Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079: Yin And Yang Rotation Break

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If these people are dead, Dong Guofu will go to the fairy world in the future.

What's more, there are many people of their own forces, such as Bajing Palace, Ji Family, Ziyun Sect, and Xianhong City. Although most of these people are not important people, they are also Zhao Yuande and these forces. A bond between them.

"What!" If Dong Guofu could listen to anyone at this time, it would naturally be Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's voice sounded like thunder in his ears, and he instantly regained his consciousness. There was no time to compete with these people. A flash came to Zhao Yuande.

"Brother! You must save Jianqiu, she... she already...has it!" Dong Guofu's guilty face, the tears in his eyes, it was a helpless child, just like the devil just now. Scary characters.

"What!" Zhao Yuande's soul turned in Gu Jianqiu's body, and she found out that she already had a little life in her body!

Feeling this little life, Zhao Yuande couldn't hesitate anymore, and took out the Yin and Yang rotation symbol directly, and pressed it directly on Gu Jianqiu's forehead.

"This is... Yin and Yang rotation, this is not possible..." Dong Guofu naturally knows the significance of this Yin and Yang rotation to Zhao Yuande. This is about his series of promotion plans in these twelve ascended fairy cities.

If there is no Yin and Yang rotation, Zhao Yuande may not be able to promote smoothly, and may eventually delay him entering the fairy world!

"Shut up! We are brothers! Your woman, your child is more important than my promotion! Immediately protect me, I will resurrect her!" Zhao Yuande shouted loudly.

"Brother!" Dong Guofu burst into tears, just repeating these two words!

Zhao Yuande urged the spiritual power to infuse into the Yin-Yang Rotational Symbol, and the Yin-Yang Rotational Symbol suddenly emitted a white light, immediately covering Gu Jianqiu.

Zhao Yuande can clearly feel that in the white light, a force of time, keeps going back...

Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, suddenly immersing his whole body of mind in this power, a mysterious and mysterious feeling suddenly poured into his heart!

The "wave" seemed to break a soap bubble, and it seemed that there was a film in his body that broke at this instant.

Avenue of Time!

Zhao Yuande was ecstatic, he did not expect that at this moment he actually realized the power of time, and it is still the power of time retrospective!

It was also at this time that the Yin-Yang rotation sign made a crisp crackling sound, which instantly turned into a white light rain and merged into Gu Jianqiu's eyebrows.

"Huh? I... what's wrong with me?" Gu Jianqiu opened his eyes gently, looking around in doubt.

"Sister! You're okay!" Gu Jianyu covered her mouth excitedly, and the tears were flowing.

Dong Guofu heard Gu Jianqiu's voice, his body trembled, and turned his head in disbelief.

"Jianqiu! Hello! Haha... so good! My Jianqiu is alive again!" Dong Guofu jumped and jumped like crazy!

"Brother! Thank you!" After the madness, Dong Guofu held Zhao Yuande's hand heavily, his eyes full of unspeakable gratitude.

"Okay! Let's stop talking if we see you outside! Actually, I also realized that the Avenue of Time at the moment when the Yin-Yang rotation sign worked, it was a double benefit!" Zhao Yuande patted Dong Guofu on the shoulder.

Although I only realized one kind of avenue, it was still worthwhile to save the mother and son of Gu Jianqiu, Zhao Yuande, and I thought how brilliant it was to photograph this Yin-Yang rotation symbol at that time!

"Hey! It was so terrible just now, the whole Second City was almost destroyed by this guy!" The voice in the void sounded.

"The Prison Body! It is actually the Prison Body after the four major bodies. It seems that this time the twelve ascendant city has his place!" The old voice came quietly.

"Is the Eucharist, the physique of the ancient man? It seems that those people have opponents!"

"I heard that one of the top ten people this time was Chaos Thunderfire, the little guy named Zhang Fan!"

"Zhang Fan! Zhang Fan, ranked third? Didn't he do his best?"


There has been a long silence in the arena, and everyone has no desire to fight at this time, especially a few strong men, like Xiao Kang, killing the stars, they all looked at Dong Guofu very solemnly.

They felt a deep danger in Dong Guofu's body. This guy broke out and was so terrible!

Many people are silently calculating whether they can survive under this Dong Guofu.

"Okay! The screening of the second city is over, and the existing number of people is 987!" The old voice slowly rang in everyone's ears.

Everyone was transported to a hall.

The immortal jade list is suspended in the hall.

There was basically no change in the top ten rankings, and Zhao Yuande found that his name was ranked 36th and Dong Guofu ranked 35th. He also saw many names behind him, Xiao Kang, killing stars, blood...

This time, Dong Guofu was so awe-inspiring that he didn't know how many practitioners were killed. He should have won the first place in this screening.

Judging from this list, there are thirty-four people in front of Dong Guofu. These thirty-four people should all be powerful people above the Divine Emperor Realm.

This number is still far beyond Zhao Yuande's expectations. There are thirty-four genius figures exceeding God Emperor Realm. The geniuses in the heavens and the realms are really innumerable!

Especially among these people are Zhang Fan, this former old opponent, and even more powerful than Zhang Fan, Hades and Heavenly Mysterious Girl!

His original contempt was gradually let go.

"Brother, I think it's better to send Gu Jianqiu to my inner world! Let your mother take good care of her. Now is the critical period, can't let her fight here again, this is not good for your son!" Zhao Yuandela passed Dong Guofu advised.

"Wait a minute! I'll ask Jianqiu's opinion." Dong Guofu nodded, but it was a little embarrassing, obviously he couldn't be the master.

"Okay! Jianqiu agreed. You will send me and me to see. I will show my face in front of my mother too!" Dong Guofu rubbed his hands, his face showing excitement.

Zhao Yuande smiled and nodded, sweeping Dong Guofu and Gu Jianqiu into the body world.

In this hall, take a days rest, and after a day they will be sent to the trial ground in the third city!

Zhao Yuande also took advantage of this time to allow the ontology to continue to consolidate and enhance the time avenue that he learned in the trial space!

"Master Zu..." Just when Zhao Yuande was practicing, a voice came into his ears.

Zhao Yuande Mou Ran opened his eyes and saw that Xiao Kang was not far from himself, smiling at himself.