Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094: Nayuki

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"Huh!" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and exhaled slowly.

At this moment, his heart was filled with joy. Although the epiphany just didn't help him in battle, it had great significance, and it had absolutely incalculable benefits for the cultivation of Time Avenue in the future!

Just like the legend, Zhou can walk in the long river of time, can change the past and the future, and can even pull himself out of the long river of time and let himself live again!

He felt that if he went in this direction, he would reach this state sooner or later!

At that time, the heavens and the heavens will let him go, and many powerful people will be discouraged!

"Brother, this is your saint fruit of reincarnation, hurry up and refine it! If there is no accident, you should be able to comprehend your tenth avenue, samsara!" The old man with a white beard handed the jade box of the saint fruit of reincarnation to Zhao Yuande , Smiled slightly at him.

"Well!" Zhao Yuande took over the reincarnation of Shengguo, and nodded gently at the old man with white beard. "Thank you, Brother!"

"Okay! Now that the outside world has passed for 18 days! Hurry to enter the trial space to refine it! This samsara is very mysterious, and the power of samsara is a mysterious power that cannot be speculated and described. Understanding should be very necessary. Long time!" The old man with a white beard waved his hand. Although he didn't show anything on the face, he nodded constantly in his heart. There was nothing wrong with his choice. This teacher will never let himself down!

Three hundred and sixty-five days passed quickly.

On this day, the gate of Dongfu opened, and a voice came into it.

"It's time to start the Fifth City teleport after ten breaths!"

Zhao Yuande's avatar was still practicing the magical power of the Eight View Palace in the trial space at this time. After hearing this voice, he instantly transformed with the avatar and became an entity.

"Time has passed quickly! Fifty years have passed by hurriedly, and the way of reincarnation has not yet been realized, but I have practiced two kinds of supernatural powers in Bajing Palace, taking pictures of the sun and taking the moon. One level, but I don't know what kind of state it was in the show?" Zhao Yuande whispered gently, his face showing the yearning color.

His voice had just fallen, and a white light swept through him at the next moment, his figure disappeared in the cave house.

"Is this the fifth city?" Zhao Yuande looked at the barren giant city in front of him with some puzzlement.

At this time, the others in the fourth city disappeared, but he was standing alone in a square.

The Xianyubang stands on the square as usual, and the ranking above is still unchanged.

At this time, Xianyubang radiated a hazy white light, enclosing a radius of tens of feet.

Zhao Yuande looked around at the surrounding scenes and found that in many dark corners, he had a pair of blood-red eyes staring at himself.

A whiff of mosquitoes reached his ears.

"This kid's cultivation is nothing but the peak of the emperor. How did he pass the test of the first three cities? Is it true that this group of testers are all so bad?"

"This kid is so cultivated to be able to pass through the fourth city, there must be great treasures on his body, don't you rob me!"

"Why! Do you want to fight?"

"The two of you shut up for me. I don't know how many people stared at this kid. The three of us joined together to have a chance. The two of you are unreasonable. After a while, we don't know how to die. !"

"Yes! Big Brother is right, we'll split up with the kid again!"



Zhao Yuande looked in the direction of the voice and found that the three dressed in black clothes described some embarrassed strong men who were looking at themselves. Their cultivation practices were all the peaks of the Divine Emperor, and their breath was very powerful, far exceeding that of ordinary gods. Emperor Peak Powerhouse.

They did not shy away from speaking at all, as if they were not afraid of hearing what they were talking about.

In several other places, there are similar voices.

Zhao Yuande is strange. Where did these people come from? Is this really the fifth city?

It seems to be a little different from the imagination!

Just as Zhao Yuande thought about it, the fairy jade standing beside him shattered like a bubble, and the kind of brilliance that covered him disappeared instantly.

He suddenly felt a barren, ancient breath rushed across the face.

"Haha! The protection time has passed, go up and kill him!"

The three strong men dressed in black seemed to shoot three Yuan Xian arrows towards Zhao Yuande.

"Kill! Kill this kid!"

One of them radiated a bright electro-optical light, turned into a hundred-foot electric dragon, and shook his head towards Zhao Yuande!

At the same time, a huge black giant roared, and the big paws took a polite shot at Zhao Yuande.

"Lock the soul!"

The last person had a cold voice, and a demon **** of height was flying over his head. The demon **** has three heads and six arms, and he looks extremely unpretentious!

This Demon God stood still in the void, just opened one of his big mouths and took a deep breath towards Zhao Yuande!

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his head seemed to be alive, and the sea of knowledge was exposed. The spirit of the soul seemed to be hooked with a hook and pulled outward.

"What a weird attack!" Zhao Yuande frowned, and could no longer treat it calmly!

These three are very powerful, and I am afraid that they will not be able to fight against Dong Guofu and Xiao Kang just before entering the fourth city!

However, in the fourth city, they chose their own treasures, and they spent a year in retreat. They must have undergone earth-shaking changes. That's for sure.

These three attack can defeat Dong Guofu before entering the fourth city, but it is still not enough to face Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande originally wanted to rush directly to abuse them with a powerful body, but suddenly thought of something, a light smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Now it's time to test the achievements of this year's cultivation, then it is better to show off the magical power of Bajing Palace!

There are thousands of magical powers in Bajing Palace, among which there are only three kinds of powerful stars, such as Shelina and Yuexing.

Among them, the restraint of the star is the least powerful, and it is best to practice. Because Zhao Yuande saw Xiao Kang used it, he did not go to practice. Instead, he practiced two kinds of taking the sun and the moon.

And now the starry sky is full of stars, and a bright moon hangs in the sky, so it is most suitable to use the moon!

"Take the moon!"

He spit out two words with his mouth open, his palm lightly fishing against the bright moon in the void.


The void trembles violently, and at this time everyone in this space sees a scene that makes them incredible.

A large hand covered the sky and the sun, and grabbed directly towards the bright moon in the sky.

The big hand opened, and the whole sky seemed to be wrapped in it. Mingyue was enveloped by this big hand, as if it had become a little firefly, and was easily pinched.