Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090: Yield To Negotiation

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Seeing this scene, all the cultivators who walked up all of a sudden fell a heart that had long been suspended in their throats.

They remembered that when Zhao Yuande revealed the roar of the **** of heaven, they all wanted to kill people and treasure, and wanted to kill Zhao Yuande. It is really very lucky that they did not have time to implement it, otherwise today they will not be able to stand side by side. Fight.

At the next moment, everyone's heart ignited a raging fighting will, and they will undoubtedly win this battle!

"Kill the puppets in the third city! One will not stay!"

"Let the conspiracy of the Third City be made public!"

"Twelve Ascension City does not want the shady third city..."

In the main hall in the third city, several human figures are watching a water curtain image in the void, which is the battle picture of everyone.

"This is... what is this! How could such a powerful person appear in it, this person violated the rules seriously!" A voice roared angrily, pointing at the horrible figure in the water curtain image, even though You can feel a terrible pressure on the water screen image!

"The ancient consciousness of the Third City is not wrong, this person may just be an avatar..."

"No! You can't let things go like this, if you don't stop it now, I'm afraid our thousand years of hard work will completely disappear!"

"Stop? How to stop? Can you control the ancient consciousness of the Third City? It stands to reason that what we have done is beyond our authority. As long as the ancient consciousness is truly awake, it will wipe us out the first time..."

"What about then?"

"Go beg him... promise him! As long as he promises to cooperate with us, it's easy to say together! Even the treasure that suppresses the third city can be handed over to him!"

"Okay! I will communicate with him!"

In the short period of time discussed by the controllers of the third city, Zhao Yuande's body had already punched the third city cultivator called No. 1, and the power of the body was undoubtedly revealed at this moment!

A flash of avatar appeared directly at Xiao Kang's side, helping him to kill his opponent!

And Zhao Yuande's ontology took the first step.

Just one step directly came to the front of Dong Guofu's battle circle. The huge feet were overwhelming and they stepped directly on everyone without evasion. Even Dong Guofu was covered under it.

This big-footed girl is about tens of miles in size, and the whole void is frozen before it falls. The ninety powerful third city geniuses below instantly feel like they are small bugs that have fallen into the cobweb. To the fangs of the giant spider, it was simply immobile!

"Ah!" Everyone uttered a helpless sigh deep in their hearts at this time. They had no fear or fear in the face of death. Instead, they had a sigh that could not complete the task!


This foot fell fiercely, and ninety geniuses of the third city were instantly trampled into a pool of meat!

Ninety of the God Emperor's pinnacles are crushed to death on one foot. This foot has already made history and can be recorded in the history book!

Of course, Zhao Yuande's foot can't be stepped on casually. This foot contains the power of multiple avenues, time, emptiness, the earth and the powerful body that he can fight against the fairyland!

Although the Divine Emperor Peak Powerhouse is very powerful, but in front of the Powerhouse of Immortal Realm, even an ant is not as good as a foot can be trampled to death!

Of course, if you want to trample on these ants, you still need them not to move, you need to confine them in the void, and let their space time stop instantly!

"My God! Brother, can't you just say it in advance? Almost stomped me directly!" The big foot girl hasn't lifted up yet. In the direction of the heel, a figure emerged from the ground. Only the blue sky horns, looking at this big-footed girl with some fear.

"Hehe! Brother Dongguo, we have the same heart. If I stepped on you, I wouldn't be a brother!" Zhao Yuande's rumbling laughter shook the void, "Well, go help your sister-in-law, let me take the rest. !"

"Good to come!" Dong Guofu's body appeared at the side of Feng Wujiang and Gu Jianyu, helping them to block the attack. The backhand blasting hammer directly blasted a third city practitioner!

"Brother-in-law!" Gu Jianyu covered the wound on his chest, blood still gurgling out, "First save the borderless!"

"Hey! Saving people is not my strong point, I will only kill people!" Dong Guofu scratched his head, his terrible power broke out, and the third city cultivator who besieged the two was hammered to death, and his body jumped. To Zhao Yuande's avatar.

"Brother, you go to save people, I will help kill!" Dong Guofu looked distressed.

"It's easy to say!" Zhao Yuande's figure flashed like a flash of lightning on the battlefield. The next moment appeared next to Gu Jianyu and Feng Wujiang. He grabbed one person in one hand and rolled into the river. Among.

The two men's injuries were visible to the naked eye, and even one of the legs without wind had grown back a little bit.

In just one or two moments, the cultivators of the third city have lost nearly half, and they no longer have any advantages, and are suppressed in turn.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's body also felt the void above his head, and there was a burst of thunder roar. Obviously, his appearance once again caused the Heaven Tribulation to be sensed, and his time was running out.

Just when he wanted to continue to behead and kill other third city cultivators to help his side to reduce the pressure, a voice suddenly entered his ears.

"Stop it! Stop killing!"

Zhao Yuande's mouth was slightly warped. How could he care about this time? Obviously, the opponent must be unable to intervene in the fight because of certain rules at this time.

Just when he slapped towards it, and a dozen other Third City cultivators shot it, the voice cried out in exclaimation.

"As long as you promise not to shoot again, I can tell you a secret that the fourth city chooses treasures!"

The secret of choosing treasures? Zhao Yuande couldn't help but grin, if he might actually stop and listen to it before, but now he is not interested!

"Bang!" There are dozens of third city practitioners who have no resistance, and they are directly slapped to death!

This is no longer a trial, but a slaughter!

"As long as you no longer shoot, I can give you the treasure of the third town's bottom line!"

"Oh! What treasure?" Now that the big picture is settled, and the thunderstorm in the sky may take a few breathing time to fall, he asked involuntarily.

"Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing! The water is on the front and the fire is on the opposite. The water reflects the atmosphere of all things. The fire burns the sky and refines the treasure! It is a Qipin Xianbao!" The voice was very urgent. No one in the Third City can live to the end!