Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096: Shizu Save Me

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Bi Chen'er's speed is very fast, it seems that it is a kind of supernatural void movement that has been used in the Bajing Palace. Although it has not reached the point where it can directly shuttle through the void, it is still extremely fast and erratic, making it difficult for people to lock.

Under the powerful spirit of Zhao Yuande, Bi Chen'er had nowhere to escape, and Zhao Yuande firmly locked his body.

But what Zhao Yuande didn't know was that Bi Chen'er felt Zhao Yuande's tracking at this time.

She couldn't help but defy in her heart. Was this patriarch tracking her down to find the stronghold of Bajing Palace?

She learned from Xiao Kang that this person's true identity is a personal disciple of Zhang Ling's ancestor. He has never entered Bajing Palace since earning money.

He is naturally unfamiliar with the various secret words and various paths of the Bajing Palace, so he certainly does not know the many secret words left here.

While Bi Chen'er was thinking wildly, suddenly there were five figures flying ahead.

As soon as these five people saw Bi Chen'er, their eyes lit up, and they had some ugly faces with a bit of greed and viciousness!

"Huh! It's a chick! It's really rare for a woman in this place, especially such a beautiful woman!"

"Hey! This chick is still a chick, not bad!"

"That guy was really slippery just now, but I didn't expect to run one and give it back!"

"Don't grab the few of you with me, this girl is mine!"

"Go! She was the first thing I discovered..."

Bi Chener was shocked to find that these people's cultivation practices were all in the middle of the Divine Emperor, and even one was in the late Divine Emperor!

And these people are full of violent, **** breath, at a glance they know that they live in killing every day!

She suddenly remembered Zhao Yuande's words, and she only now knew that the other party and herself were telling the truth. The five middle and late emperors of the gods... Even if they were a little struggling to deal with by themselves, she was suddenly desperate! Do you really want to die here today?

"Mom! This girl is terrible. Look at her little breast... Awkward!" One of them stared at Bi Chen'er's good figure, his mouth drooled!

"Don't drool first! Take it down and talk, but don't let her run away!"

"Yes! Let's go together!"


"You... you dare to move me, but I am a disciple of Bajing Palace!" Bi Chen'er screamed inwardly, and her body kept receding!

She did not dare to imagine what terrible things would happen if she fell into the hands of these five people. She was ready to explode the inner world at any time!

"Haha! Bajing Palace! Bajing Palace is a big force outside, but it can't fool us in the Fifth City. Our brother is a disciple of the Pantheon, not worse than your Bajing Palace!"

"Chick! You don't want to resist! You can't resist in our brother's hands!"

"Yes! You want the Treasure Body World, right? Useless, our cultivation is higher than you, your body world has not yet exploded, I will press you back!"

"Just follow us! Become a woman of five of us, make sure you eat spicy and spicy, and walk sideways in this fifth city!"


These guys were talking foul language while surrounding Bi Chen'er, the strange light in their eyes flashed.

"I... my ancestor is behind you, if you dare to start, he will kill you!" Bi Chen'er suddenly thought of Zhao Yuande, he flew out but thousands of miles, he should be able to feel his situation here. !

"Hey! Shizu, it's useless, even your ancestors in Bajing Palace are useless. Here are the twelve cities in the sky. The powerful beyond the fairyland can't come, you can admit your life!"

"Come on! Brother must hurt you gently..."

"I'm fighting with you!" Bi Chen'er's lips lost blood, and she now regrets that her intestines are green!

Why are you so arrogant! Why not listen to the words of Master Zu, if you are careful and walk on the ground, you can avoid five people!

But it's too late to say anything now!


Bi Chen'er urged the most powerful means now, want to kill a **** path, or simply stop it!


A meteorite in the sky was detained by Bi Chen'er and fell down towards the ground. What everyone could not think of was that even she was in the range of the star star.

This meteorite has a radius of tens of feet, carrying a monstrous power and falling down!

If it is really hit, I am afraid that even the Divine Emperor will be seriously injured in the later period, and the other four people will stick and die!

"Be careful! This is the Eight Kings Palace magical power! This girl is so cruel! Don't let her succeed!" The strong man in the late Emperor Shen's eyes could not help but frown slightly.

"Devil's Big Handprint!"

A glance at his palm turned into a big hand covering the sky and the sky, and he slapped it towards the meteor that fell down in the sky!


The devil's big fingerprint and the meteorite collided together, and suddenly made a tremendous loud noise.

The meteorite flew out horizontally and smashed **** a hill not far away!

The entire hill was directly shattered by the meteorite, and the debris of the sky fell like raindrops.

Bi Chen'er didn't have the next move, and suddenly found that she couldn't move at all. The other four joined hands to imprison the space, and she was firmly imprisoned in it. Let alone escape, she couldn't even move her finger!

"Ah! Shizu! Save me!" Bi Chen'er tried his best to shout out this sentence!

"Hey! I said you don't believe the danger, let's believe it!" A voice remembered in the field, a tall and handsome young man appeared slowly in front of everyone.

"Master Zu!" When Bi Chener saw Zhao Yuande, her tears couldn't stop anymore, just like the flood that broke the dike, she immediately burst into tears!

"Boy! But what about the emperor's peak cultivation practice, are you here to deliver food?" One of them saw Zhao Yuande's cultivation practice, and he couldn't help but grinned, "Do you want to be a hero to save beauty and want to go crazy, or dream wake?"

"Haha! The Emperor's Peak! I am not mistaken! There are even Emperor Realms in this session of the trial? Are there really no people in the heavens?"

"Boy, since you are here, don't leave! All the babies on you are handed over!"

"Looking at you looking pretty, Lao Tzu is actually interested in men..."

"Noisy!" Zhao Yuande's original light and light face turned suddenly gloomy when he heard what the man said!


He pointed a finger, an invisible force of time shuttled through the space, and instantly fell on this guy.

Before this guy had finished speaking, he felt his throat seemed to be stuck, and the next moment seemed to fall into a small bug in amber, and his body and even the soul could not turn.


Cut off the sky means directly digging this person's head in half, knowing that the sea collapsed and the soul was destroyed.