Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078: The Death Of Gu Jianqiu

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Zhao Yuande was originally divided into several purposes, and the giant tree was restrained by the other party's scorching sun, and he had not yet exerted his full strength.

And the other party Liu Dongyang was at this time holding a powerful blow with your determination to die without dying, which almost exerted his strength of twelve points!

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a huge force smashing the blue dragon, and then hit him, flying him directly. If it wasnt the giant tree behind him, he would definitely hit the blood cage on the sky directly. on.

He felt that the blood in his body kept rolling, the sternum rattled, and he didn't know how many roots were broken at once. At this time, his breath was disordered and he could no longer support the giant tree behind him. At this moment, the giant tree burst and shattered. Thousands of life forces were reintegrated into his body.

On the other hand, Liu Dongyang was not feeling well at this time. He was hit **** the body by the force of two power explosions. The two forces instantly blasted his arms into powder, and his body was thrown high, hitting hard Above the blood cage.

"Wow!" Liu Dongyang spouted a mouthful of blood, and his face suddenly turned pale.

He landed on the ground, reluctantly standing up with the pain on his body, looking in the direction of Zhao Yuande with expectation.

"Good! Good!" Zhao Yuande climbed up from the ground, his body stretched slowly, his face showed a bit of praise, the real strength of Liu Dongyang was even worse than Xiao Kang, he today Anyone can win, but they meet themselves.

"You... you're fine!" Liu Dongyang looked at Zhao Yuande's collapsed chest gradually, his mottled injuries recovered at a rate visible to the naked eye, and even the other party's breath was stronger than before.

"Bang!" At this moment, Qiu Shi, who seemed to be a golden ball, landed on the ground, and she lost her attack from her beard, and then she gradually eased herself.

She naturally also saw Zhao Yuande's powerful resilience. Multiple injuries completely recovered in the blink of an eye. How can this kind of person fight?

"You can die!" Zhao Yuande's fingers were empty.

Qiushi, who had just landed, suddenly felt like she was imprisoned in amber, and her body couldn't move at all. She opened her eyes and tried her last bit of strength.

"Liu Dong..." Her eyes looked at Liu Dongyang, hoping he could save himself.

But Liu Dongyang still wanted to save her at this time, he couldn't even save himself!

His body was trembling, his arms were lost, and there was blood on his body. If it wasn't for Zhao Yuande's first hands on him, he was now dead.

"No one can save you!" Zhao Yuande's fingers flicked again in the air.

Qiushi's head flew high, and blood like pillars spewed from between her necks.

A spirit flew out of Qiushi's head and into the gap of the blood cage above his head.

"Zhao XIV! You can't kill me. The mysterious girl will save me. As long as I live, it will make you regret for life!" Qiushi's hysterical cry echoed in the void, making people listen. Can't help but chill.

Zhao Yuande Zhou Mei frowned and didn't pay attention.

Even if he left the opponent's soul, he could not be killed. This is the rule of the second city, so he simply let the opponent's soul away.

With a stroke of his palm, Qiu Shi's body flew, and the treasures on her fell into Zhao Yuande's hands one by one.

Even Zhao Yuande could not help secretly marveling at the many treasures on Qiu Shi's body, even if he was a little bit jealous.

"Hey! Judging from this battle, my attack style is still too monotonous, it's time to practice some magical powers in the Eight King Palace!" Zhao Yuande looked at Liu Dongyang with a terrified face, and suddenly he didn't kill him. Heart, this man is also lustful, and now his arms have been abolished, and there is basically no hope of entering the fourth city.

It was at this time that Zhao Yuande suddenly heard two screams.

"Jianqiu!" "Sister!"

He couldn't help but change his face, looking towards a corner of the blood cage, and found Gu Jianqiu pierced his head with a black shadow and a sword.

Zhao Yuande appeared at Gu Jianqiu's side, and lifted her up, and the vitality of her life was injected into her body.

It is a pity that this sword directly destroyed her consciousness of the sea and shattered her consciousness of the sea. Although the soul of the gods survived because of the law of the second city, it is now in a comatose state.

The sword of the shadow just now was too powerful. Although it didn't kill the soul, it caused it a deep blow.

Although Zhao Yuande temporarily stabilized her soul, but knew the sea collapsed, she couldn't think of a way to do it in a short time, she still died.

"Brother Zhao! You must just save my sister! You must save her!" Gu Jianyu burst into tears. She wanted to rush up to see her sister, but she was caught by Feng Wujiang.

She was so rash and excited that she might interrupt Zhao Yuande's thoughts.

Zhao Yuande frowned and fell into thought.

"I will kill you!"

At this time, Dong Guofu, who was at war with several strong men, exploded in an instant.

A terrible breath burst out of him instantly, and the whole blood cage was like a landslide and tsunami.

Dong Guofu's body skyrocketed and turned into a horrible giant with a height of 100 feet. The ground beneath him collapsed instantly, and the entire ring broke completely at this moment.

At this time, even the entire second city began to tremble, and the second city, which was set in the void by a powerful force, began to sink slowly at this moment!

"Die to me!" Dong Guofu turned into a giant, letting tears bleed into his eyes, and his hands fell fiercely into the void.


The void shattered, and the whole blood cage crashed with a bang.

A black shadow was blown out of the void by his punch, and blood spewed in his mouth.

"Suppress me!"

Dong Guofu's body was pulled up again, and the horrible flesh constantly shook the void, and countless practitioners could not move under this horrifying pressure.

The endless horror atmosphere swept through the entire second city. There were huge cracks on the ground of the second city. Looking down the cracks, you can see a deep starry sky!

The shadow body was suppressed and Dong Guofu crushed it into a ball of meat!

"Jian Qiu is dead! You all deserve to die! You deserve to die!" Dong Guofu turned his attention to the remaining people in the arena.

The weight of his body was comparable to a small planet at this time. At this time, he was completely in a state of madness. Even if he slapped it down, the entire arena could not survive a few people.

"Dong Guofu! Stop, I have a way to save her!" Zhao Yuande couldn't watch Dong Guofu kill all these people here. I don't know how much power to offend.