Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100: Fifth City World

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Zhao Yuandes identity in Bajing Palace has only a few people who can make him bow his head. Even Fang Yue, who passed on this vein, is just a grandson in front of him. Although this old man looks older, he doubts He is a great sin!

Bi Chen'er saw Zhao Yuande's complexion change, and suddenly knew that the old man's words made him unhappy.

But he knew deeply about the greatness of this master, and he did not want him to conflict with the third master.

"Senior! This is the main disciple, you..." Bi Chen'er hurriedly explained.

"The main disciple? Impossible! The main disciple is distinguished. How come you came to the Twelve Dengxian City, you will not be deceived by him, little girl!" The old Taoist looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes a little badly, as if Zhao Yuande didn't say It's hard to break out of your true purpose.

Zhao Yuande felt that the space around him made a series of subtle sounds. I am afraid that one of his answers was not good, and the space will suppress himself in the next moment.

"Humph! Bold! You are a disciple disciple, and the disciple disciples who are still outside dare to be so disrespectful to me! Believe it or not, I directly deprived you of your vein's qualifications in the sect!" Zhao Yuande just entered the city , Did not figure out the situation, that is to be careful.

But when he arrived here, the site of Bajing Palace was unexpectedly treated by someone, and he suddenly burst into a cold face.

"Senior..." Bi Chener saw Zhao Yuande angry, and anxiously hurried up to block Zhao Yuande in front of him, "Senior, this is my true disciple disciple of Bajing Palace! Senior don't be impulsive!"

"Impossible! My main disciples in Bajing Palace have countless resources, how can they enter the twelve ascendant city! If I say that he is a disciple of any line, I believe that the main line is impossible! Little girl, you can Dont be fooled by him! He might want to destroy our stronghold of Bajing Palace, or have any other conspiracy!" The thin old Taoist man really admits his death, like an old stubborn donkey and a sullen head. Will not turn.

"Oh! What can I do!" Bi Chen'er was about to cry anxiously.

The terrible power erupted by Zhao Yuande can definitely fight against the strong man of the God Emperor's Peak. If the two of them fought, this small world will inevitably be alive.

"Haha! Fang Lao Gui, you are really broken, and dare to disregard the disciples of the main vein!" At this moment, a hearty laugh came into the ears of the three.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and saw that he saw a gentle middle-aged man in Tsing Yi who came over.

This middle-aged man has a strong breath and is also a strong man at the peak of God Emperor.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande also felt the same dangerous breath as the old man in this person.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande suddenly wanted to understand that it turned out that the two of them jointly controlled this small world, and they were each half of the owner of this small world. At this moment, Zhao Yuande seemed to have entered the inner world of these two people. The world is suppressed, so a crisis is felt.

"Sun Fengyun! How could the main disciple come here... This person is clearly a spy, you can't be wrong!" The old Taoist looked at the middle-aged man with a slight trace of fear in his eyes, but he was still The reason for biting yourself is not loose!

"Isn't it a spy, let's just let him show his purple spirit. Is it OK? And if the main disciple must have a token, the token must not be fake!" The middle-aged man bowed slightly to Zhao Yuande, Then smiled at the old Taoist Tao.

Zhao Yuande saw this person's eyes like a quiet lake, which was full of sensitivity, deepness and decisive force!

He knew that this must be a strong man with great ambitions and unwillingness to let people down. Don't look at him bowing slightly to himself, but there was a trace of contempt revealed in the depths of those eyes.

If it were not for Zhao Yuande II, he would certainly not be able to observe this detail at his current age. On the contrary, although the old man was very stubborn, he was trying his best to protect the Eight View Palace.

Although Zhao Yuande was a little bit angry with this old man at first, compared with this middle-aged man, he suddenly changed Zhao Yuande's view of him.

"Since the two want to see, then I will let you see!" Zhao Yuande's Ziqi came to the east to practice, and a strong purple Qi rushed out of Zhao Yuande's head, turning into a Taoist statue!

As soon as this phantom appeared, the entire void was a tremor for a while. Both the old Taoist and the middle-aged people felt a coercive pressure from the depths of the god's soul emanating from this Daozun phantom.

At the same time, Zhao Yuande escaped a token and threw it directly at the old Taoist.

The old man saw that this phantom had believed seven or eight points, and then took Zhao Yuande's token, and suddenly his body shivered.

"Fang Jue, a disciple of the third ancestor, has seen the main messenger master. Just now, Fang Jue really offended him. Please also ask the main messenger master not to blame!"

"Disciple Sun Fengyun, a disciple of the Second Patriarch, has seen Master Envoy!" The middle-aged man was actually not quite sure just now. He just used to sing the opposite play with the old man. He wanted to come here to ridicule him, but Unexpectedly, I really met the main disciple.

In the Bajing Palace, the position of the main disciple is lofty, much higher than the three main divisions, and the exercises and magical powers practiced by the main disciple are restrained on the division, so the division can only see the main division lower. Can only be respectfully called a brother!

And Zhao Yuande's age, and the backup is unknown, it is really inappropriate to call the brothers, so the two simply called the master messenger!

"Okay! I don't know if it's not guilty. I actually just entered the fairy class by accident, and then I entered the trial of the twelve ascendant fairy city!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"It turns out so! I don't know what you plan to do, Master Messenger?" Sun Fengyun looked at Zhao Yuande, his face full of smiles, his heart turned to electricity, and wanted to pull Fang Jue's old stubborn donkey through the identity of Zhao Yuande's main disciple.

"I naturally want to explore the world in this fifth city, and then enter the sixth city, the seventh city, and go all the way!" Zhao Yuande observed this Sun Fengyun, seeing his eyes blinking, he knew that the other party was definitely I want to use myself.

However, he is not worried about this. In this stronghold, there is no strong man who surpasses the God Emperor Realm, and any strategy in the face of absolute strength will be crushed.

"Oh! I have much research on the Fifth City World. Let me help the waiter to talk about it. Now the situation in the Fifth City World!" Sun Fengyun showed a confident look on his face, and could not tolerate what the veteran said. , Directly began to introduce the specific situation of the fifth city world to Zhao Yuande.