" Qiu Shi's eyes were blazing with flames and his teeth were gurgling, almost wanting to swallow Zhao Yuande.

"Come on! Let's not be ruined by some self-righteous clowns!" Dong Guofu glanced at Qiu Shi and dragged Zhao Yuande to the other side.

He was afraid that Zhao Yuande would really kill this little girl in a rage, which would be bad.

"I'm mad! I'm mad!" The little girl stomped **** the ground and looked at a dozen powerful cultivators all around. These people are all leaders of various forces. "Who can help me kill Zhao XIV?" Friend, I will tell you about the criteria for my husbands selection of a husband. Who can kill Zhao Shishi directly, and I will help recommend my daughter..."