Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091: Yin Yang Mirror

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"Oh! How will you hand it to me?" Zhao Yuande heard the description of the treasure, and he felt a sudden move in his heart. He gave Tongyou Mirror to Dong Guofu and he was embarrassed to come back again. Just right!

"As long as you stop, I will hand it to you when you leave this space!" The voice was full of helplessness.

"Okay! You make a vow of heaven!" Zhao Yuande is not too long-winded, Thunder Tribulation is coming soon, no longer hide here, let alone the cultivators of the third city, everyone will die!

"You..." This voice is impossible, only to make a vow of heaven!

After listening, Zhao Yuande thought it was correct, his body shrunk into a fine dust again, and got into the mouth of Shilong Roar.

During this time, the Dragon Eater roared with great prestige, shattering the flesh of dozens of third-city strongmen in a row, and frightened many strongmen in the third city.

Without Zhao Yuande's shot, Shi Longhou returned to Zhao Yuande's arms.

At this time, less than 300 people have left the cultivators in the third city, and those cultivators who have been walking all the way have now lost only seven or eight people, and these people are now more and more fighting spirit, one by one. And, with the perfect coordination, it launched chasing and killing against the practitioners in the third city.

At this time, the cultivators in the third city had already received some order, and began to shrink their formation completely, and began to defend with all their strength, waiting for the passing of a incense stick!

Zhao Yuande stood quietly behind the crowd at this time, watching these people attack the Cultivators in the Third City, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth!

Today, he has shown great strength, so that these people have more or less gratefulness for themselves!

Although Zhao Yuande did not participate in the war, the outbreaks of Dong Guofu and Xiao Kang caused heavy casualties!

After Yi Hongxiang passed, there were 108 people left on Zhao Yuande's side, only 12 people lost!

The cultivators in the third city have less than one hundred people left. Many of these hundred people have been seriously injured and only one life is left. If you want to save them, it will be extremely expensive. Instead, let them die on their own. Now!

Everyone was swept away by a white light and left this desert battlefield. Everyone on Zhao Yuande's side was energetic, and even the injured was painful and happy!

They looked anxiously at their ranking on the Xianyu List, and now they have passed the last screening of the third city and have been qualified to enter the fourth city!

The fourth city will allow you to choose certain treasures, immortals, exercises based on your personal rank... Anyway, all the fourth city you want may have!

Of course, the more things you can choose from the top rankings.

For example, Zhao Yuande is now temporarily ranked first in everyone, he can choose anything in the fourth city, and all treasures are open to him!

"According to my promise, this is Yinyang Zhaotianjing!" Zhao Yuande's ear sounded, and then something quietly appeared in his hand.

Zhao Yuande felt the horror power contained in the treasure in his hand and couldn't help but feel happy, and sent it directly into the body world.

The body held this small, inconspicuous little mirror in his hands and turned it over and over to watch it. Although there was a vast and terrifying power of terror hidden on it, he could not release a little power no matter how it was urged.

The shape of this thing is very peculiar. It is divided into two sides, yin and yang. There seems to be waves on the yin surface. Even if it can shine on the object, it is very distorted. There is a flame burning on the sun surface, but there is no temperature at all. At the edge of the mirror, he wrote densely with a character he could not understand!

He swept the appraisal technique, and a series of question marks suddenly appeared in front of him.

"This thing is very strange. This text does not seem to belong to this world! It is also different from the text of our star sea, but it is like... like the legendary empty text!" The old man with white beard also surrounded Come over, looking at this quaint little mirror with some doubt.

"Void Void? Is this possible? We are separated from the Star Sea by a chaotic sea, and I don't know how far apart from Void Void, this small mirror will not be so big! "Zhao Yuande didn't believe it.

"Huh! Maybe! These guys must not have found the correct way to use this treasure, otherwise this treasure will not reach your hands! But they are a little right, this treasure does have such a role, that It was suppressing luck, and I felt a very mysterious breath on it, that is illusory luck!" The old man with a white beard took the small mirror in his hand and carefully observed it.

"So! Give it to me to study for a few days, maybe I can really let it exert its real power!" The smile on his face became stronger and stronger.

"Well! You take it!" Dao Zhao Yuande didn't worry about the old man with white beard swallowing, but here is the world he controls, he is the master of the world, let alone the old man with white beard was a residual soul, even if he is a real one He can easily suppress the fairy strong!

Of course, the most important thing for Zhao Yuande is to trust the old man with white beard. Although this guy started to be silent, he accompanied him all the way and did not trust who Zhao Yuande could trust.

At this time in the third city, or in that hall, several strong men looked gloomy.

"We planned for a thousand years, but we didn't expect it to be planted in the hands of a boy! Everyone in a hundred people couldn't afford any waves at all. At that time, we might as well give up directly. It doesn't matter if we wait another thousand years! Treasure to suppress luck!"

"Although there are a few hundred people, but if they are lucky, after all kinds of adventures, there may be some outstanding strongmen who will finally enter the twelve cities!"

"Good! As long as we can enter the Twelve Cities, we can earn! And who knows whether the so-called treasure that can suppress luck, is true, although it looks magical on the surface, but no matter what method is used, it can't be urged. , Aura, immortality, and even devil qi, Xuanqi will not work, maybe its just a mundane thing!

"Hey! It can only be so!"

At this time, the ranking on the Immortal Jade List was basically the same as that they entered the trial field, except that there were nearly a hundred more Third City cultivators.

The names of these cultivators are very easy to recognize and have characteristics. They all carry a set of numbers.

Like Zhou Twelve, Song Thirty-six, Zhu Ba...

"Now start the teleportation of the fourth city!" There was a long, ancient and strong voice from the third city, as if it was an ancient existence that had been sleeping for endless years!

Zhao Yuande only felt that a force of space came from the void, and the void opened a dark and dark hole. The immortal jade standing in the center of the crowd suddenly burst into a very bright white light, and suddenly enveloped Everyone!