Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102: Heterodimensional Spatial Channel

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Zhao Yuande looked at the expressions of the two in his eyes, but he didn't think there was anything in his mind. It is normal for the two to have such expressions.

Their practice is too low, far away from both of them. Although their identities are detached, but before the practitioners respect the strong, the two have been able to treat themselves with this attitude before seeing their powerful means. Not bad.

"Okay! My name is Zhao XIV! Everyone is of the same age. I should not be as old as Fang Zhen. I will call your brother! And the two of you seem to only call my brother!" Zhao Yuande doesn't want to be beaten. When the ancestors generally gave, there was no teleportation to the endless black prison, and it took ten days and ten nights to fly alone. If such a long time has been like this, he can't stand it.

"Oh! Okay! Brother Zhao!" Fang Zhen is not a pedantic person, and his opinion of Zhao Yuande has changed slightly.

"Brother Zhao, your name is very curious. Why is it a number? Are you the fourteenth child in your family?" Fang Qingxue asked the girl with curiosity.

"Qingxue!" Fang Zhen was very impolite to hear Fang Qingxue say this. If Qingxue passed into the master's ears, he must be heavily punished. He immediately drank, "Don't be so rude!"

"Hey! It's okay! Qingxue is young and innocent. How could I blame her!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and then smiled at Qingxue. "Actually, this is just a pseudonym for me, just get it!"

"What's your real name?" Fang Qingxue could not help but blurt out.

"Qing Xue... You shouldn't ask, don't ask!" Fang Zhen changed his face again, this little girl was really spoiled at home, this is the first time to go out to practice, you have to give someone before going out Offended.

"Well, Brother Fang Zhen, I said it's okay! You just treat me as an ordinary disciple!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, he liked the straightforward, innocent little girl.

"Sister Qingxue, my real name can't really be said, otherwise it will cause very bad images if it reaches the ears of other testers." Zhao Yuande explained with a smile, "So, I can only use a pseudonym, And its better not to say that I am the main disciple after you go out, otherwise it will be easy to cause trouble!"

"Oh! That's what it is!" Fang Qingxue nodded slightly, as if she understood something.

Zhao Yuande is so good to talk, and because he has no shelf, he instantly increases the favor of Fang Zhen, his brother, by a few points.

Even Fang Haishan, who had always walked with a face, had a slight affection for Zhao Yuande, watching the scorn gradually disappear in his eyes.

"Okay! Let's go! If you have anything, let's talk while walking!" Fang Zhen raised his hand to offer a slap-sized building ship. The building ship flew into the air and quickly turned into a building ship dozens of feet high.

The four flew onto the building ship, and the building ship turned into a black shadow, and disappeared into the void in an instant.

Immediately after the building ship disappeared, a young man with a crown of jade appeared with three powerful middle-aged strongmen in the place where they were.

"Young Master, is this person really worth the three of us working together?" One of the middle-aged men looked at the young man with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Dont underestimate the main disciple, although he is very low-cultivated, but it can successfully reach the fifth city. This shows his ability. I always like to make decisions and move. The three of you shot together. Its foolproof!" The young man glanced at the direction of the disappearance of the building ship, and smiled, "And this time we went out not to chase down that man completely, I also reached the mid-level of the emperor, and I should go to the endless black prison. Tried! The right to kill this time is a small episode in the trial!"

"Young Master Yingming!" Another middle-aged man's mouth showed a cold smile, "If this person died..."

"Okay, don't talk too much! Let's go!" The young man had a slap-sized palace in his hand, and it turned into a normal palace size when he flew in the void.

The four rushed to the palace and followed Zhao Yuande away.

Zhao Yuande and the four of them sat on the building ship, all the way.

Zhao Yuande's body was now being cultivated in the inner world, but was awakened by the old man with a white beard.

"Brother! Brother! I've reactivated this baby, I don't know if you have any ideas?" The old man with a white beard squeezed the black hilt in his hand, and there was a smug smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Activated?" Zhao Yuande froze for a moment, a strange statement.

"Yes! It's activation! This sword hilt was refined by me at the beginning. As a result, I accidentally fell into the heavy void after falling into the void barrier, and then disconnected from me! A treasure like this level needs me. Only the activation of this original master can make it come back to life again!" The old man with a white beard fluttered on his face and continued. "This treasure is very powerful. I can't be urged to lose my body now, and it's a waste to keep it. The ability to move it, so I decided to save your life first!"

"Life-saving use?" Zhao Yuande took over the hilt, and felt that the hilt was a bit hot. The ancient and mysterious characters on it seemed to be alive, flowing continuously on the hilt.

A mysterious and incomparable power flowed into Zhao Yuande's palm, and followed his palm into his body.

This force was very pure. Once he entered Zhao Yuande's body, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the spirit in his body was as if Wan Chuan returned to the sea and gathered towards this power.

"This... this is!" Zhao Yuande was shocked to find that the spiritual power seemed to be thickened with honey-filled water!

And every spiritual power is now 50% stronger than before!

"Hey! This is a peculiar power of Black Rock's extraction of the Star Sea to your hands, which we call Star Power! In other words, there is a different-dimensional space channel in this sword, which can be directly connected to the Star Sea. Somewhere!" said the old man with a white beard very mysteriously.

"A channel can lead to the sea of stars?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be shocked, his voice shivering, "Could it be... can we still pass this channel to the sea of stars?"

At this time, if it can come true, Zhao Yuande is now a little excited. The Star Sea is a plane higher than the fairy world. If he can go to the Star Sea to practice...

Why did the Emperor Wa dig deep into the Chaos Sea? Because her road to cultivation has come to an end, in this heaven and earth all realms can no longer be promoted!

If you want to continue to advance on the path of cultivation, you must find a more advanced plane, such as Xingchenhai!

Zhao Yuande thought of this and couldn't help but tremble with excitement!