Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076: Go To War

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"Okay! I will promise you for the ice sacred code!" After the woman in red beheaded and killed a few people, she turned into a red haze and came to the bald man.

"Mrs. Ruo, if you help me! I promise your request!" Liu Dongyang invited to the hot woman who was not far away.

"Really?" The beautiful woman's eyes circulated and swept across Qiushi's body, a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

"I will never say anything when Liu Dongyang speaks!" Liu Dongyang patted his chest.

"Okay! I'll help you!" The beautiful woman's body came out of Liu Dongyang's three feet.

At this time Qiu Shi got a reply from Liu Dongyang, and had already come behind him.

Her petite body stood behind Liu Dongyang, not even his chest!

"Oh! Did you bring in so many helpers?" Zhao Yuande was already in front of everyone at this time, looking at Qiu Shi with a sneer. "No matter how many people you recruit, you can't escape death today!"

"Boy! Don't be too arrogant. Although you are very strong, but you are not necessarily the opponent of the four of us. If you know each other, you will leave. Our water will not violate the river!" Liu Dongyang glanced at Zhao Yuande, and his face was hideous. sneer.

"You are strong, but we are not weak. You want to pass us and kill Qiushi. That's impossible!" The silver sword in the red woman's hand shimmered, and the swords sprang out.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a cold and heartfelt feeling, the sword of the red woman opposite the mans seemed to be a cold wave sweeping across the earth.

"Brother! Listen to my elder sister's advice, let go of Qiushi! Don't forget, Tianxuan Xuannv is the first in the Immortal Jade List. Her strength is not something that we can speculate. If you kill Qiu, It really made a deadly feud with her! It's not worth it!" The beautiful woman comforted Zhao Yuande softly.

"Oh! If I turn around and leave, will Qiushi and I resentment?" Zhao Yuande smiled and looked at Qiushi behind the bald man.

"Don't think about it!" Qiushi's cold voice came out of her teeth.

"If I don't kill Qiu Shi, can Tianling Xuan Nu forgive me for killing her maid?" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and continued to ask questions.

"You dream! After the mysterious girl in my family knows, you will be extremely miserable to die!" Qiu Shi said again.

"Look! Even if I don't kill her today, it's useless! It's better to cut the grass and get rid of the roots. I will slaughter that mysterious girl together next time!" Zhao Yuande approached step by step, and he had reached a distance of less than ten feet from them. Away.

"Hey! It's useless to talk about, let's go to war!" Liu Dongyang already couldn't bear it, and he rushed towards Zhao Yuande with a punch.

"Zhiyang Lie Sun Boxing!"

In his fist, a brilliance was even more dazzling than the sun. The whole blood cage was instantly illuminated by the light. A sense of destruction was flooding the whole world!

The big man's punch is even more powerful than Xiao Kang's Ziqi big handprint. Even if this punch falls, even a small star will be directly crushed.

"Frost Sword Field!"

At the same time, a silver-white brilliance suddenly broke out around the woman in red. Numerous horrific snow-white sword lights were shot from the silver long sword in her hand, instantly forming a silver-white sword field, the sword field was like a thorny The huge gears are general, and the holes cut through the void, and even the blood cages shrouded in the sky have been cut with a crack.

"Dead to me!" the woman in red shouted, and the Frost Sword Territory suddenly turned into a huge silver-white light wheel, cutting directly towards Zhao Yuande.

The terrifying sword energy contained in the sword domain alone, tearing the blood cage in the sky into a huge mouth, coupled with the terrifying rotation power blessing, the power has been increased several times!

Dozens of people were torn to pieces in the course of the sword field light wheel, and the blood stained the sky.

At this time almost everyone's eyes were turned in this direction, no matter if they were crazy or sober, they felt a huge crisis coming.

"Soul Spear!"

At this moment, the gentle smile of the beautiful woman disappeared, replaced by a cold killer, a black spear suddenly shot out of her eyebrow, and the spear suddenly entered after the shot. In the void.

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt a turmoil in the void behind his head, and a powerful crisis appeared in an instant.

He felt a shock in his heart, and suddenly knew that the beautiful woman had also realized the Avenue of Space.

The opponent not only realized the space avenue, but also practiced the spirit attack method. The spear of the soul traversed the void directly behind his head. If he didnt understand the void avenue, this blow might really be shot directly into his own consciousness. Among the sea.

But now that he has comprehended the Void Avenue, it will naturally not be so easy.

"Void Twist!"

His big sleeves swept toward the void, and the spear of the soul that traversed the void shot out of the void all at once, but the direction had changed, and instead he shot towards the bald Han Liu Dongyang.

"This!" The woman's eyes narrowed, and she didn't expect that the other party could distort the space and directly change the direction of her spear.

"Russian! Are you helping me or making trouble!" Liu Dongyang's face changed, and he couldn't take the spear of the soul.

He could only withdraw the Zhiyang Liequan fist in his hand forcibly. The powerful force of anti-bite suddenly made him look flush. If it was not forcible, he would definitely spur blood.

Zhao Yuande resolved the offensive of the two with just one hand, but the Frost Sword Field whistling at this time was about to reach him.

"Six Sky Wheels!"

Since the opponent is a round, he also plays round by round.

As soon as the six heavenly wheels came out, there was a rumble of crushing sound in the void, as if the entire space could not withstand this horrible pressure and it would burst.

Especially the blood cages in the sky showed signs of crumbling again.

"The testers in this issue are so powerful! Even the blood cages can't withstand their attacks. Are they really powerful in Divine Emperor Realm?" An old voice echoed in the void.

"Are we going to interfere? If you continue this way, the blood cage will be broken!" Another voice came.

"No! Why should we intervene? It's not our fault that the blood cell was broken. Give more people a chance!" said the old voice before.

"Jiaohua in the first city, even if they were given the opportunity, they would not be able to go to the fourth city, the terrible next city is not what they can imagine in the Jiaohua living indoors!" said another voice.

"Okay! Let's just stick to our duty!"