Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084: Surrender To Me

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Zhao Yuande naturally did not know what happened in the hall, he just cultivated all the way!

But after all, on the ninth day, Kun and Black Dragon's 20,000 pounds of essential blood was used up, and he was almost able to turn on the third star!

This really regretted him.

There are fewer and fewer cultivators walking on the road, but what surprises Zhao Yuande is that when he reached the top of the mountain, he met twenty testers who had already reached here.

Among these testers, he only met the beautiful woman named Madam Ru.

Although this lady is not as strong as her flesh, she is extremely powerful, although she is not as good as Zhao Yuande, but she is also equivalent to the late Emperor of God.

Therefore, this lady, under the triple suppression, although the body is relatively weak, but still able to come up.

In addition to these testers, there are seventy or eighty practitioners of the Xuanming Continent. These practitioners are very powerful in flesh.

Through the memory I got at the beginning, the natural gravity on the Xuanming Mountain is much greater than other places. As long as the practitioners on the Xuanming Continent pay a certain amount of Xuanming Sound Mine, they can go to Xuanming Mountain to refine their flesh.

And most of the cultivators here are practicing body exercises, attaching the most importance to the physical body's tempering, and it is also said that the apprentices of Xuan Ming God Mountain focus on physical strength!

Soon after Zhao Yuande reached the top of the mountain, a dozen more people came up, and only 120 people gathered together.

"Xuan Ming Shen Shan Receipt is over!"

When this sound echoed from Xuanming Shenshan, countless practitioners of Xuanming Continent who were still climbing the mountain looked dark.

"Come in!" Just as Zhao Yuande observed these Xuanming mainland practitioners, a voice came from the mountaintop hall.

The door of the main hall was pushed open from inside, and a team of powerful warriors with distinctive armor came out from the inside and were divided into two columns, standing on the left and right sides of the door.

A terrible breath was released from these warriors, leaving a dignified color on the faces of 120 people.

"This year's situation seems to be different from usual!" The two people standing next to Zhao Yuande whispered. "Next, it seems that the master and brother should come out to say a few words of encouragement, and then the ancestor's parent-child test, and then distinguish three Sixty-nine qualifications! This year..."

"Ancestor is you and I can speculate, honestly do what the ancestor meant, we don't need to control the rest!"


The cultivation of these two rows of warriors is in the late Emperor Shenhuang, or even the peak of the God Emperor!

Everyone was struggling under the pressure of the two rows of soldiers, and some people even shivered directly from their legs, and could not drag their feet for a long time!

However, this seemed like a spring breeze to Zhao Yuande, and coercion had no effect on him at all.

Is it like the SWAT will be scared by the bastard?

The crowd entered the hall, and suddenly saw the darkness in the hall. A middle-aged man in black on the high seat was looking down on them.

Everyone suddenly felt an irresistible powerful spirit sweeping over them, and everyone suddenly felt like a small boat in the vast ocean, and the violent winds and waves will soon overturn them.

Even if Zhao Yuande was under this sweep, his body shivered for a while, and his heart was terrified. This person's cultivation may be still above the Black Dragon! In particular, he is more adept at the art of Divine Soul. Although this person is an immortal king, the power of Divine Soul may be comparable to the early strong of Immortal Emperor!

"See the ancestor!" The practitioners of Xuan Ming Continent knelt down to the ground, kowtowing towards the middle-aged man in black.

On the contrary, Zhao Yuande seemed to stand like a group of chickens. Two lucky first city cultivators came here, and they fell to their knees with a rush, and then knocked their heads together, calling their ancestors.

The arrogance and firm conviction of the practitioners of the heavens and the world appeared at this time. Although some of them showed fear on their faces, they did not bow to the wind and salute.

They all have a heart that has become immortal, how can they be easily enslaved to the soul.

"Very good! These kneeling people became my ordinary disciples of Xuan Ming God Mountain, and they took me away!" The middle-aged man in black waved his hand, and suddenly a large group of tigers and wolves rushed up to kneel and kneel People dragged away.

"Thank you ancestors! Thank you ancestors!" While these people were being dragged, they kept thanking them in the mouth!

"You guys, that's good! But if you can stand a knee-long time without kneeling, even if you pass my test!" The middle-aged man in black glanced at everyone and finally fell on Zhao Yuande. There was an unpredictable smile in the corner of the mouth.

Everyone was swept by this gaze, as if the clothes on his body were instantly stripped away, and everything about him was exposed to the middle-aged man in black.

Even Zhao Yuande had a secret feeling of being seen by the people at this time.

However, he is not nervous. Since the other party can see the secret in his body, he will naturally see that he is the identity of the reincarnation of the universe.

He believes that the other party must not dare to do it to himself!

And he has a speculation that the other party obviously knew his identity long ago, because the other party did not show surprise or shock when he swept towards him.

According to his knowledge, the stronger the identity, the more afraid of Zhao Yuande's identity, and the calmer the middle-aged man in black, the more illustrative the problem.

Especially the smile on the corner of his mouth, he might have heard others talk about himself!

"I know all your identities! Your future is entirely in my hands. Now as long as you surrender to me, I may be able to open the net to let you enter the third city, and if you want to resist the corner, then I can only tell you..." The middle-aged man's mouth showed an unpredictable smile.

"Okay! Don't say more, Senior Xuanming! Let's get started!" In addition to Zhao Yuande, the most calming thing is Mrs. Ru, she is a strong man specializing in the soul of the soul, and she is especially confident on the one hand.

Especially in the various illusions of the third city, she is like a fish.

"Okay! Okay! I was going to give you a chance, and now you all give me obedience!" The middle-aged man in black suddenly looked cold, and his body suddenly burst out of a dark cloud and instantly turned his body Shaped shade!

"this is"

At the moment when the middle-aged man in black disappeared, everyone only felt a space change, and the next moment appeared in a fiery world.

This is a huge volcano. The hot magma pool is guzzling with black bubbles, and a fiery red giant is lying in the magma pool.

They were like mortals at this time, with no trace of power at all. They were caught by a group of blue monsters dressed in animal skins, holding steel forks, with wings on their backs.