Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095: Take The Power Of The Moon

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Zhao Yuande opened his mouth again, and a word ended. The pinched round of the moon seemed to turn into a flying scimitar, whistling down from above nine days!

The bright moon disappeared, and the side that suddenly changed in the void was dark, only a little star flickered in the distance.

It was only at this moment that the three strong men felt a crisis of death fall from the void.

They raised their heads together and looked at the void.

How fast is that round of the bright moon, but it's just near the earth.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The terror force driven by the falling of the moon alone made the electric dragons, black tigers, three-headed six-armed demon gods explode at the same time.


At the same time, the three felt a terrifying anti-shock force, and a mouthful of blood spewed out.

But at this time, they had no reason to vomit or vomit blood, because that round of the moon has been suppressed!

"Ah, no"



The three men made their final voices, but at this time Zhao Yuande ignored them.


When the moon fell to the ground, the three people instantly turned into powder!

On the ground where the moon is falling, there is a deep, dark bottom pit, and a cold breath comes out of the pit. All the surroundings are instantly swept by this cold breath, whether it is a damaged building The thing is still a strong man hidden in a dark place, and all of them are frozen into Bing Tuo.

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande breathed out a long breath, and even now he was shocked by his blow!

It was at this time that the bright moon in the sky suddenly radiated a silvery white light again, but this time the light seemed to be slightly weaker than before!

Take the moon! It's not really pulling the moon down to attack the enemy!

How big is the moon! If you pull it down, let alone the enemy, even if you are going to be directly killed!

The so-called Nayue is the soul of the Moon, which is the power of the Moon's original source. Use this original source to attack the enemy!

The moment the soul of the moon was taken away, the moon lost its brilliance, but the moon was ultimately the moon. The power of the source contained in it was endless, and only a trace of it had no effect on it.

"This is the real magical power!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in his heart. He felt that the power of this kind of magical power could already shake the early power of the fairyland.

"Although this kid's level is very low, but the use of this magical power has reached a point of perfection. It is impossible for this person to use moon magical power without hundreds of years of polishing, so this person should be ranked on the fairy jade list. In the first fifty, is he the Xiao Kang of the Eight View Palace?"

At this time, hundreds of miles away from here, several people closely watched what happened here.

Seeing Zhao Yuande's move just a month ago, he directly bombarded the three divine emperor peak powerhouses. These people's eyes showed a very dignified color.

"Bajing Palace also has a very powerful force in the Fifth City, we still don't want to provoke him as well!"

"Good! Give up hunting, let's go somewhere else!"


At this time, within thousands of miles, countless people were paying attention to Zhao Yuande, seeing him showing great power, and immediately dispelled his thoughts on him, and turned to other places.

Feeling that countless powerful breath gradually disappeared in his perception, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nodded gently.

"Is this the Fifth City? There are so many strong people. Are these people the strong people who took part in the trial before, and the descendants left?" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly.

Among these people, he felt many **** emperors, and even powerful men in the late emperor.

"It seems that Xiao Kang is right. In the fifth city, it is the city of freedom. There are no rules here, but there are many forces, large and small. Here, we spend all day in the killing and being killed, which is basically the same as the outside world." Zhao Yuande sighed softly.

Suddenly he remembered something, and with a stroke, a pretty figure appeared in front of him.

"Bi Chen'er, the Fifth City has arrived!" Zhao Yuande looked at the girl in front of her and nodded her gently.

"Oh! Has it arrived in the Fifth City?" Bi Chen'er took a long time to wake up from the trance.

The moment when Zhao Yuande summoned her out, she has erased a part of her memory of the cultivation in her own inner world. This part is some secrets in Zhao Yuande's inner world.

As for the fact that he practiced in Zhao Yuande's inner world, he did not deliberately erase it. He felt that this was not a secret.

Just now she was practicing in the trial space in Zhao Yuande's body. Suddenly she felt that the space change appeared in this strange place, and there were many things that she felt ambiguous and could not remember.

"Yes! It's already here, you can move freely!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "However, you have to be careful. There are many strong here, and many Fifth City cultivators aim to hunt us as trialers. "

"Oh!" Bi Chen'er nodded, but her face soon showed a confident smile.

She spent more than fifty years in Zhao Yuande's trial space. At this time, Xiu Wei had broken through the calm and entered the realm of the Divine Emperor, and many of the powerful exercises and magical powers of the Eight Scenic Palaces had been cultivated to a satisfactory level. To the point.

Although there are many details in it that she can't remember, she forgets everything in Zhao Yuande's inner world, but she only has to focus on cultivation and ignore the environment.

She even now feels that she is very powerful, even if Brother Xiao Kang is not her opponent.

Looking at the confidence in Bi Chen'er's face, there was still a trace of disapproval, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but once again reminded: "Don't think that you can break through the Divine Emperor Realm and you can sweep everything, here the Divine Emperor strong is everywhere, If you have this attitude, I am afraid that you will be hunted if you do not reach the sphere of influence of Bajing Palace."

"Oh!" Bi Chener lowered her head slightly, but she felt that Zhao Yuande's words were too alarmist, but she didn't take it seriously.

"Hey! Okay! You go!" Zhao Yuande knew that the other party's power was skyrocketing, and his self-confidence was inflated. With one or two sentences, he couldn't convince her at all, or she had to suffer some setbacks to be truly sober.

"Thank you Shizu!" Although Bi Chen'er is very confident in himself, he is still very afraid of the mysterious Shizu in front of him. Knowing that even if he is strong, he will not be the opponent of this Shizu!

After bowing to Zhao Yuande, she galloped in one direction along her own sense.

Zhao Yuande looked at Bi Chen'er who had gone away and couldn't help but sigh in his heart, but he followed afterwards.

After all, the girl was handed over to Xiao Kang by Xiao Kang. She couldn't watch her accident. At the very least, she had to safely take her to the site of Bajing Palace in Fifth City.