Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Make Things Difficult

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At this time, the main palace of the city had already sorted out the backyard, a garden with thousands of square meters, and used it as a dedicated venue.

The garden was lit with lights everywhere, like a grand festival.

Numerous powerful cultivators, beautiful young women, ladies with outstanding temperament shuttle back and forth in the venue.

The silver armor guard took Zhao Yuande to a clean pavilion, greeted the maidservant maid, and waited with caution before leaving.

Zhao Yuande sat down leisurely in the pavilion and began to taste the delicious food on the table.

"Well, why is he here?"

At this time Zhao Yuankui saw a familiar figure in the distance, it was Zhao Yuande!

"Brother Zhao, what's wrong?" Wang Gongzi beside him saw the unwholesome in Zhao Yuankui's eyes and couldn't help but ask curiously.

"I saw a fool!" Zhao Yuankui grinned, made an expression for Wang Gongzi waiting for a good show, and strode up.

"Zhao Yuande, why are you here? Could it be that you are sneaking in?" Zhao Yuankui looked up and down at each other, wearing a dress that was incompatible with the entire fair.

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, but did not speak. He had seen too many intrigues in his previous life, and was tired of these.

But there are always people who dont know what to do to provoke themselves. Even his own cousin, he will never be merciless.

Seeing the other party did not answer, Zhao Yuankui was sure of the idea in his heart, and he could not help pressing up, his eyes filled with pride.

In the past, this cousin was favored by the old man, making their brothers jealous, and his father was trained by the old man as the next generation's head.

But the grandfather suddenly died, his father and the elders of the family won the power of the head of the family, and his brothers had a hobby since then, bullying the cousin.

Now let him catch the opportunity, how can he not humiliate the other party.

"How do you know that I sneaked in?" Zhao Yuande stood up, his eyes filled with coldness. He wanted to see what trick the cousin wanted to play.

If anyone who knew him in the previous life, seeing the coldness in his eyes would suddenly be chilling, this is the precursor of Yuande God Emperor.

"Do you have an invitation?" Zhao Yuankui sneered.

Given the status of the Zhao family in the City of Skyfire, the city's main palace would never send out invitations, and even the young master of the Zhao family entered the meeting room with his son.

"No." Zhao Yuande shook his head directly. In his capacity, the invitation was no longer needed. He came to give Li's face.

"Isn't it just sneaking in?" Zhao Yuankui was unreasonable. "Will I find someone to throw you out, or get yourself out! This is not a place for people like you to come."

At this time, the people who participated in the fair had been surrounded for four weeks, and they naturally believed Zhao Yuankui's words when they saw the whole thing.

They all looked at Zhao Yuande with indifferent eyes.

There are even more people who are gloating and having a sneering smile.

"What happened here?"

A majestic voice suddenly came from afar.

A tall middle-aged man walked in this direction.

"This is the second grandfather of the Li family, the brother of the city master!" Someone immediately recognized the origin of this person, and his face was all in awe.

"What the **** happened here?" Li Tianzuo looked at the two of them in the middle of the crowd and couldn't help but frown slightly.

"Second man, this person has no invitation, sneaks in and eats and drinks together!" Zhao Yuankui hurried forward to explain the reason directly.

"Are you?" Li Tianzuo thought this person looked strange.

"Second lord, this is my little nephew's friend!" Prince Gong came out at this time, nodded slightly to Li Tianzuo, and appeared polite!

"Oh, it turned out to be Wang Chenxian's nephew, this is no wonder!" Li Tianzuo was very polite to the son of the king, but the other party was the three great families of Skyfire City, the successor of the Wang family.

Although the power of the Wang family is not as good as that of the main city, but the three families are united together, but they are united enough to fight against the court of the main city, and he still maintains due care for the Wang family.

"This little brother, do you really have no invitations?" None of the people who could enter the venue were ordinary people, Li Tianzuo asked very politely.

"How could he have an invitation! He's just an unsightly kid in my Zhao family!" Zhao Yuankui looked at Zhao Yuande with gloom and scornful expression on his lips.

Hearing Zhao Yuankui say this, everyone on the scene was all weird.

"Huh, it's not a good thing to insult your family in front of outsiders!" Some of the onlookers couldn't help but express a mocking expression.

"It's really awkward, how could such a person be invited!" Some people are not used to family fighting.

As the so-called family ugliness cannot be exaggerated, Zhao Yuankui is proud of himself, and shakes his identity.

Wang Chen heard the other party saying this, frowning, and looked at Li Tianzuo, his body slightly back.

Zhao Yuankui felt that he was wrong, and suddenly his face was pale.

He quietly turned his head to look at Prince Wang, and found that the other party had retreated, as if to draw a line with himself.

Zhao Yuankui knew that it was too late to regret it at this time. He simply broke the jar and broke it. Today, he must let the other party look ugly to relieve his hatred.

"I really don't have invitations. However, I was invited by someone!" Zhao Yuande's face was already impatient.

"What is your identity? Why would anyone invite you to come, I think you are swollen face to become fat!" Zhao Yuankui showed a vicious look in his eyes.

Although Li Tianzuo hated Zhao Yuankui, he was right.

The trade fair held by the magnificent city's main palace may soon have big people coming. If these big people see such things, it will be a big blow to the city's reputation.

"Little brother, I'll save your face, go out for yourself!" Li Tianzuo glanced at Zhao Yuande. He didn't plan to use force in the venue. The other party's going out was the best result.

"Do you really want me to go out? You have to think about it, this is the last chance I gave the Li family!" Zhao Yuande was also in a real fire at this time. If the other party insisted on chasing him, he would definitely walk away.

Clay figurines still have three points of anger, not to mention the Yuande Divine Emperor who once blew the world. If it were not for his fate with Li Rushuang's previous life, he would never come here.

"What? Is this kid crazy? He even said that he wanted to give the Li family a chance. Who did he think he was?" There are onlookers, who have long been accustomed to Zhao Yuande, and export sarcasm.

"I think he was insane!"

"The Zhao family still has this kind of fool. Isn't this to bring trouble to the family?"


In the distance, Chen Tianchao looked at Zhao Yuande with a sneering face.

In front of Chen Tianchao, the tall and dignified middle-aged man showed a very interested look.

"Chen Tianchao, what do you think will happen next?" The middle-aged man touched his chin and turned to look at Chen Tianchao.

"Senior, I think he is a bluff, and he will be thrown out soon!" Chen Tianchao gritted his teeth and wished Zhao Yuande was killed on the spot.

"Really? I don't think so!" The middle-aged man showed a look of disappointment on his face. He secretly said that this child has a good talent, but it is a pity that the human chest is very small!