Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112: Truly Strong

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Zhao Yuande's voice was amplified infinitely in her mind at this time, even exceeding her worshipped Brother Fang Zhen!

"This is the real powerhouse!"

Fang Haishan was also looking at the scene standing innocently, like Zhao Yuande, who was like a god, and his heart kept echoing this voice.

At first he was still a little puzzled. How could a person who didn't even reach the Divine Emperor Realm pass through the first three cities, and how could he be fancy by the strong man of the main vein!

Now he finally understands, because people are against the sky!

The person who attacked just now was obviously the strong man of the late Emperor God, but he was captured by a person at the peak of the emperor.

If this kind of thing was put before, he wouldn't even dream of dreaming, but now he sees it with his own eyes.

This gap, this kind of psychological difference, makes him feel like a clown in an instant!

In fact, the most shocking is Fang Zhen!

His cultivation base is much higher than that of Fang Haishan, and his vision is even higher than that of him.

He instantly judged that the power that Zhao Yuande exploded just now was enough to kill the late Emperor Shen.

Even if you are prepared, you may not be able to overcome the war with the other party.

He was able to successfully capture the man, one was the opponent's light enemy, the other was the armor on him, and the third was his powerful fighting ability.

The other party is now only the peak of the emperor. If he can successfully advance the Divine Emperor or even the Divine Emperor Realm, I am afraid that it will not be worse than the few people in the legend.

Zhao Yuande quickly defeated his opponent, causing Fang Zhen's opponent to panic.

To know that the helper hired by this thin old man is more powerful than him. Now if the other party joins together, I am afraid that they will be killed soon.

"Good! Boy, you hide so deeply! The old man is planted today, and we will see you next time!" The thin old man shrank into the void, and his figure disappeared.

"Do you want to escape? It's late!" Zhao Yuande slaughtered the **** stick in his hand, and turned harder towards a certain point in the void.

The killing stick penetrated into the void without hindrance.

"Ah!" A miserable cry came from the void.

A figure fell out of the void and fell directly in front of Fang Zhen.

A big transparent hole appeared in his abdomen, and blood poured like a fountain.

"You run away!"

Fang Zhen was overjoyed and rushed to the foot of the old man, showing a vicious expression on his face.

"I hate it!"

The old man looked at Zhao Yuande unwillingly, his eyes full of resentment.

Zhao Yuande's stick directly pierced his blood, and his body was basically abolished!

"Kill it!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the old man without any fluctuation in his eyes.

"No... don't kill me, I..." When the old man heard this, his face was pale, he didn't want to die!

"it is good!"

Fang Zhen hated this old guy for a long time, leaving him completely a scourge, it is better to kill him directly.

Fang Zhen's big feet forced the old man's head directly.

Knowing the sea collapsed, the soul annihilated, even if you want to be reborn into life.

Fang Zhen searched out all the treasures of the old guy and took out all the things of another person killed by Zhao Yuande.

"These things are of no use to me. You three are divided!" Zhao Yuande glanced at him. His eyes were so venomous, he suddenly found that both of them had broken ancient treasures, which were of no use to him.

"This...not good!" Fang Zhen hesitated.

Zhao Yuande has now put away the Slaughter Rod and the Eternal Adamantite Battlegear, and has regained his previous appearance.

However, Fang Zhen was afraid to treat him with the attitude just now, and there was a little more respect.

Fang Haishan was even more silent at this time. Some of his eyes did not dare to touch Zhao Yuande. When he saw Zhao Yuande, he felt ashamed.

Fang Qingxue's twinkling eyes kept moving around Zhao Yuande's body, as if to see a little difference from him.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Okay!" Fang Zhen's eyes showed a surprise, he guessed that Zhao Yuande must have a very powerful immortal treasure given by the Sect, such as this set of armor, this black stick!

The other party will not care about this kind of thing at all!

Thinking of this, he naturally readily agreed.

Fang Qingxue clenched her fists in excitement, and many treasures were added, giving her a sense of upstart, going back and finally having talks with many little sisters.

"Haishan! Don't be discouraged!" Fang Zhen slapped Haishan's shoulder at this time, and said to him, "The cultivator who can enter the Twelve Centenary City and pass the first three cities is not a big gate. In the event of a genius pick, we are just a group of people who have been left behind in the world of the Fifth City. We have to face reality, as long as we compare ourselves with the previous ones!"

"Brother, I know!" Fang Haishan nodded silently. He knew the truth originally, but he could not accept this fact for a while.

Now that he had said it, he quickly recovered his normal heart.

But secretly cheering for himself.

They quickly processed these treasures and continued searching on this level.

Their luck was very good. After a while, they found a life-like prison. After they entered, they were a thin, boneless prisoner whose spirit was already abnormal.

This prisoner is relatively weak, so Fang Qingxue took over the task of beheading this prisoner.

After several attempts, the little girl successfully beheaded the prisoner and obtained the treasure left in the prisoner's body.

With the first shot, Fang Qingxue also began to become eager to try.

Ten days have passed, they have experienced more than a dozen battles, and they have gradually reached the 19th floor.

Each of them participated in several battles, especially the progress of Fang Qingxue and Fang Haishan, and they also quickly grew up from a rookie who was full of mistakes.

However, in these dozen battles, Zhao Yuande basically didn't do anything. These prisoners either had mental problems that had been tortured through endless years, or the fighting power of the beasts locked in chains had dropped to a minimum, and his shot was meaningless.

In the past ten days, they have also met many other powerful forces, but everyone is very restrained.

Because under the 20th floor, they are basically some strong people who come to take their disciples to experience.

And if it is below the 20th floor, each floor is dangerous, because below the 20th floor is already a prisoner in the fairyland.

These prisoners are not only strong, but also the treasures on their bodies are starting to be extraordinary. Someone once got a fifth-grade fairy treasure on the 21st floor!

At that time, this fairy treasure was born, causing a storm of blood and blood. I don't know how many forces have been drawn in, countless spaces have been penetrated, and the celestial ancestors who have been suppressing the realm have appeared without hesitation!