Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115: Ancient Dragon Python

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At this time the sky above him gradually disappeared, and everyone felt like they were back in the dark prison.

Looking at the huge black hole above the ground, dozens of feet deep, and there was a burst of cold breath coming from below.

Fang Qingxue and Fang Haishan could not help swallowing a spit.

With the realm of the two of them, it is impossible to imagine how powerful the previous blow was!

This blow actually penetrated the space barrier between the 20th and 21st floors. It seems that if you want to enter the 21st floor, you don't need to find other passages.

"This... this is impossible!" Sun Tian looked at the big hole incredulously, and the three guards that disappeared in Yuehua, his heart was filled with endless despair.

He knew that he had underestimated the main messenger this time, and he knew he didn't dare to have such a thought at all, but now everything is too late.

"Let me go, if you kill me, it will cause a conflict between the two veins of the Bajing Palace, and will make the Bajing Palace's already weak forces unable to survive in the strong forest! In this way, you will all become sinners in the Bajing Palace! "Sun Tian has no choice but to threaten the other party with such words.

"You died here, who knew we killed it? And even if they knew that they would still have faces to come to us? Moreover, your second vein is not a monolithic one. Maybe if this matter is exposed, Sun Fengyun will be killed. Just rush off the altar, your Sun family will lose everything in the second vein!" Fang Zhen sneered, the offensive in his hand became more and more fierce.

"You can't kill me, I'm not so easy to die!" Sun Tian's face suddenly became extremely unbearable.

There was an extra jade rune in his hand at this time, and the black runes on it seemed to be black fish.

"Give me!"

He smashed the jade auspiciously, and everyone only saw a black air enveloping his body in an instant. His body quickly dwindled like a gas balloon, and the skin on his face was very slack. Hilly and gully-like wrinkles.

"No! He wants to escape!"

Fang Zhen's face changed, and it was a little late to block it. Sun Tian's skinny body was wrapped in black air, and he flew towards the big hole on the ground leading to the 21st floor.

"Want to go! It's so easy!" Zhao Yuande was a little empty.

Everyone only felt that the real space seemed to be fixed at once, and Sun Tian, who was wrapped in black gas, was at a speed as if a snail was crawling, and slowly pointed his fingers.

This trick was realized by Zhao Yuande from Nayue, and was differentiated and used alone.

This finger contains two avenues of time and void, and these two avenues happen to be proficient.

"In my hands, you can't escape at all! Leave it to me!" Zhao Yuande swiped his fingers, cut off his fingers, and directly cut Sun Tian's dry head.

Just as his head flew off, the black mist surrounding his body exploded instantly, exploding his body into pieces of crushed powder.

"Don't you want to get what's on me, even if I ruin it, it won't be cheap for you!" Sun Tian's head fell to the ground, staring at the people fiercely, a black rock shot from his eyebrow, it was his soul.

"Don't go away! Stay and be a witness!" Zhao Yuande's hand caught in the sky and imprisoned his soul, and threw it directly into his own inner world.

Looking at Zhao Yuande's leisure court, he generally understood several opponents Tsing Yi. Fang Zhen couldn't help but sigh in his heart. Is this his real strength?

The other two also looked at Zhao Yuande with admiration, especially Fang Haishan. At this time, he was never jealous or unhappy. The other's cultivation behavior was beyond his imagination, even more powerful than his master. Times, what is the point of such a person being jealous?

Does it seem that an ant will be jealous of an elephant?

"The three of you go back! Let me go to the next few levels to see!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly to the three, and his body disappeared into the **** hole in a flash.

"This is the real genius!" Fang Zhen looked at the big hole, and he still hasn't completely freed himself from the shock.

"I found that we were like three clowns!" Fang Qingxue's face was a little unsightly.

"They haven't said anything, it's our subjective assumptions. Now that they want to come, they haven't even changed their face all the way! Even when they met Sun Tian, the four people have always been at ease and feel that everything is in control." Fang Zhen sighed, "I don't know when we will reach this level."

"Did you say that he concealed his cultivation behavior? Maybe he was already the strongest of God Emperor's Peak?" Fang Haishan had some unexpected thoughts at this time.

"will not"

Zhao Yuande fell from the black hole, and soon fell into a dark prison, where there was no light as if it was a vacuum.

"Huh? Isn't that a coincidence?" Zhao Yuande's corner of his mouth slightly raised, and he felt that the prison was very large, and there was a faint strong breath lurking, as if...

"Squeak!" Just when he thought of this, there was a voice in his arms, and it turned out that Shilong Roar woke up.

Since the last time the Dragon Eater swallowed Sky Tribulation, it has been in a daze. Even the last time he helped himself to cover the Sky Tribulation was out of semi-awakeness.

He knew that the other party was probably digesting the power of the Thunder.

But I don't know why this little guy woke up suddenly, listening to the sound seems to be very excited.

"Oh, little guy, you're awake!" Zhao Yuande looked at the Dragon Eater who had already hurriedly got out of his arms.

At this time its little nose kept shaking, as if smelling something delicious.

Zhao Yuande communicated with Shilonghou, and immediately understood what it meant.

It even said that there is something delicious here!

"Delicious?" Zhao Yuande was a little confused. What would be delicious in this dark prison?

But when Zhao Yuande was puzzled, he suddenly heard a deep roar from the darkness.

Immediately afterwards, two white rays brighter than the sun immediately illuminated the entire space.

"This is..." Zhao Yuande suddenly saw what these two white rays were.

This turned out to be two eyes!

This space is incomparably huge, and a cold atmosphere circulates continuously in the space.

A giant monster resembling a dragon is not a dragon, but a snake is not a snake.

This monster has a pair of dragon horns, two dragons with tens of feet long, and dark green saliva flowing down the corner of the mouth.

But the body of the monster is smooth like a mirror, and has no limbs like a dragon.

"Ancient dragon python, ancient mythical beast, possesses the blood of real dragons and snakes, powerful and endless vitality, high-end ingredients..."