Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083: Investment

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These tens of thousands of miles are for ordinary people, but they have to go on continuously for a few years, but they are nothing for cultivators.

Especially like Zhao Yuande, he can travel thousands of miles in one breath, and reach the top of the mountain in 108 breaths.

However, Zhao Yuande soon discovered that it was not as simple as he thought.

The road up the mountain is very wide, coiling around the mountain and extending endlessly upward in circles. Zhao Yuande feels that the gravity of his body has doubled every time he walks. Down, every fifteen laps they will be blocked for a while!

According to Zhao Yuande's preliminary calculation, when he reaches the top of the mountain, his gravity will reach tens of thousands of times, and the pressure of the gods and souls can reach the early stage of the fairyland.

Under such harsh conditions, although Zhao Yuande felt that he and Dong Guofu should be no problem, he did not have so much confidence in others!

It seems that this trip to Xuanming Shenshan is really a huge ordeal for many talented disciples.

If it is calculated according to him, it takes at least one day and one night at his speed to reach the top of the mountain. This is the case where there is no rest at all.

Other people's time may take ten days or even longer.

He didn't want to be an early bird, he simply slowed down and started climbing up the mountain a little bit!

Three days later, he came to the mountainside and found that there are fewer and fewer people going up!

Although he found several cultivators who entered the third city trial site together, he did not find several of them.

"These guys went there? Are they faster than me?" Zhao Yuande frowned, but couldn't find the answer at all.

At this time, in his inner world, the body constantly used the blood of Black Dragon and Kun to refine its own flesh and warm up the third star in his hand.

Fifty times the flow rate of time, making ten days into five hundred days, the third star should be able to be turned on within five hundred days.

As long as the third star is turned on, his physical strength can be increased by at least several times, and the power of the physical body alone can fight against the early strong of the fairy.

At that time, it was enough to cope with the many challenges after the fifth city, but also gave him confidence to face the old opponent Zhang Fan, even the Emperor even the Heavenly Spirit Xuannv.

After another three days, he can already see the towering palace on the top of Xuan Ming God Mountain!

In the inner world, his body has been cultivated for three hundred days. He has exhausted the black dragon's ten thousand pounds of essential blood, but the star in his palm has only opened a little more than half.

Only then did he know how hard it was to open the third star, and he was fortunate in his heart. At that time, he also received 10,000 pounds of Kunming's blood, otherwise it would not be enough!

At this time, although you can already see the top of Xuan Ming Shen Mountain, it is still thousands of miles away.

Moreover, Zhao Yuande felt as if he was pressed against a mountain. Whether it was the soul, the flesh or the spiritual power, they were all suppressed by the mountain, making his footsteps more and more heavy.

However, this kind of pressure is not entirely harmful. It makes Zhao Yuande's potential of this avatar being exploited little by little.

The power of life in the body felt the hardship of Zhao Yuande at this time, and he continued to merge with the muscles and meridians of the internal organs, improving his physical strength and increasing his terror recovery.

Zhao Yuande was shocked to find that this physical undead body recovered faster than the body, but consumed less blood.

In other words, the physical stamina's staying power has greatly increased. If it encounters protracted warfare, the physical body's performance should be more suitable than the body.

Feeling this situation, his eyes couldn't help but light up. If the body is crushed by this pressure, it may be helpful for the third star to open.

"The flesh is transformed!" Zhao Yuande instantly converted the two flesh, leaving the body outside.

"Sure enough, it has some effect!" Soon there was a trace of joy on his face.

When Zhao Yuande's flesh changed, a tall black middle-aged man slowly opened his eyes at the top of Xuanming Mountain, a huge palace covering almost the entire mountain.

"This is...Zhou's breath!" The middle-aged man in black frowned at once.

"How could his breath appear?" The middle-aged man in black radiated his soul and suddenly felt Zhao Yuande's body.

"Huh? This is the reincarnation of Zhou! This person was just clear..." The middle-aged man in black twisted his jaw with a long beard.

"Is he still a disciple of Bajing Palace?" The middle-aged man in black showed a curious look on his face. "These two identities... are really exciting! But why are these people still sending me? Do you think Is Xuanming so bully? Yes! Maybe its because I am too lonely! I want to have some fun!"

"Xuan Ming! Perhaps this is an opportunity for you!" Just when the face of the middle-aged man in black was cloudy, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

"Black Dragon! You don't preside over your yin and yang trial channel, Shenyou Road, do I plan to eat and drink here?" The middle-aged man in black heard this voice, first frowning slightly, but then there was a trace on his face Smile.

"Hey! Xuan Ming, don't laugh at me anymore, do I need to preside over that broken place? It's all a bunch of useless children and grandchildren, which is like your errand, you watched the mighty team of teachers, really let me and Several brothers envy!" A black mini dragon didn't know when it had fallen in front of the middle-aged man in black. It was the black dragon who traded with Zhao Yuande.

"Black Dragon! What opportunity did you just say? Is this kid... Hey, he has the breath of you and that dead fish on him!" Xuan Ming looked at Zhao Yuande, his face showing shock again.

"Good! The dead fish and I each gave him 10,000 catties of essential blood. At this time he is probably using these essential blood to refine the flesh!" Heilong laughed.

"Is he really worth your investment?" Xuan Ming puzzled.

"How do you feel about Zhou's vision? Although he is trapped in the deepest part of the Chaos Sea, but an avatar can compete with the strongest man in the Pantheon, his first reincarnation can directly kill the first strong man in the demon world. If it wasnt for the last few guys who were the strongest in Chaos Sea, Im afraid its really gone now..." Heilong said here, closing his mouth suddenly, as if afraid of being heard by a mysterious existence.

"You're right, but this teenager in front of you..." Xuan Ming stopped talking.

"Come on the chance! I made a big taboo to inform you, if it wasn't for that time...not good! I was spotted by the inspector, and left!" The black dragon flew into the void all at once, the next moment It disappeared into the hall.

"Black Dragon! I hope your choice is right! For so many years, I have been betting too many geniuses and evil spirits, and even a fairy emperor now is a character I valued, but unfortunately they can't break through the last step, they can't... Forget it, believe him! But before trading with him, he must first pass me!" Xuan Ming gritted his teeth and showed a determined color on his face.