Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105: Power Distribution

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This young man in yellow, with a beautiful robe and a splendid robe, although he has anger in his voice, he still has a faint smile on his face, but his eyes are hiding ruthless and spicy, and it looks like a smiling tiger. character.

"Feng Tianzhang!" Fang Zhen stepped forward in front of Zhao Yuande. A pair of eyes stared at the young man in yellow, his breath twisted into one, ready to go.

"Oh! Who am I! It turned out to be Fang Zhenxiong of Bajing Palace!" The young man in yellow clothes called Feng Tianzhang showed a fierce light. He waved his hands and hurried up a large group of strong men. , "Brother Fang Zhen, are you trying to smash my stall in the Pantheon?"

"These two are my brothers and sisters. They are here for the first time and don't understand the rules..." Fang Zhen was interrupted by the other party before he had finished speaking!

"Huh! Is it a reason not to understand the rules? Don't you still understand the rules? If I don't understand the rules, how can I continue my business? Do you want to make the Bajing Palace and our Pantheon an enemy?" To Fang Zhen's face, although there was still a smile on his face, the chill in his eyes was getting stronger and stronger.

Zhao Yuande can be seen. Although the Bajing Palace can be equal to the super powers of the Devil Realm, Pantheon, but it is weak in these twelve ascendant cities.

However, he didn't shoot at this time, but quietly observed the abnormal development to see how this Fang Zhen can be solved.

Is it down to calm down, or furious to rise up to resist!

"Feng Tianzhang, don't use the Pantheon to suppress me. The Pantheon was not opened by your house. Your father is just a little elder of the Pantheon." Fang Zhenzi also cooled down, and he was not a good temper. People, since the other party wants to pull a big flag as a tiger skin, he will simply tear his face with the other party. Even if the master knows this, he will not blame himself!

Now that I figured it out, Fang Zhen's momentum suddenly changed and became very fierce. He sneered: "Today you will let us go, or we will fight hard, don't you want this street Now!"

"Good! Then come!" Feng Tianzhang's complexion changed again and again, but he was also a cruel, extremely decisive person, and waved his hands to make many powerful people behind him rush up.

But at this moment, his face suddenly changed, and the hand he just raised was put down.

His eyes swept toward the sky not far away, where a huge palace slowly fell from the void, and several figures leaped out of the palace.

Fang Zhen followed his gaze and suddenly found the palace.

"Why did they come here?" Although Fang Zhen was sullen in his heart, he showed a confident smile on his face, "Ha ha! My Sun Tian from the Eight View Palace is here, I think how arrogant you are!"

"You... count you ruthless, let's talk about this later! Let's go..." Feng Tianzhang's face changed again and again, and he waved away with a vote in the end.

Seeing this situation, the big man in the booth suddenly knew that what happened today was not planted, and he was not talking much. He simply turned his head to stop looking at Zhao Yuande and them.

And the people who watched the excitement all around shook their heads boringly, and continued to go to their streets.

Seeing Feng Tianzhang leave in a hurry, Fang Zhen also waved to the three people: "Okay! Let's go too!"

Although Zhao Yuande had some doubts in his heart, he didn't ask much, and left Fang Zhen behind this noisy place.

"Young Master, they are over there!"

It was at this time that four young men like Guanyu had noticed the scene in the city.

"Young Master, they have found us, shall we say hello in the past?"

"No! No, even if we walk with them, they won't believe us, and increase their suspicion. We just do it ourselves, and wait until they enter the endless black prison and follow behind them in secret!" The young son with a face like Guan Yu, also known as Sun Tian in Fang Zhen's mouth, gently rubbed his chin, and there was a treacherous expression on his face.

"Who was the Sun Tian you just mentioned?" Zhao Yuande asked when they found a quiet alley.

"Sun Tian is Sun Fengyun's grandson. Although he was cultivated only as a mid-level emperor, his combat effectiveness is very strong, and he should be comparable to me. The three people behind him are Sun Fengyun's disciples, each of them is a god. In the late Emperor's powerhouse, the boss was only one step away from reaching the peak of the God Emperor, and the fighting power could completely crush here. Their appearance is too weird! I suspect they may have a conspiracy!"

"Sun Fengyun's grandson is following us with strong men at this time!" Zhao Yuande instantly understood what the other party wanted to do.

The other party wants to kill themselves. As long as they die, they will have an excuse to attack the third ancestor. Fang Jue of the third ancestor will be old-fashioned and abiding by the rules of the family. If the opponent is in trouble, he will inevitably be at a disadvantage. Maybe the balance of millions of years will be broken here!

Of course, this is only Zhao Yuande's own guess. Whether this is the case requires further certification.

If the other party really cherishes this kind of thought, he does not mind letting this vein disappear here!

"Oh! Is our Bajing Palace in other cities?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this question.

"There were a few cities in the beginning, but then because the fairy world banned other forces from entering the twelve ascendant city, it was gradually sent to be annexed by the gates of the fairy world! Now the fifth city world is basically occupied by the forces of the fairy world, the Pantheon , Devil Realm and some of our forces are all living in the gap." Fang Zhen has some bitterness. "If the people of Immortal World just said this, Feng Tianzhang might not dare to let two farts!"

"It was so!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but start to think, he asked, "Which big forces in the fairy world are stronger?"

"Every major force in the Central Immortal Territory occupies a city, especially the Central Immortal Palace occupies the five largest cities, like..." Fang Zhen knows all the major forces very well, saying a big pass, but Zhao Yuande did not want Listen.

There are thousands of worlds in the fairyland, and the most powerful are occupied by cities. Even the weakest ones can have a place in a certain city.

The ancestor of Haidong City in Haidong City is a disciple of Baidi Palace in Fairyland. Baidi Palace is only a medium force in Baihezhou in Fairyland, but it also occupies 70% of the industry in Haidong City because of marriage with a large family.

"Okay! I don't know if the Ji family has any property in the fifth city world?" Zhao Yuande suddenly asked.