Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109: You Are Not Dead

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"You dare to kill him, you can't escape any of you today!" Zhao Yuande made a cold and ruthless voice.

"We joined forces to break out, otherwise we must die here today!" One of the men in black suddenly appeared bright and generous on his body, and a yellow light curtain rose from his body to withstand this terrifying power.

"All come with life-saving cards!" The man in black, known as the third brother, didn't know when there was a broken bronze mirror in his hand. The bronze mirror shot a white light, breaking the void into a narrow channel .

The figure shrank, as if it were a dexterous ape, and escaped directly from this narrow passage.

"Do you want to go? It's not that easy!" Zhao Yuande snorted with one finger and crossed out.

"Bah!" The man in black, known as the third brother, was cut in half from head to toe in the narrow void.

His knowledge of the sea Bang exploded, and blood fell from the tunnel with the corpse bones, and the people under the pour were all bright red.

"You... who the **** are you? Why should you help the Ji family!" The man in black, wrapped in a yellow light curtain, suddenly saw that the other party's cultivation practice was too strong. Can't escape alive anymore.

"I'm Ji Ming's true friend!" Zhao Yuande flicked his fingers, and the invisible power of the sky was shot, running through the head of a black man.

"What! Ji Ming's true!" The black man's body trembles, what kind of existence does Ji Ming really, this person is his friend, no wonder so powerful!

Seeing this place, the spies of the two Ji families were filled with despair, knowing that they were not spared today.

"I won't kill the two of you! I will leave you to Ji's family for disposal!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the two who could not move the little finger pressed by the force of the void, and then looked at the yellow light curtain. The man in black among them sneered, "Say! As long as you tell the story, I will leave a trace of your soul, giving you the opportunity to reincarnate and rebirth, or else..."

Zhao Yuande's palm was lightly pressed in the void, the yellow light curtain seemed to be broken like a soap bubble, and the man in black was pinched by Zhao Yuande's neck like a duck.

"You..." The eyes of the man in black are full of anger and unwillingness, but he knows that he will die today, and he cannot last for long with the protection of this treasure on his body.

Among the many immortal treasures obtained in this endless black prison, the most frustrating thing is that it has experienced too long, the grade has fallen, and it itself is damaged.

His Xianbao is because of a crack on it, so he can not hold it for too long.

"I...say!" The man in black has no choice but to say everything he knows.

These people turned out to be the people of the Xianfengzhou Xiandi Palace. The star of Xiandi Palace met Ji Mingzhen in the wind and snow field and was defeated by the war!

Almost directly destroyed by Ji Mingzhen, he is still recuperating in the city of immortal emperor and has not left the world of the fifth city.

He learned that Ji Mingyue and Ji Mingyan of the Ji family had successfully arrived in the Fifth City World, and he began planning for revenge, causing the Ji family to lose these two real seeds.

And the rest is simple. Immortal Emperor Palace used the two secret hands lurking in the Ji family to complete the killing mission.

"This guy, Tian Xing, hasn't left yet!" The somewhat fat figure appeared in Zhao Yuande's mind, this guy is really insidious!

"The two of you..." Zhao Yuande learned the truth, and at random shoved all the secret hands of the two Immortal Emperor Palaces and sealed them.

"Let's go! I will send you back to Ji's house!" He grabbed Ji Mingyue on the ground, and then took two seals of scrapped people, tore the void directly and stepped into it.

The next moment appeared, they were already outside the maelstrom of endless black prison.

He has traveled through the void several times in a row, only to find a quiet and empty place.

He injected the power of the undead body in his body into Ji Mingyue's body, and Ji Mingyue's body instantly recovered as before.

"I'm mad at me!" Ji Mingyue's Sea of Knowledge returned to his place, and the whole person returned to normal.

"Okay! These two people give you, you better change your appearance and quietly take these two guys back to Ji's house, maybe you can bring out a few big fish." Zhao Yuande left the two seals in Ji In front of Mingyue.

"You...Ji Mingyue, you are not dead! How is this possible!" The two of them saw Ji Mingyue standing in front of themselves alive, and suddenly their heads were confused.

They originally thought that their task had been completed, even if they died it was considered to have completed the task.

But I did not expect that after planning for such a long time, instead of killing him, instead, several important disciples died in Xiandi Palace, and their identities have been exposed.

And as long as Ji Mingyue takes them back to touch the claws, I am afraid that the power lurking in the palace of the Immortal Emperor will be uprooted.

"Brother Zhao! Thank you very much, your helper, Ji Mingyue, wrote it down!" Ji Mingyue focused on Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! My brother Mingzhen and I are friends. This is nothing!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, suddenly thinking of something, and continued, "Yes! If possible, I hope your Ji's family will be able to care more The Power of Xia Ba Jing Palace in the Fifth World!"

"No problem! At this time I will try my best!" Ji Mingyue nodded, Zhao Yuande made this request, but made his heart feel a little relaxed.

The feelings owed to others are always to be paid back, and he can open his heart a little when he can pay back a little.

Zhao Yuande's body stepped into the void again and disappeared directly into place.

"Brother Zhao's cultivation practice is getting stronger and stronger! Now I don't know how many times stronger than the Yin-Yang channel. It seems that even my cousin may not be able to win him..." Ji Mingyue looked at the place where Zhao Yuande disappeared. Can not help but sigh gently.

"The battle over there is over!" Fang Zhen carefully felt the fluctuations in the distance, and his face finally showed a relief expression.

"The last breath is terrible! I am afraid it is stronger than the ancestors. Why does this powerful presence appear here?" Fang Haishan's face was horrified, and Zhao Yuande's body suddenly came to his mind just now. Too much pressure.

"No matter what, let's leave the 16th floor first! Here will soon gather the heroes, and take this opportunity to go to the 17th floor!" Fang Zhen is very experienced, and quickly took everyone to the next floor.

The volatility Zhao Yuande just made was so powerful that it almost attracted the attention of the strong people from the upper, lower, and third floors. These people came to the 16th floor to investigate.

There are frictions between many forces, how can everyone not come together without a war, as Fang Zhen said, the sixteenth floor soon became a land of right and wrong.

When they reach the 17th floor, they can safely explore the endless prison.