Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113: You Finally Understand

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"Either... Or do we go to the 20th floor to see?" Fang Zhen looked at Zhao Yuande with a little embarrassment on his face, he proposed, "We are accompanying you to try, and the result is..."

"Oh! It doesn't really matter. The 20th floor doesn't matter to me. You will go back after the 20th floor! I'll go to the 20th floor and see." Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

He knew that with Fang Qingxue and Fang Haishan, they could not enter the 20th floor, and the combat effectiveness of these two people would become a burden underneath.

"Well! Okay!" Fang Zhen nodded. "Then we will go to the 20th floor first, find the entrance to the 21st floor, and the three of us will go back."

"Hey! I really want to see it on the 21st floor!" Fang Qingxue sighed softly. Her cultivation ability was nothing but the peak of the Divine Emperor, and her true combat effectiveness did not exceed her level.

Fang Haishan also has some uncomfortable faces, which become a burden to others. This kind of feeling is very uncomfortable.

The number of practitioners in the 20th floor has gradually increased, but most of them are in a hurry.

"There is a strong breath in this prison, and it looks like our luck is good." Fang Zhen suddenly looked at a prison not far away. The door of this prison was already open, and there were still traces of fighting, a **** breath. It came out faintly.

"I feel that this prison seems unusual, so be careful!" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly. He looked at the prison, and there was always a strange feeling.

"Well! It was very likely that someone had entered this prison just now, but they did not defeat the prisoners. The two of you followed us, don't rush in." Fang Zhen nodded.

But he is also a brave and decisive person, and he has not given up the idea of exploration because of danger.

"it is good!"

Fang Qingxue and Fang Haishan both nodded gently, and their faces were dignified.

The prison door was wide open, and Fang Zhen had already put his powerful shield in front of him at this time. This shield was also a good product of immortality and had saved his life many times.

Zhao Yuande followed Fang Zhen and stepped into the prison one step at a time. He felt as if he had entered a **** of Shura.

More than a dozen corpses lie on the ground in a mess, each corpse is incomplete, and limbs are scattered around.

The blood had condensed into a thick layer of blood scab, which was spread on the ground like a layer of asphalt, and a choking blood instantly pierced their noses.

In a corner, a few dark chains locked a figure with a disheveled hair, and he exuded a dangerous breath.

His eyes are green like a hungry beast, staring at Zhao Yuande

"Hey! You are here!" The man gave a horror-like laughter like a night owl.

A dangerous breath filled the entire prison space instantly.

"This man is very strong. I'm afraid he entered the fairyland after being put in prison, and his current combat effectiveness is still not weaker than that of the late Emperor. It seems that this battle requires a few of us to cooperate!" Fang Zhen looked at him dignifiedly. The figure turned to Zhao Yuande and said, "Especially the two of you, you only need to protect yourself when you come in. Don't be brave. The gains these days should keep you safe!"

The two nodded, inspired some defensive treasures, and prepared for battle ahead of time.

"If you feel that you are in danger, you can immediately rush out of the prison gate! Now, Brother Zhao, the two of us should cooperate well! I live in defense of your main attack!" Fang Zhen nodded at Zhao Yuande, holding his big shield suddenly. Zi rushed directly to the prisoner.


The prisoner's skinny body stood up suddenly, like a balloon filled with air, and his shriveled skin quickly turned rosy and shiny.

In a flash, the prisoner became a tall middle-aged man with a tall, full of sharp light, but there was no such madness, madness, bloodthirsty, etc. in the eyes of ordinary prisoners. Some emotions are just indifference and a kind of pride that the fish is finally hooked.

" are..." Fang Zhen was dumbfounded when he saw this middle-aged big Hanton, his forward momentum stopped, standing at a distance of three feet away from the other side, looking at the other side with some surprise. "You Sun Tian's guard? Why are you here?"

As soon as Fang Zhen's words were finished, he felt that the void seemed to be blocked.

"Fang Zhen! You are really confused, why do you say?" In a corner of the prison, Guanghua flashed out of three people.

Among them is the first person with a face like Guan Yu. He looked at Fang Zhen's mouth with a confident smile.

"Sun Tian! What the **** do you want to do? Although there is some hatred between us, it hasn't reached the point where life and death are facing each other! Besides, this time there is the main vein..." said Fang Zhen's face suddenly changed greatly, he pointed out Sun Tian almost shivered, "Sun Tian, you are crazy, but he is the master of the main vein,"

"Fang Zhen, you finally understand!" Sun Tian's face smiled faintly, with a winning expression on his face. "As long as the so-called mainline messenger is killed, our second line can justifiably accuse you of committing suicide. The main vein messenger, and then you know, the third vein will be stepped on by us! Haha, Fang Zhen, what do you think of this idea?"

"Sun Tian! You are despicable!" Fang Qingxue gritted his teeth when he heard the other party's words, and if it wasn't for Fang Haishan, he almost rushed to fight the other party.

"Oh! It's Qingxue sister, you can rest assured! I will never kill you, a little beauty as beautiful as you, I will kill you if I kill think I will take you down in a while, should How to deal with you?" Sun Tian playfully touched his chin and looked up and down Fang Qingxue up and down, revealing a trace of evil glory in his eyes.

"You... despicable, shameless, nasty, scum, pigs and dogs are not as good as..." Fang Qingxue's eyes flashed, and she naturally knew what the other party wanted to do.

"Sun Tian! Do you think you can kill us?" Fang Haishan pulled Fang Qingxue, staring coldly at Sun Tian, and couldn't help but think of Zhao Yuande's powerful performance before. The other party obviously didn't understand all this.

He sneaked a glance at Zhao Yuande, not far away, and found that the other party was not at all worried. There was even a slight sneer in the corner of his mouth.

Fang Haishan suddenly felt relieved, and he felt that Sun Tianzhi and Liu Liu might be wrong this time.

At this time, Fang Zhen had slowly retreated to Zhao Yuande's side, and his eyes swept Zhao Yuande intentionally or unintentionally.

But when he saw the other person blinking at himself gently, his heart suddenly settled.

In these days of contact, he can clearly feel the strength of the other party, no matter what kind of powerful existence he encounters, the other party has not frowned.