Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108: Ji Mingyue's Despair

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"Haishan! It's okay, you just responded to this situation a little untimely, otherwise you will be imprisoned for your cultivation! He will remember to show the power of your world next time..." Fang Zhen turned his head to look Fang Haishan, as if he taught himself by example, seemed to be a responsible teacher.

"Yes! Brother!" Fang Haishan's face became very serious, and he nodded continuously after listening to Fang Zhen's explanation.

The three left the prison and continued to explore on the endless promenade.

One day later, they never found a prison with prisoners.

"Senior brother, you said that we walked aimlessly. When will we go, or should we go to the next level?" Fang Qingxue felt a little bored.

"Okay! Let's go to the next level!"

They turned around and returned to the far point along the original promenade, entering the sixteenth floor.

"There is a strong **** atmosphere here. It seems that there has been a war here!" Fang Zhen walked and walked, and suddenly his face changed, "Come! Come first!"

He pushed open the door to a prison, and walked in one step.

Everyone looked at him with a bad look, and suddenly knew that the situation seemed urgent, and all rushed in quickly.

Zhao Yuande frowned, and he felt that a war was taking place in a passage not far away. The side of the war had a familiar breath.

His soul radiated away, and suddenly saw three young men being besieged by seven or eight strong men wearing black clothes and masks. One of the three young men knew that he was Ji Mingyue who was actually the Ji family. .

Among the three, the other two seemed to be Ji Mingyue's guards. Although they are now in danger, they have been firmly guarded by Ji Mingyue.

Seeing that Ji Mingyue and the three of them are already at a disadvantage, they will soon be cut under the sword!

Zhao Yuande's finger flicked, and his body turned into a dust size and immediately left the prison. Then he came to the channel that was in fierce battle.

"Who the **** are you? You know that we are the disciples of the Ji family!" A young man with a determined face beside Ji Mingyue already had many scars on his body and blood was gurgling all over his body, but he was still protecting Ji Mingyue with all his strength at this time.

"You probably spoiled me Ji Mingyue! Who instructed you in the end?" Ji Mingyue's face was gloomy, but his true cousin was very important in his family, and this time he came to the fifth city world. Was warmly welcomed by the Ji family, but did not expect to come out to explore the endless black prison but encountered a premeditated assassination.

If it weren't for the previous two guards' death, he killed a few strong enemies, he would have been killed long ago.

"Haha! Ji's kid! Blame it on your cousin Ji Mingzhen, if it weren't him..." One of the black masked people gave a smug laugh, but he was interrupted by his companion before he had finished speaking.

"Don't talk nonsense! You must not let him know about this matter, or in case he lets him escape, none of us will survive!"

"Don't be wordy, just kill this kid and complete the mission!"

"Mr. Mingyue, you go quickly, we stop them!" Two young men suddenly burst into a brilliant brilliance, and the two brilliances merged into one, turning into a heavenly sword and swept towards each other.

"Your Ji family likes to play this trick. With the lessons just now, we have already been prepared! Absolute defensive runes!" One of the men in black directly smashed a jade rune, and suddenly a hazy yellow light curtain appeared on the screen. Above their heads.

Tongtian Divine Sword crashed down on the light curtain, but the light curtain shook a while.

"Poof!" The two young people of the Ji family's mouth spewed out a blood arrow at the same time. Apparently, a sword just consumed a lot of their essential blood, and their faces went pale for a while.


The three men in black teamed up to block the void, and at the same time, a black light shot directly from Ji Mingyue's head.

"Mr. Mingyue!" the two young Ji families exclaimed in a low voice.

"It's over! Are you going to die here today?" Ji Mingyue closed her eyes painfully.

At the moment when Ji Mingyue was desperate, a familiar voice came from the sea of knowledge.

"Brother Ji, don't resist, you will be directly hit by this attack. I promise you nothing!"

"Huh?" Ji Mingyue heard this voice, and was surprised for a moment, but then it was ecstatic.

He obviously felt the void that was frozen around him suddenly unraveling. He felt his body seemed to be controlled by someone, and the body leaned back slightly. The black light shot into his head instantly, but in the head In the middle was blocked by an invisible force.

His body crashed to the ground, his forehead was bloody, and there was no breath on his body.

At this time, Ji Mingyue felt that her knowledge of the sea was being pulled, and she instantly moved into her own sea of blood.

"Don't be surprised, you will soon know why!" The familiar voice echoed in his knowledge.

"Finally slaughter him!" A man in black walked to Ji Mingyue's side, and a sword pierced into Ji Mingyue's forehead again.

"You're really promoted. The sea of consciousness in your head is annihilated. He is dead and can't die anymore!" Another man in black took off the mask on his face, revealing a handsome young face.

"Six Brothers, you..." A man in black also came to the body of Ji Mingyue, looking at the young man who took off his mask, and wanted to say something, but he still shut up.

"Third brother! Don't say anything, there are no outsiders here anyway, even the hidden fairy strongmen of his Ji family can't detect here." The young man called Liudi didn't care about waving his hand.

"Okay! You two can't go back to Ji's house again after being exposed this time. Unfortunately, the eyeliners we put down for decades are wasted for such a kid!" The man in black called the third brother looked at both The young man of the Ji family showed helplessness in the corner of his mouth.

"Yes!" The two young people of the Ji family stood up, their faces no longer pale, and looked at Ji Mingyue's body with a cold smile.

"They... they..." Ji Mingyue finally knew what Zhao Yuande meant. It turned out that he wanted to recognize the true colors of the two.

"Got it! The two of them obviously did not do their best, and there are many flaws, but you didn't notice." Zhao Yuande sighed softly.

"Then... Brother Zhao can..." Ji Mingyue asked a little nervously.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande agreed.

Suddenly a blurry figure appeared in the space, and everyone around him only felt that there was a world of suppression in the void.

The surrounding space seemed to be instantly pressed into a crystal clear amber, and they were a few bugs enclosed in amber!

This figure is getting taller and taller, like a great **** standing in the void, and just raising their hands gently, they feel an irresistible and terrible force suppressing them.