Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Wonderful Call

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"Emperor strong..."

All the people present shivered at this moment, and a powerful emperor came here and saved their lives!

This kind of thing is enough for them to boast of the last few decades!

"Hey! I owe another affection!" Zhao Yuande sighed and grabbed Jin Fei, who was in a daze on the ground, grabbed the floor and emptied the space of the copper furnace.

The next moment, he jumped up and down, and disappeared into the distant jungle in the blink of an eye.

At this time, Zhao Fengde's voice came from the ears of Heifeng and Yijie, and they quickly returned to the world's first food, waiting for his return.

The two guys who were not afraid of the sky were relieved from the panic. They were also terrified just now, and thought they were going to die here!

The only one who was not afraid was Ji Yuling. She had just used her hole card to save Zhao Yuande. Unexpectedly, the old man with a goatee appeared, letting her lose a chance to blackmail Zhao Yuande. She really wanted to see her shocked expression when she saved the other!

This is the end of a battle, but there is no calm in this place, and countless people are guessing who the two sides of the battle are.

They only saw two people coming and going during the battle. The fierce and intense collision made people feel excited. They did not see exactly what the fighting people looked like!

Even the city master and several elders in the sky did not see the true appearance of Zhao Yuande, they just glanced at him and saw that he was very young, as if he were a teenager!

At the time when the Shenxu City was in full swing, Zhao Yuande returned to the world's first gourmet and reunited with everyone!

"Everyone helps me protect the Fa, I will take this opportunity to practice for a while!" Zhao Yuande felt an irresistible hunger on the way back, he suddenly knew that it was time to break through!

Each hunger represents a realm of ascension, and it is time for him to use the three-color fractal element to advance to the realm of blood and sea gods!

Don't look at the black wind and Yi Jie, hey and haha on weekdays, very unreliable, but at this critical moment, the glasses suddenly glared and separated the powers in two directions.

"Hey, little girl, where are you still standing and doing something, and don't hurry to help look outside the door!" Heifeng didn't even realize it, and directly arranged a task for Ji Yuling.

"You..." What is Ji Yuling's identity, and he has always been used to it. He didn't expect that he would be called and drunk today, and his face suddenly became less beautiful.

However, she glanced at the critical moment of Zhao Yuande, didn't want to disturb him, and gave the black wind a fierce glance, turning her head out of the room.

"Little girl..." The black bear grinned at Ji Yuling's back.

After waiting for Ji Yuling to leave, Zhao Yuande suddenly swallowed a large amount of the elixir Lingdan, and finally took the three-color Yuanyuan Dan and closed his eyes and entered into cultivation.


A flash of lightning fell in the sky and directly fell on the roof of the world's first gourmet. If these houses were not blessed by the formation, they would be split into pieces in an instant.

Zhao Yuande felt that the horrible thunder in the sky was brewing. If he still stayed here, not only would the world's first food be destroyed in his own hands, even the small half of the **** market would be razed to the ground.

"Black Wind, take me outside the city! Hurry!"

The black wind looked at the sky with fear, grabbed Zhao Yuande, and flew away!

"Boy, that thunder won't hack me!" The black wind flew into the air unconsciously while flying, where the black clouds were densely covered, and the golden lights flew in the clouds, as if a real dragon was roaming.

"You will be verbose for a while!" Zhao Yuande replied angrily. He suddenly saw a towering peak in the sky not far away, and hurriedly commanded the black wind. "Just put it on the top of that mountain!"

I dont know why. Zhao Yuande has a wonderful feeling. The mountain seems to have a great attraction, as if calling for his past.

"This may be the legendary place of calamity!" Zhao Yuande remembered a legend that there are some very special lives in all big worlds. They have appeared in this world since the birth of heaven and earth. After endless years, they have experienced the vicissitudes of the sea. After all, they produced spiritual wisdom.

These lives have a common characteristic, they are immortal, they are vast, they are extremely powerful!

After they produce spiritual wisdom, they will deliberately seek the baptism of Thunder Tribulation. As long as they are baptized by Heaven and Thunder, they will be transformed into an acquired spirit, extremely powerful acquired spirit!

However, the thunderstorm they seek has very strict requirements. They will choose geniuses who are against the sky to sign some kind of ancient oath, so that these geniuses will come to their designated location every time they are robbed!

Of course, this kind of contract has great advantages for genius!

Zhao Yuande felt that he had encountered such an opportunity, an opportunity to sign contracts with these ancient beings!

And now the other party calls itself, it is a test, or a test, as long as the other party feels that he meets the conditions, he will officially bargain with himself!

This is a great opportunity, must not let go!

"If that is the case, let Thunder Tribulation come more violently!" Zhao Yuande suddenly took out all the elixir he had obtained, and in the big mouth of the black bear's astonishment, opened his mouth and sucked all elixir All inhaled into the abdomen.

"Is your kid crazy?" Heifeng screamed again and again, and his speed soared several times than before. He even burned his blood directly, but in a flash of time, Heifeng appeared with Zhao Yuande there. On the high mountain.

"You are guarding a hundred miles away now, if anyone wants to destroy, let them come in casually!" Zhao Yuande asked the black wind.

The black wind nodded and flew out like a hundred miles away, and then he caught his head with the one who came after him.

"That kid lunatic, took tens of millions of elixir in one bite, I think he must be propped up!" Heifeng now feels a little scared, when Zhao Yuande swallowed the elixir, he felt it The dark clouds above his head suddenly became ten times more terrifying than before. Among them, the roaming Thunder Dragon was not weaker than himself. If it fell on his head, it might become a roasted bear!

"Brother Zhao is not a reckless person, he must have his own ideas to do so, we will wait and see!" Yi Jie swept the black wind and glanced, now is not the time to play with the other party blindly, otherwise he will be ridiculed. He said a few words.

In the distant city of the Gods, the city owner and several elders were alerted again.

They have recently become somewhat wind-swept, and they are all soldiers. They flew out of the city's main palace to get a report. Just now someone broke through the realm and went out of the city to robbery. Then they put their hearts down.