Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092: Samsara

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The light disappeared, the dark hole was closed, and the silence for thousands of years was restored in the third city!

The fourth city, a splendid and magnificent city!

Zhao Yuande, more than 200 of them, came to this magnificent place with the light of Xianyubang.

This is not as lively as the other three cities. There is no one here, no sound, only three grand palaces stand in the city.

The whole city is also these three halls. They looked at the three halls under the fairy jade list, and their eyes were full of longing.


Zhao Yuande felt that he was supported by an irresistible soft force and flew towards a central hall.

As soon as he entered this hall, Zhao Yuande felt a jewel of dazzling eyes.

The hall does not know how big it is, and countless powerful treasures are flying on it, like the stars in the sky.

When Zhao Yuande was going to observe these treasures carefully, a wave of information poured into his sea of knowledge.

This information is the information of all the treasures in the hall.

There are a total of 108,000 treasures in the main hall. Each treasure has a vivid shape, name and some basic information for easy selection.

"Zhao XIV! You are the first to test in the first three cities. According to the rules of the fourth city, you can choose three treasures! Your selection time is one hour. If you exceed one hour, you will be automatically sent out of the treasure hall! "There was no emotion, some mechanical voice in the hall.

Only one hour!

There was a sense of urgency in Zhao Yuande's heart immediately, but this was 18,000 treasures, and it was more than one hour to browse one by one!

Let's find the hilt first!

He already had his first goal, that is the mysterious sword handle!

Although the treasures are like stars, but since he has a goal, it's easy to say, he suddenly found the sword hilt!

"I want the hilt!" Zhao Yuande said.

The hilt fell like a meteor from the sky and fell into his hands.

It seems to be carved from a black rock, simple and beautiful, with numerous ancient and mysterious characters engraved on it.

Just by gently holding it in his hand, he felt a very mysterious and strange power, which was countless times more pure than Aura and very sticky!

If the aura is water, the fairy energy is honey, and this strange power is like glue!

He explored all the way in the direction from which this power was transferred, and suddenly found a mysterious passage.

This passage seems to be a one-way door that can only be opened from the inside, and now the door is closed, he can't open it at all outside.

"Brother! Hurry up and give me my baby!" At this time, there was an anxious cry from the old man with a white beard, as if the long dry land longed for manna, and the hungry beggar saw his own food.

"Brother! Don't worry, this thing is yours sooner or later, let me choose the treasure first! I only have one hour!" Zhao Yuande did not give him the hilt directly, but passed all treasure information to him. he.

"You kid! Suspended my appetite! Wow... I'm so mad!" The old man with a white beard scratched his head and scratched his head, but he still yielded in desperation.

Zhao Yuande himself is also quickly browsing these treasures. He now has Jingzhongyue, Eternal Tower, Slaughtering God Stick, and Yinyang Zhaotianjing. He just got the sword handle again. For Xianbao, unless there are more than these ranks High, otherwise he has no need.

And he doesn't know how to refining ore, all kinds of rare ores, Xianzhen, and it is useless to him.

As for the exercises, he now has the Ziqi from the Eight Scenic Palaces and has a mysterious tradition of eating Taoism! The magical powers of magic include the fist of creation, the three qi of one gasification, the four spirit sticks, the eternal halberd method, the fingers of the sky, the tree of life, and many eight-view palace magic powers that have not been practiced!

What he needs to find now is the panacea, fairy grass, which can enhance the combat power, enhance the understanding of the road, and upgrade the realm!

In this way, 70% of the treasures are screened out at once, but there are still more than 30,000 pieces, even if it is so, it is not a good choice in just one hour.

In this case, then choose according to the breath of these immortals and fairy grass. The stronger the breath, the better!

Just as time rushed by, and there was only a joss stick time left, the old man with a white beard suddenly said: "That star louver! It should be Liupinxiancao, which will help you open the fourth star in your body!"

According to the description of the old man with white beard, Zhao Yuande instantly found the star louver.

This is a three-foot-high tree with a few leaves and no more than a hundred, and a slap-like blue flower blooms at the top of the small tree. The flower seems to contain a blue sea of stars. Bright stars flickered in it, and a majestic and terrifying star power was rippling in it!

He just roughly estimated that he felt the extraordinaryness of this flower. The horror energy contained in it was tens of thousands of times more than the black dragon, Kun and Xuanming's 30,000 pounds of blood combined!

Although the star louver is against the sky, he did not naively believe that as long as such a fairy grass can directly open the fourth star!

Judging from the information he got, every opening requires 10,000 times the energy of the last opening.

That is to say, the fourth star, if it is turned on, it needs black dragon, Kun, Xuanming three hundred million pounds of essential blood!

A hundred million pounds of essential blood will probably drain them. The energy contained in this can almost push an immortal king into the position of immortal emperor!

After Zhao Yuande opened the fourth star, at most it was equivalent to a strong man at the peak of the fairy, which is really not very cost-effective!

Although not very cost-effective, Zhao Yuande still directly included it in his own space.

So ten star louvers are enough for him to open the fourth star! This finally has a goal!

In this case, there is only one treasure left!

He continued to browse and suddenly saw a jade box with a palm of yellow rune paper sealed on it.

"Samsara Fruit of Reincarnation! One of the Eight Sacred Fruits of Immortal Realm! You can understand the changes of samsara by eating, transcending life and death...

" against the sky! This shouldn't be!" Zhao Yuande looked at the introduction and couldn't help but dumbfounded.

"There is still ten breaths, please choose the last treasure!" At this moment, the voice came from his ear.

"I choose the saint fruit of reincarnation!" He chose this saint fruit sealed in the jade box without hesitation.

"Treasure selection ends, you will get a cultivation cave house in the fourth city, with one year of cultivation time!" Zhao Yuande was taken away by a white light just after selection, and appeared in a cave house the next moment.