Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085: Trample

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The middle-aged man in black is standing in the void at this time, looking down at them with a sneer.

"As long as you surrender to me, I will let you go, and I will also accept you as my disciples! And if you are obsessed, I will throw you into the magma pool below, and let my little obedient people eat a meal!"

Everyone's face changed suddenly. They looked at the scorching magma pool underneath, and those terrifying and terrifying beasts. If they were still doing things, they would not mind a battle with these fierce beasts, and they were not afraid to enter the magma. Take a dip!

But now they are completely ordinary people and have no power at all. If they fall, they will definitely die.

Some people showed hesitation on their faces, and some even grabbed those blue weird people, fearing that they might accidentally drop themselves.

If the lady looked at the movements and expressions of the people around her, and immediately shook her head with a sigh, these people's will was too weak.

As she turned to look at the man who had made her desperate, the man's behavior made her stunned.

There was a faint smile on Zhao Yuande's face, and he slammed his hand on the shoulder of the cyan weirdo who grabbed him by the shoulder.

The cyan weird man's fingers suddenly released his palms, and Zhao Yuande's body fell like a shooting star into the lava lake.

"Senior! Let's see you next time!" Zhao Yuande's voice echoed continuously in the volcano, making Mrs. Ru's face all white.

Although she knew that all of this was illusory, but she let her jump into the volcano and was torn by the fierce beast, she really had to think about it.

"Good boy! Sure enough, it is the one who is valued!" The middle-aged man in black watched Zhao Yuande's figure fall into the magma lake and nodded gently.

"Roar! Roar!"

"Click! Click!"

The roar of fierce beasts came from below, and there was a sound of bone crushing, making everyone's heart twitch!

"I...I..." A handsome white cultivator is about to succumb.

"Everything is fake, all illusions! Brother! If you succumb, you will be permanently left in the third city! Your dreams, everything about you will be turned into a bubble!" A girl beside him scolded him, He turned suddenly and kicked between the legs that grabbed his cyan weirdo.


The cyan weird man screamed and immediately released the arm of the white cultivator.

"No!" Although this white man was bowed in shame by the girl's shame, his strong fear made him yell in horror.

"Let me go!" The girl struggled violently under the cyan weirdo, and the girl fell to the Magma Lake when she let go, and the girl shouted as she went down, "Brother, I will accompany you!"

"Good! Good! Ning'er, I'm not afraid! Let's die together!" The white cultivator's eyes were clearly moved. His body chasing the Magma Lake flipped over in the air, spreading his arms to the girl who fell down with an empty hug .

"I'm so touched! So touched! Really a pair of mandarin ducks. Do you think they are great and brave! But then you look down and see how miserable they end up and how they are eaten alive, Do you still feel great and brave?" The middle-aged man in black lightly pressed his hand, and everyone's head was pressed down.

At this moment, they clearly saw that when the two fell into the Magma Lake, dozens of fierce beasts rushed up to tear the body of the two men instantly, blood splashed, and the residual limb chewed in the mouth of the fierce beast. ring!

The rest of the people couldn't help but tremble. The heart that was moved by the two just now sank again.

"Humph! It's just an illusion, these are not true!" If Mrs. opened the blue weird person who calmly broke her at this time, her body fell down, her voice fluttered in the crater, "Jump down , There is hope together! If you give in, there is no hope at all!"

She didnt know what kind of psychology she held. If she changed to the past, she would never say a word, but seeing that the two lives were interdependent, especially the girls brave practice, let her The cold heart that had already died had a trace of warmth.

"Fight! I will not give in!"

"I don't give in either!"

"let me go!"


Everyone's emotions were ignited again, and they all got rid of the palm of the cyan weirdo and jumped towards the magma lake below.

"Good! The seedlings are really good this time! It's much better than the previous one!" The middle-aged man in black looked at the crowd falling into the lava lake one by one and couldn't help but nodded slightly.


He snapped his fingers gently, and the surrounding scenes changed again!

Just now, everyone who had been engulfed in lava and eaten by fierce beasts appeared at this time in a dark red valley. The rich **** gas in the valley was pungent, and it made people sick.

At this time, everyone was nailed to the stone wall on the side of the valley by long nails.

The spikes penetrated their bodies without restricting their movements, but as soon as they moved, they suddenly felt that an unspeakable pain came from their bodies.

The middle-aged man in black stood in the void and exposed Bai Sensen's teeth to them.

"Succumb to me and I will let you go! Otherwise, you will be very miserable next!"

"Humph! We will not succumb, you can use any means!"

"Isn't it just death? We are not afraid, if we have the ability to kill us again!"


All the people's faces were sneered. The experience just now gave them a certain degree of confidence!

"Good! Since you want to die like this, then I'll fulfill you! Come first!" A middle-aged man in black moved his hand, and a cultivator flew and fell into the valley. His body was still nailed to the ground.

The cultivator left on the ground, and suddenly felt a very viscous liquid rolling under him.

He inadvertently touched it with a hand, and suddenly felt a fine spike in this extremely viscous liquid.


A rumbling sound came from the end of the valley, but a moment later a monster resembling a cow ran out, stepping on the ground under its feet, dark red liquid splashing around.

You can even clearly see irregular white objects in the dark red liquid.

"That's blood and meat mixed with bones and stubble!" At this time everyone thought of such an answer.


The cow hoof stepped all the way, stepped on the man without hesitation, and suddenly heard only a few clicks of cracking bones.

Everyone immediately understood that the result of this unyielding was trampled by the beast!