Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075: Obsession

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"Autumn, to be honest, it's better to marry me. I'll help you kill this kid's companion. As for this kid, it's abominable, but it's difficult to kill him! Unless it's a genius that exceeds Divine Emperor Realm! "The bald man who was with the young man in Yinpao grinned and looked at the little girl."

"You...impossible!" Qiu Shi hated it all!

Although I am a maid of Heavenly Spirit Xuannv, but also a true disciple in the imperial palace of Xuan Dao, he is even higher than the identity of this bald head. Marry him himself? Dream about it!

"Never mind! Come to me if you want to understand that day!" Dahan was not in a hurry.

Although his ancestor is only a first-class ancestor, he is not as powerful as the imperial palace, and his identity is not as good as that of the other party, but his combat power is far superior to the other party.

A little bit of time passed, and soon the Yin-Yang trial channel of the Second City was completed, and 10,000 people gathered on the central square.

Tens of miles around the central square, so many people are not crowded in the square.

"The rules of the second city are the same as the first city, no one is allowed to fight in the city, otherwise they will kill directly! Then you will experience a real fight in the second city, 90% of the 10,000 people will be People are eliminated!" An old voice rang in everyone's ears.

As soon as this remark came out, many people's faces suddenly changed.

"Can you quit!" someone shouted in horror.

"It's too late! But your gods and spirits will not die and will survive in the second city!" The old voice was full of a strange power, and everyone could not help but hear the whole body. Goose bumps.

"Everyone is gathered around me, don't be too far away from me!" Zhao Yuande told everyone, he felt a strong **** atmosphere coming, he had a feeling that the brutal battle in the second city exceeded everyone's Imagine!

"Let's start the killing!"

Everyone suddenly felt the space change, everyone appeared in a huge arena, and 10,000 people did not appear crowded in this arena.

A blood-colored mask in the sky slowly fell, as if a large bowl directly caught the entire arena, and a **** gas disgusted from the mask.

"If you want to become a fairy, you need not only a strong fighting power, but also a strong heart and a fearless spirit. This **** cage is your battlefield! There are no rules, no restrictions, and now the battle begins "Oh!" The old voice passed into everyone's ears, and suddenly they felt a manic and bloodthirsty emotion in their bodies.

This emotion instantly dominated their brains, causing their eyes to suddenly turn red!


At the next moment, the blood was shattered in the cage of blood, and blood was shining!

Even if Zhao Yuande is so strong and tenacious, he feels that the blood in his body is boiling, and he will almost be lost in madness.

At this time, he suddenly felt the almost dangerous breath around him, and several people including Dong Guofu started to attack him.


Zhao Yuande sighed softly.

"wake up!"

The six-character mantra of Buddhism is contained in his voice, which is shaken into the sea of knowledge of several people through the soul of the god.

How powerful the six-character mantra of Buddhism is the nemesis of all evil spirits and demons.

When Zhao Yuande shouted, several people woke up from a bloodthirsty state.

As soon as a few people were awake, their complexions suddenly changed. Although their hearts were full of killing thoughts just now, their memories were still there, but now they are really afraid of it.

"Since the consciousness has been restored, let's start! No one can avoid the killing!" Zhao Yuande's voice passed into their ears, making them suddenly clear.

Several people quickly united together to form a small group and killed them in the crowd.

At this time, Zhao Yuande rushed into the crowd.

Since he could kill casually, he wanted to kill Qiu Shi at the first time. Although the girl was small, she thought badly, and she had already died with her.

The killing unfolded instantaneously, blood splashed in the field, limbs were flying, and the screams kept coming.

Some determined will soon break free from the bloodthirsty killing and restore their original consciousness.

People like them are advancing and retreating, attacking and defending well, and soon quickly beheaded their opponents and retreated to the corner.

Those cultivators who are not strong in their minds are caught in even greater craziness at this time.

They attack when they see people. Although their attack power is much stronger than they were, they have no sense of defense.

Zhao Yuande walked all the way and beheaded a dozen people, but no matter what method he used, the spirits of these people were all preserved, slowly floating out of the blood cage, and flying into the sky.

Zhao Yuande also understands why all the people in the second city are the body of the gods and souls.

But what does the second city need so many spirits to do? Zhao Yuande hadn't figured it out for a long time.

"So you are here!" Zhao Yuande saw a corner, Qiu Shi was fighting with several unconscious people.

Qiu Shi saw Zhao Yuande in an instant, and her face suddenly showed a look of horror.

She didn't expect that she would come so soon, she would meet each other's life and death so soon. She knew that playing with herself was not Zhao Yuande's opponent. If he let him kill, he would definitely die.

"Liu Dongyang! I promise to marry you, come and save me!" Qiu Shi saw the bald man not far away, and immediately gritted his teeth.

Marrying this man is better than being killed. If the other party is willing to shoot, it should be able to stop for a while.

At that time, there will be one-tenth of the number of people, and even if they pass the test, the other party will not dare to start anymore.

The bald man named Liu Dongyang turned his head to look at Qiu Shi, and glanced at her slightly immature little face and her full breasts, and the evil light in her eyes suddenly flourished, and her heart was a bit hot and unbearable.

If you can win this chick, if you can marry the imperial palace, you will be reused by the imperial gate of the immortal world, and the imperial palace is in the central fairyland of the immortal world. Also quite powerful...

Although I may not be able to beat the kid named Zhao Shisi, but there is no problem blocking him for a period of time, as long as the time is up, this little beauty is considered his own!


The bald man Liu Dongyang looked at a woman in red not far away and preached.

"Crazy mother-in-law, help me! After the event is over, I will give you that ice holy book!"

The color of joy appeared in the eyes of the woman in red. That icy sacred book had something that had been hot in her eyes for a long time, but she had been suffering from the other party's unwillingness to agree, but did not expect that the other party offered this request today.