Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077: I Fight With You

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The six heavenly wheels collided with the Frost Sword Field, and a huge explosion suddenly occurred. Countless sword lights flew out, and within a few hundred feet of the area, they instantly became a vacuum. I dont know how many practitioners at this moment. It was blown into nothingness, or penetrated by the terrible sword light and nailed to the ground.

"You have all shot, now it's my turn!"

Zhao Yuande's dragon trek still moves forward, and the momentum of his body jumps by one point at every step. Every step of the void is a trembling tremor. Under the earth, it seems that there is a dormant real dragon coming out of the ground.


A towering giant tree rushed out from behind Zhao Yuande, and the big tree instantly opened the blood cage above his head, growing wildly towards the endless void.

But in the blink of an eye, the giant tree had penetrated into the deep starry sky. Two thirds of the space in the blood cage was occupied by the trunk of the big tree. Countless battles stopped at this time. They were just demented. Looking at this giant tree, I don't know what I was thinking at the moment.

At this time, there were countless huge uplifts on the earth. Each uplift seemed to be a real dragon dormant, and the endless heaven and earth aura was swallowed by this giant tree whale in an instant, but the entire ring was transformed into a piece in a moment. High and low mountains.

"What a terrible breath! What a terrible exercise! There seems to be a breath of undead trees in this big tree!" The old voice in the void was full of shock.

"Is this really just the power that a little guy in the Emperor Realm can have?" The other voice was full of trembling, "I am afraid that even those geniuses in the Emperor Realm are not so!"

"This person may successfully pass the twelve ascendant city!"

"I'm going to hail this matter!"


Since he was promoted to the Emperor Realm, Zhao Yuande has never exhibited this kind of spirit tree, but he did not expect that this kind of practice would be so powerful since he got the last few pages of cultivation practice.

Once he exhibited, even he was shocked by himself!


The terrible light in his eyes exploded, and countless thick roots pierced the ground, striking frantically towards the four.

"Not good!" The woman in red felt an irresistible force rushing out from under the earth, turning into a thick mountain-like black root that was pumped fiercely towards herself, and her body was repeatedly folded in the void. Xiang, barely escaped the beating of the root hair, but in the end was drawn by another small root hair.

The whole body hit **** the thick tree trunk. She only felt that the bones in the body crackled. I don't know how many roots were interrupted by this impact.


Just when another root was drawn in front of her, she shattered a piece of jade in her hands helplessly.

"Bang!" Wrapped in a red light curtain, it suddenly escaped to a corner of the ring.

But the beautiful woman is not as lucky as the woman in red at the moment. Her actions are all above the soul of the gods. Although the flesh cannot be said to be weak, it is much weaker than the most powerful people of the same level.

She was pierced directly by one root without resistance, and when another root locked her, she couldn't help but sigh gently.

A small golden mirror appeared above her head, and a golden light curtain hung down from the small mirror, completely covering her in the golden light curtain.

The golden light curtain is incredibly tough, and despite the constant beating of countless roots, the light curtain is always tough and not bad.

Liu Dongyang regretted that even the intestines were green at this time. In addition to being strong, he was also very strong in flesh, and even entangled with several thick roots, he did not fall.

But he had already exhausted all his means at this time, and thanks to a scorching flame on his palms, he had some fear of the roots.

At this time, the most miserable is Qiu Shi. Her cultivation behavior and treasures are not only the weakest among the four, but the strongest.

However, Zhao Yuande specifically took care of her, so that the general roots were attacking her.

Although Qiushi's golden armor shone on his body, two golden swords in his hand, and a small orange bell on top of his head kept shaking, almost defensive seamlessly.

But she couldn't help but countless roots and repeated attacks.

She is like a golden ball, pumped by countless roots and flying around in a blood cage!

The strong convulsive power was transferred to her, turning her qi and blood inside.

Although she has several powerful treasures, each of these treasures needs a lot of spiritual power to urge!

The fight only lasted more than a dozen breaths, and she had a feeling that made her unsustainable.

"Liu Dongyang save me!" Qiu Shi shouted in horror.

But soon she found in despair that Liu Dongyang and the three were even more miserable than her.

Two of them have been forced to use the final hole card, but Liu Dongyang is still struggling to support it.

You must know that this is the second city. For them, it is still the safest second city. In the second city, they are forced to use the last life-saving cards. What if they encounter danger in the future? Is it directly to death?

The woman in red and the beautiful woman regretted in their hearts at this time, and regretted that they shouldn't ruin their future because of a small profit.

After losing their hole cards, they are simply not qualified to continue, and they will give up at most in the fourth city!

Because in the experience of their predecessors, the first four cities are only welfare, and the real dangers are only starting from the fifth city! There are rules in the first four cities, and the fifth city starts to lose the protection of the rules directly. Whether it can pass through depends on strength and hole cards!

For the two women who used the bottom card, Zhao Yuande simply ignored them and began to attack Liu Dongyang and Qiu Shi with all his strength.

"Ah! I'm fighting with you!" Liu Dongyang was beaten by dozens of thick roots, and he was beaten a few times by the strength of his flesh, and rushed towards Zhao Yuande frantically.

"Take me a blow to Yanglie Sunfist!"

He almost bet on everything, this fist will not kill Zhao Yuande, he will be alive and dead!

The whole person was like a hot blazing sun, exuding endless light and heat, striking towards Zhao Yuande.

"I will fulfill you! Qinglong Shenmu!"

Zhao Yuande stood like a towering giant tree behind him, and he punched Liu Dongyang's punch.

Punching out like a storm sweeping, the huge blue figure in the storm slowly emerged. This is a blue dragon carved from a **** wood. The dragon opened its mouth full of sensuous fangs and bite towards the strong sun.


The cyan divine dragon collided with the blazing sun, and the terrifying power erupted, so that the space of hundreds of feet was broken instantly, countless thick roots and inches were broken, and dozens of powerful cultivators turned into mud.