Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080: Request

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"Okay! It's not the Bajing Palace here. It's awkward to call Shizu, call me Zhao Yuande or Brother Zhao!" Zhao Yuande listened to Shizu and always felt like an old monster.

"All right! Brother Zhao, actually I'm here..." Xiao Kang was hesitant and hesitant.

"Something to say! It looks like a woman." Zhao Yuande looked at each other. This guy was a little bohemian at ordinary times, and rarely saw him in this state.

"Brother Zhao's inner world is okay... Can people live!" Xiao Kang whispered, "Can I send one of my sisters into your inner world, she doesn't want to continue, but she doesn't want to stay in This second city became a living dead, so..."

"Oh! This is no problem, is it possible for you to survive in your inner world?" Zhao Yuande looked at Xiao Kang with some doubt.

"In fact, it is not impossible to survive, but it cannot survive for a long time!" Xiao Kang looked at Zhao Yuande strangely and continued, "Most of the cultivators in the heavens and the world are in the world, and the inner world is all Cultivation becomes your own attribute world, so you can greatly improve your combat effectiveness. For example, I am the Yanyang World. When I shoot in the palm of battle, I extract the power of the inner world! My inner world is extremely hot. Although people can survive in the middle of the time, when I fight, the power of the sun in the body world rolls over, and the people living inside may be directly transformed into fly ash, so the only creatures that can exist in my body world are the flame demon. , Fire Beast and other fierce beasts with fire properties."

Zhao Yuande immediately understood that when he was able to understand the power of the five elements in the world, he formed a perfect inner world, and even successfully integrated the other side of the world with his own inner world, so that he had the most suitable for human life. The inner world.

"This is no problem, but when do I need to release her?" Although Zhao Yuande learned a lot from Ming Zhenzi about the Twelve Ascension City, Ming Zhenzi was obviously not the core disciple of Tianyuan Taoist Sect. limited.

"Come to the Fifth City!" Xiao Kangdao said, "After the Fifth City is the City of Freedom, there are no rules there, but there are the forces that have been left behind by various schools and factions. The outer realm must be thick, and it is easier to improve cultivation, and if you can really practice in the fairy land, you can also be extradited into the fairy realm. Starting from the fifth city, it is basically similar to the outside world."

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande heard his words and had a new understanding of the twelve ascendant city.

These twelve ascendant immortal cities are a place of death for some people, but a blessed land for some people. As long as they have the ability to reach the fifth city, it seems that they have entered a higher level of cultivation than the lower realm. Although the rules here are more cruel than the lower realm, the opportunities and cultivation environment are several times better than the lower realm. Although it is not as good as the fairy realm, it is already the dream of many people.

"Can we release her in the fourth city, wouldn't it be possible to get the same reward from the fourth city." Zhao Yuande had some unexpected thoughts. If so, those in the world inside him...

"Impossible! The space in the fourth city will be blocked. Not to mention the inner world, even the storage ring cannot be opened!" Xiao Kang shook his head.

"Okay! Let her come!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Sister, come here!" Xiao Kang beckoned behind him.

The young woman standing a few feet behind him walked up sheepishly.

The young woman looks sweet and has a very pure feeling, but her cultivation behavior is also good, but she is a strong man in the late Emperor.

"Brother!" Zhao Yuande glanced uncertainly and asked Xiao Kang softly, "Is it him?"

"Shut up! What the hell... This is the ancestor of our eight ancestral palaces, to be called Shizu!" Xiao Kang glared at the young woman fiercely, lowering her voice and reprimanded.

Obviously Xiao Kang did not tell Zhao Yuande the identity of the other party.

Zhao Yuande can also see from the eye contact between the two people that the relationship between them is not ordinary, and may be a sibling or a buddy.

Xiao Kang's ability to keep the secret in his heart without telling the other person his identity is also worthy of initial trust.

"Bi Chen'er met Shizu!" The woman bowed to Zhao Yuande Yingying.

"Okay! This is not the Bajing Palace, don't be too restrictive!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "There are two things to tell you to enter my body world. Listen."

"Bi Chen'er listens to the teachings of the ancestor!" The woman nodded.

"First, the world in my body is some of my loved ones. I hope you dont wantonly act quietly and practice inside. I can arrange for you to practice in the trial space of fifty times speed."

"Ah! Fifty times faster!" Bi Chen'er's eyes widened, an unbelievable look.

Even when Xiao Kang heard this, he stayed on the spot, and this master ancestor had a trial space for accelerating time, which is simply incredible!

Even among the branch halls of the Eight View Palaces where he is located, a treasure of the town hall Qiankun Wanhua furnace, in which the time flow rate can be changed, at most only 48 times!

This is how countless disciples all sharpened their heads and squeezed them in, and he even replaced all the sect contributions to cultivation time.

But he didn't expect that there were fifty times as much room for trial in his body, and he even had the urge to enter and practice.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "Second, you have to keep my secret, or say you want to cut off this memory after leaving my inner world!"

"Uh!" Bi Chen'er nodded, and she knew that the most secure way to cut off her memory was to sever her memory.

"Now that you understand, don't resist!" Zhao Yuande waved his sleeves and swept Bi Chener directly into his own body world, sending it into the trial space and letting him practice on his own.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Xiao Kang Zheng focused his head.

"All right, you go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

Many people have seen this scene, their eyes full of envy.

Like Liu Dongyang, his arms have been lost, and it is still unknown whether he can cross the third city. Now if he can enter his body, he is definitely the best choice to be taken into the fifth city, but he cannot trust others, others Will not take him!

Time passed in a hurry, and the day passed quickly.

"When time is up, you will enter the trial area of the third city, I warn you, be careful of the people in the third city!" The old voice fell, a white light fell, the people in the whole hall, including the hall The immortal jade list among them disappeared together.