Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088: Third City

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Of course, Zhao Yuande's body is definitely a bottomless hole, not to mention a vast sea, even a galaxy.

His third star was originally able to be opened with just a touch of a trace, and with this tens of thousands of pounds of essential blood, it was almost natural.

A bright star shone in Zhao Yuande's palm, and his body seemed to open a passage to an unknown space, and endless power rushed out of this unknown space...

In just an instant, his physical power has increased tenfold, and all the attributes of his physical body have been greatly improved. He feels that if he punches out now, even a star will break directly, even if it is a The big world will also be cracked with a punch!

Of course, this promotion is limited to his body, and has no effect on his avatar!

It was also at this time that he suddenly felt a thunder flashing on the top of his head, seemingly sensing the change of Zhao Yuande's body, a breath that made people feel extremely suppressed was passed down from the void, so that everyone present could not help but reveal Frightened.

They all looked up into the void, only to see a thick thunder dragon roaring in the void, a magnificent magnificent heavenly palace carrying a heavy float above the thunder dragon, and a terrifying figure standing in the heavenly palace, The pressure exuded so that the entire void began to tremble.

No way! You must not take it here, otherwise the whole third city will be destroyed!

Zhao Yuande felt the terrible breath in the sky, and there was a feeling of horror. He felt that the power of this catastrophe was unprecedented, and it was even more powerful than the previous catastrophes superimposed several times. When the Heavenly Tribulation falls, the avatar will definitely be destroyed by the terrifying power of Thunder. The entire third city, and even everyone present will definitely be directly killed by the Thunder.

"What's the matter! What the **** is the matter?" Suddenly a loud cry came from the third city, and several powerful figures appeared above the Xianyubang.

Although these people are very powerful, although they have surpassed the **** emperor to achieve fairyland, but after feeling this terrible heavenly prestige, seeing the horrible fairy palace, they all began to tremble.

"This... what kind of thunderbolt is this! Who is this?" One of the old Taoists with dark hair and wrinkles on his face clearly had a trembling sound in his voice, and he felt a strong smell of death!

Zhao Yuande was helpless, his spectacle mirror was no longer around him, and his breath could not be hidden at all. With his current means of covering the breath, he could not hide such a strong breath!

Just as Zhao Yuande was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, there was a slight squeak in his arms.

Then a voice sounded in Zhao Yuande's heart: "Master, hide it in my mouth, I can help you cover the heavens!"

Zhao Yuande was taken aback for a moment, but he immediately came over, and the little guy could communicate with his soul in a short time.

He was too late to be happy for this, his body shrunk into a dust and flew directly into the little guy's mouth.

As soon as the little boy shut up, the horror disaster in the void suddenly could not find the target. The figure of the thunder and lightning dragon slowly disappeared, and the huge heavenly palace also seemed to dissipate in the void like smoke.

The threat dissipated, and everyone felt that the crisis above him slowly disappeared. Those powerful beings beyond the realm of God Emperor Realm looked deeply into Zhao Yuande's direction, but said nothing.

"Hey! What's going on here is so lively!" Just at this moment, a somewhat dissonant voice came.

Zhao Yuande heard this voice, his face suddenly showed a happy look, this is Dong Guofu's voice.

Dong Guofu's figure appeared not far away from Zhao Yuande, and with him there were nearly a hundred cultivators, Feng Wujiang, Sword Drift, Gu Jianyu and three others were among the list!

Xiao Kang, killing stars and other powerful people are also seen one by one in Zhao Yuande's glance.

Dong Guofu obviously felt that the cultivators in the third city were full of maliciousness, and they suddenly gathered together with Zhao Yuande.

Although there is competition and hatred among them, when facing many practitioners in the third city, they consciously chose to unite together.

"Welcome everyone to our third city!" At this time, a voice sounded in the sky. Although it was said to be welcoming, the voice was full of cold and biting, "Next, everyone will enter The last test before the fourth city! The time of this test is Yixiang, and everyone who survives will step into the fourth city!"

"This test is actually very simple, it is the most direct and cruelest knockout! You 120 people will be sent into the same space with many geniuses from my third city until this space after Yixiang Will reopen!"

"I rely on! These people's eyes are red! Looking at this state, they are going to unite to destroy our exclusive fourth city quota first!" Even Dong Guofu's face could not help revealing a dignified color at this time.

The geniuses of the third city in front of them, one by one, do not know how many times stronger than the first city!

These people seem to have been brainwashed, and there is a fanatical faith that supports their actions!

He once saw this kind of figure on Xuanming Shenshan. They are absolutely admired to Xuanming ancestors, willing to dedicate everything to it!

"This group of people is infused with a thought at this time, that is to destroy us!" Zhao Yuande felt a mysterious force sway in this group of people's sea of knowledge, constantly stimulating these people's nerves, Even stimulate their potential.

"This is definitely not normal! No wonder the old voice reminded me like that when we left the second city! We must join together!" Xiao Kang also came to Zhao Yuande's side.

Like Madam, killing the stars... All of them gathered behind Zhao Yuande and several of them, and agreed to the joint request.

Deep in the third city, several people in black and black robes gathered in a large hall.

"Hum! Ten to one. Our third city won't win anymore. Even our old guys are in vain!"

"As long as our 1,000 people can successfully set foot in the Fifth City, everything is easy to say! Thousand of the strongest geniuses unite together, the gods kill the gods and the Buddhas, and the last twelve cities are our third. City!"

"Don't care! Several of these little guys are particularly powerful, like that one is the prison body, and his outbreak in the second city was heard by spies. I am afraid that no one hundred people can't take him! People are geniuses in Bajing Palace and they are very powerful..."

"Relax! It's all my expectation. I have arrangements for them... It's just that the kid with the roar of Heavenly Devil is a trouble. His **** tree... I'm worried that No. 1 can't take him!"

"It shouldn't be a problem. The least fearful of No. 1's physique is the sonic attack and the control of a kind of **** fire. Without the threat of the sky **** roar and the **** tree, the boy's combat power is better than that of Bajing Palace Xiao Kang is a little stronger, and No. 1 can easily block him!"