Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097: General Knowledge

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"This..." The remaining four people saw that the other party only slightly moved their fingers, and crushed a companion to death.

"Don't care about this girl, let's kill him together!" Although the strong man in the late Emperor's later felt the power of time, the handle was not scared and shouted that he rushed to Zhao Yuande first.

"Since you want to find death, then I will complete you! Take the moon!"

His palm dived directly into the void, and everyone saw only one big hand appearing, gently squeezing it against the sky and the moon.

The sky where the moon was like a waterfall turned into a dark sky in an instant. Everyone only saw a bright moon whirl in the huge palm, and then whistled and flew down towards the earth.

"This is taking the moon! This kid is so powerful, the brothers are incapable of fighting the enemy, and flee!" The late Emperor of the Divine Emperor who rushed over at first saw this scene so terrified that he turned around and fled.

"Mah! This kid is a pig and a tiger! He is definitely not Emperor Realm, at least it is the late Emperor God!"



"Can you still escape?" Zhao Yuande's cold voice echoed in the void, "The void is blocked, and the world is suppressed!"

Everyone only felt that the sky and earth were dark, and the sky dome seemed to be suppressed at once, making them feel like they were crushed on an ancient **** mountain!

At the same time, the void around them seemed to be pinched together by an invisible big hand.

Regardless of the four people's hard work, they can't shake anything!

"No... we don't want to die!"

"Seniors spare life! As long as you spare us, we are willing to hand over all the treasures!"

"Senior! I know a treasure. As long as you don't kill me, I will tell you!"

"Seniors have spared us! We are willing to serve you as a bull!"

The four people watched with horror as the bright moon fell in the sky, and they felt an irresistible death crisis is falling on them.

Although they do their best to roar and want to escape this terrible death crisis, they are too weak to escape the fatal death!


The world is shaking!

The four were cut down by the horrible moonlight, the soul was melted and the body was annihilated, and a huge abyss appeared in the bottom of the earth with a radius of hundreds of feet.

"This... this is... take the moon!"

Bi Chener was standing next to the huge abyss at this time. He glanced under the abyss inadvertently, and suddenly saw a blood red!

This blow took the moon and fell directly through the crust, exposing the hot underground magma!

"This kind of power is enough to destroy a small world in an instant! Even a real big world will be hit hard by such a blow! I dont know where this fifth city is? Is it stronger than a big world? ?" Bi Chen'er thoughts in his head at this moment!

"Okay! Let's go! Take me to the base of Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande's voice rang in her ears at this time.


Bi Chen'er nodded subconsciously. She looked at the young man who appeared in front of her, as if there was a feeling of standing in front of her master.

The other party is clearly only the peak of the emperor, why can such a terrifying force erupt?

Is this talent? Is this evil? This is why Zhang Ling's patriarch valued him?

Bi Chen'er has been thinking about these strange ideas all along his head.

According to the many messages left by the practitioners of the Eight View Palace, she soon took Zhao Yuande to a magnificent giant city!

The gates of the giant city opened wide, and a team of cultivators dressed in black walked through the city as if it were the law enforcement of the city.

"Don't expose my identity, just treat me as an ordinary disciple. When you reach the stronghold of Bajing Palace, you can call my brother!" Zhao Yuande told Bi Chen'er before entering the city.

"Yes! Master... Brother!" Bi Chen's subconsciously called Shizu, but felt the other person's eyes sharp, and suddenly called Brother Shi.

"That's right! Remember not to be wrong!" Zhao Yuande nodded.


As soon as the two entered the city, they were stopped by a team of black cultivators!

Most of these cultivators' practices are in the Emperor Realm, and a middle-aged big man led by them is the practice of the Divine Emperor Realm.

"The two of you are the testers of this year?" The head man looked at the two and kept looking up and down.

"Yes! We are the testers this year. We are disciples of Bajing Palace who are about to rush to Bajing Palace. I don't know what's wrong with this man?" Zhao Yuande asked politely.

"Well! The disciples at Bajing Palace are good! It is a breath of purple air coming from the east. You probably dont know what you need to pay for the city fee and the token for entering the city for the first time!" The middle-aged man looked at Zhao Yuande with a respectful attitude Qian, a face also eased down, facing two people, "After entering the city, you need to pay a thousand pieces of high-grade fairy jade to the left-hand city patrol department of the city gate in exchange for a token for entering the city! As long as you hold the token, next You are here in Haidong City unimpeded!"

"A thousand pieces of high-grade fairy jade!" Bi Chener couldn't help but widen his eyes. "The city of fairy world only needs ten pieces of high-grade fairy jade!"

"Huh! Thousands are too expensive? Then you can not come in. This is the property of Haidong's ancestors. Even the gods like Shikui and the like must respectfully hand over a thousand pieces of fine jade. , Not to mention your two little shrimps!" The middle-aged man heard Bi Chen'er's words and suddenly became furious. "If you don't want to pay, you can get out!"

Hearing the big man's anger, the black disciples around him didn't seem to see that Bi Chen'er was much stronger than them, and all of them hugged around.

Several other teams on the street also hurried to this side.

"Okay! This elder brother, my sister and sister are not malicious, she is just ignorant, we naturally have to pay this fairy jade!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly pulled the middle-aged man, and quietly plugged a storage ring.

The Han spirit was swept away, and he immediately smiled.

"Well! It's still this little brother who knows the whole thing, you do it!" Dahan waved his hand and everyone retreated.

"Master... Brother! You are so powerful, why should you..." Bi Chener looked at Zhao Yuande's puzzled face.

"Shut up! Although these people are very weak, but just now the spirits of several strong emperors of the Emperor's Peak have swept through. If it is only for the cost of entering the city, is it worth it?" Zhao Yuande thinks he is good. Teach this younger generation!

"Be sure to understand that the value is not worth it before doing things! If these people are bad for you, I will definitely kill them. Our Bajing Palace is not bullied by anyone, even the strong in the fairyland! And they just want You only need to deal with the tokens needed to enter the city! As he said, the Heavenly Daozi Shikui has to deal with it, are you stronger than them? Do you want to clash with a few fairyland powerhouses for this kind of trivial matter? "