Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110: You Got Fooled

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"There is a weird breath in this prison!"

A long stick in Fang Zhen's hand directly broke the door of the old woman, and rushed in like a gust of wind.

Suddenly, he felt a strong wind blow, he instantly felt as if he was being stared at by a terrible murderous creature, a cold and bloodthirsty killing and brutal atmosphere echoed in this space.

Not only did he not feel afraid at this time, but he was also full of excitement.

"All come in immediately and close the door to the blockade prison! I'm afraid there will be a big guy this time!" Fang Zhen's face appeared excited.

At this time a huge shield had been added to his arm, covering his entire person and even several people behind him behind this shield.

The golden patterns on the shield are densely covered, and the flashing golden light instantly illuminates the entire space.

Zhao Yuande saw a huge monster in the corner locked by black chains.

The monster was exposed to the golden light like a monster exposed to the sun all at once. Black smoke erupted from its body and made a sizzling noise.

"This is an ancient fierce beast. When imprisoned here, it should have reached the peak of the Divine Beast! But now its combat power should be equivalent to the early strong of the Divine Emperor." Fang Zhen looked at the monster, his face suddenly Satisfied smile.

"Brother, can you give me a try!" Fang Haishan shivered slightly at this moment, and his face showed a eager expression.

"Yes, but you still have to be careful!" Fang Zhen glanced at Fang Haishan, nodded his head gently, and continued, "Zhiyangdan is also very harmful to this monster, and may have an unexpected effect on it. When fighting for a while, be sure to pinch one in your hand at any time."

"Well!" Fang Haishan focused on his head. He obviously had no previous experience with this powerful monster, and he is now extremely nervous.


The monster seemed to be fiercely irradiated with golden light, and the body stood up at once, opening its blood basin and roaring towards everyone.

A strong sound wave swept through, and suddenly there were black ripples around the void.

"Come back!" After Fang Zhen pulled Fang Haishan back to the shield with some confusion, "The roar of this monster can already hurt you. The best way to deal with Sonic is to focus on a little broken void, like this !"

Fang Zhen's long stick pointed out like an electric flint, just in the middle of the sonic sweep.


The place where the stick hits, the void is suddenly shattered by the pieces of powerful power, and the terrible sound waves that swept through are even torn apart by the broken void, and the powerful attack power suddenly disappears invisible.

"Wow! Brother is so powerful!" Fang Qingxue looked at Fang Zhen with some admiration.

"Know brother!" Fang Haishan's face appeared suddenly, nodded gently, and walked out of the shield's defense range again, walking towards the monster.

The appearance of this monster is like a gorilla that has been magnified many times, a pair of arms is very thick, and a pair of eyes looks at the approaching Fang Haishan with a fierce voice.

"Monster! Die!"

Fang Haishan broke out loudly, his sword and awn flashed.

The war between the two soon opened, as Fang Zhen said.

This monster's combat power has dropped too much, not even as early as the ordinary Divine Emperor, and it is still locked by several black chains, and the attack has a certain range.

Although Fang Haishan's experience in fighting such monsters is not very sufficient, he is very clever and has a feeling of courage and fearlessness in battle, and soon he has the upper hand.

"Brother come on! Come on! Cut this monster!" Fang Qingxue looked at the excited clapping hands.

The battle soon ended. After all, Fang Haishan was a genuine strong emperor in the early days. With all these advantages, he finally cut off the monster's head.

"Hurry up and collect the blood of this monster, and then..." Fang Zhen smiled on his face, instructing Fang Haishan to process this monster into various materials, and then into the storage space.

Although Fang Qingxue is a girl, she is also a cultivator. She has experienced this **** scene more than once, so she doesn't feel anything about it, but looks at it with relish.

Just when the three were busy, Zhao Yuande's body had gone back and forth through the void.


Half a day later, Fang Zhen once again knocked open the door of a prison, and found an ancient strongman who turned into a ghost.

This yin spirit is dying, Fang Qingxue got the chance to shoot this time, went to the last battle to destroy the yin spirit, and also got several good ancient treasures.

Of course, the ancient cultivators here are all under the fairyland, and there is nothing too good on them.

When Fang Zhen was assigned to him, he waved his hand and refused.

"It seems that something is not right!" Fang Zhen frowned suddenly when he walked in the promenade. "How do I think I have been here before."

"We seem to have entered a maze!" Zhao Yuande nodded. He had discovered this situation long ago, and also found a person hidden in the dark.

"You be careful, we may be ambushed by someone who is interested!" Fang Zhen's face showed a dignified color, and the long stick was already firmly in his hand.

"Hey! Little boys, you finally fell into the hands of the old man!" A voice in the void swayed, as if filling every piece of space.

"Little girl, you are the first!" A large hand that has been withered like a bird's claws came out of the void and directly caught Fang Qingxue. There was a creepy grin from the void, "Ji... I want to eat your smooth and tender body a little bit, and the thick blood flows down..."

Fang Qingxue has been spoiled by everyone since she was small. When did she hear this vicious and terrible language? Fang Qingxue's original combat power was not even left with five points, and her pale face and throat rolled continuously, a burst in her abdomen. The tumbling, almost vomiting.

"Sister Sister!" Fang Haishan around him saw this situation, his face changed suddenly, and he immediately cut the big claw-like hand with a sword.

"Hey! You're fooled!" Who knows that the sword light cut by Fang Haishan cut off that big hand effortlessly, and the big hand suddenly turned into a burst of green smoke and disappeared, while the other bird-clawed big hand directly Appeared from behind Fang Haishan, slapped **** his back directly.


A flash of light flickered, and a white light curtain flashed behind Fang Haishan, blocking the big hand.

But obviously this light curtain could not completely block the long-awaited shock, and soon the sound of the light curtain shattered.