Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089: Real Power

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"Void shift begins!" The voice rang again, and all the people around Xianyubang were swept by a white light at this moment, and had disappeared in place the next moment.

At the next moment, they appeared on a vast desert.


Just when the practitioners behind Zhao Yuande were still at a loss, a voice filled with endless violent gas rang in their ears.

The practitioners in the third city rushed towards them with blood red eyes.


A scream came, and someone was killed by the other party as soon as possible!

"Everyone greets the enemy!" Zhao Yuande shouted loudly and shook the field. ,

This loud drink contained the terrible power of the six-character mantra of Buddhism, which suddenly made everyone behind him wake up instantly, and the other group of cultivators in the third city were shocked and their faces were stagnant. A daze appeared for a moment.

"Your opponent is me!" Just then a shadow rushed out of the practitioners in the third city, and punched Zhao Yuande with a punch.

"Huh? It's so powerful!" Zhao Yuande felt that this person's punch seemed to be a huge extraterrestrial meteorite falling down, which was more powerful than Xiao Kang and the star player he played when he played against him. At times, he has no doubt that if Xiao Kang confronts him, he will definitely be beaten to death!

Why is there such a genius in the third city, this is already a strong presence that does not lose to Dong Guofu!

wrong! His potential in the body has been fully stimulated. Although it is now extremely powerful, Shouyuan has only ten years left! What exactly does Third City want to do?

Zhao Yuande's heart was teleporting, but he didn't stay in his hand. It was directly the phantom of the ancient world.


The two's attacks hit each other in an instant, and the ghost image of the Abandoned World shattered instantly, and the black shadow was also lifted high by the power of terror, and several consecutive rolls were considered to stabilize the body.


Hei Ying is a young man with a burly body. He looks cold and fierce, and rushes to Zhao Yuande again without stopping.

Zhao Yuande's soul at this time glanced around and suddenly found that everyone was targeted!

Dong Guofu was besieged by hundreds of strong men, and the power of hundreds of people suppressed him, making him unable to be killed from this group of people for a while.

Xiao Kang was also besieged by hundreds of people. His one-gasification and three-clearance were completely separated and could not echo each other at all. The battle was already in trouble.

Star killing, wind without borders, like a lady, a sword drifting... All the weaknesses of everyone seem to be mastered by the other party, all of them are targeted, leaving them in danger and repeatedly in distress.

Of course, there are some weaker practitioners. They are not completely understood, and the people who deal with them are not so sufficient. Seeing that there are limits to the number of people playing in the third city, but this is only a very individual battlefield, and the situation cannot be changed at all!

Zhao Yuande frowned, and he felt that the other party wanted to hold himself back! As long as you hold yourself back, there will be a group of people who can end the battle, and the form will turn sharply down. Eventually, they will be killed here, one hundred and twenty people, and no one can escape!

But they counted very well, but they did not expect that Zhao Yuande had not used his full strength from the beginning, and this was only one of his avatars!

"You are strong! But everything is restrained by me, you can only fight with me physically, and when your companions are all killed, your death will come!" The voice of the burly young man was cold, as if There is no trace of emotion.

"Is it?" Zhao Yuande touched it lightly and slammed into the opponent again.


Although the burly young man's body is strong, it is still not as good as Zhao Yuande's avatar, but he does not care about his injury at all, and rushes to Zhao Yuande once again.

"Although you have all the information of my companions in your hands, it is a pity that you did not have my information!" Zhao Yuande's green air spewed from his head, turning into three figures, and rushed in three directions!

"You... you turned out to be a disciple of Bajing Palace! You hid so deeply... No wonder you will show sympathy to Xiao Kang's men!" The eyes of the burly young man showed a shocking color rarely, but this shocking color flashed in a flash Passing away, his voice suddenly thundered, and everyone in the whole desert heard his voice, "The second plan is implemented!"

Suddenly besieged Dong Guofu, Xiao Kang and other third-city cultivators, each divided ten people and chased toward Zhao Yuande's three avatars!

This is the avatar of Zhao Yuande's avatar. The fighting power is naturally not comparable to that of the avatar, but there is no problem to hold down ten people!

Thirty people were shunted, and the fight between Dong Guofu and Xiao Kang was immediately light. Although they were unable to kill their opponents for a while, they slowly gained the upper hand.

"Fight the important target with all your strength!" The eyes of the burly young man flashed again and issued a command loudly.

Zhao Yuande clearly felt the conspiracy in his eyes.


A cry came from the crowd, Gu Jianyu was pierced into the chest by the opponent's sword, and her chest was **** like a pillar!

"No!" Feng Wujiang wanted to go to the rescue. As a result, in anxiety, a leg was cut off directly, and he stumbled and nearly fell to the ground.

"You are looking for death!" Zhao Yuande was finally unable to calm down!

A white dragon roar suddenly appeared in his hand.

"You are in vain!" A sardonic smile appeared on the face of the burly young man. "I forgot to tell you that my physique is nothingness, and your sound wave will not cause any harm to me!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuande grinned, "You are dead!"

Shilong roared and opened his mouth, but no terrible sound waves broke out!

A figure rushed out of the mouth of the dragon dragon roar, and began to be tiny as dust, and turned into a terrifying giant on the ground.

This is exactly the body of Zhao Yuande. He now has blood and blood rolling in his body, just like the rivers and rivers, a blood and spirit surging into the sky, breaking through the sky, straight into the distant void.

"Haha!" Seeing this figure, Dong Guofu suddenly showed a thoughtful smile on his face. He knew that Zhao Yuande was already angry, and this battle really had no suspense.

" this his real power? I really..." Xiao Kang's mouth full of bitterness, he felt the power of Zhao Yuande, and felt the unmatchable terrorist power emanating from him. In the face of it, he couldn't even think of confrontation.

"Oh! Is this the real him?" If the wife's mouth twitched, the shock in her heart did not know how to describe it, which was more than she saw Zhao Yuande first rushed into the sea of magma, and the first asked to accept the tread The punishment of cattle is much more shocking!