Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116: Stop Me

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"Huh? This guy turned out to be an ancient beast, but also has the blood of the two great beasts!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned, if this guy slaughtered into a gourmet, I am afraid that the effect is against the sky!

He finally understood why the little guy was so excited!

Eat Dragon Roar! Just like its name, it used to eat real dragons in ancient times, and dragons should be its favorite food.

He can feel that this ancient dragon python contains this huge energy. The current combat power should be at the peak of the Divine Emperor. It is not difficult for him to kill it. If he can refine his fourth blood with his own blood The star should appear!

Of course, it is just a manifestation, not an activation!

But even this also gave him a certain direction, so that he can see hope.


Just as Zhao Yuande thought about it, the little guy cried again.

The voice seemed to be a kid who was robbed of a lollipop, full of grievances.

"Okay! Little fellow, how about the two of us to discuss?" Zhao Yuande looked at Shilong Roar and smiled, "I will help you catch this big guy, you eat its meat, I want its blood to practice how about it?"

Of course, if the little guy really needs this ancient dragon python very much, he will not stick to it anyway. Anyway, there will be more opportunities after this opportunity.

But the little guy obviously has that kind of wonderful connection with Zhao Yuande. Although the two are not relatives, they are more like relatives.

The little guy tilted his head for a moment and even nodded gently.

Seeing the little guy nod, Zhao Yuande's face suddenly smiled.

And at this moment, the ancient dragon python opposite saw the little white figure of the little guy, and his body suddenly shivered.

As if seeing a natural enemy, the entire huge snake body suddenly entrenched, and the dragon head was raised high.

Such a huge ancient beast is so full of fear for a newly born, slap-sized little guy that no one can believe it at all.

"Since it is afraid of you, this is simple! Let's go together and kill it!" Zhao Yuande's face smiled slightly.

In his hand, the killing stick appeared, and a terrifying blue real dragon appeared in the void. The green dragon roared and bite at the ancient dragon python opposite.


The ancient dragon python felt the real dragon's breath, and finally lost the courage to fight. The huge body shrank back like lightning.

But at this moment, the little guy in Zhao Yuande's hand disappeared in an instant, and the next moment appeared directly on the head of the ancient dragon python.

"The technique of moving the void!" Zhao Yuande's eyes almost glared out, which was faster than tearing the void himself, and his mastery of the way of the void was still above him.

Of course, this is not the little guy's own grasp, but the inheritance of the blood in his head!

Feeling the little guy above his head, the ancient dragon python's face changed greatly, as if encountering a big crisis, its head slammed toward the ground, directly hitting **** the ground.


The earth cracked a huge gap, and a large pit that was several feet deep appeared under the head of the ancient dragon python.

"Little guy!" Zhao Yuande's complexion changed, and he looked subconsciously into the big pit that the ancient dragon python's head smashed.

When he saw nothing in the big pit, he took a sigh of relief.


A white shadow reappeared on the head of the ancient dragon python, and the sharp little claws shone with a dreadful cold light.


The small paw fell, and Zhao Yuande could clearly hear the sound of a cracked bone.


Ancient Dragon Python snarled painfully, roaring!

A big hole was pulled out of the top of his head by the little guy.

And the little guy shrank, and directly into the brain of the ancient dragon python.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the little guy passed on a very excited emotion, and it was actually sucking the brain of the ancient dragon python.

"This..." Zhao Yuande found that he was now superfluous and could not help at all!

After the little guy got into the head of the ancient dragon python, the ancient dragon python began to roll and roar in the space!

The surrounding solid walls were hit with huge cracks.

How could such a large movement not attract the attention of others, and soon Zhao Yuande felt that there were a large number of powerful people around here.

However, he did not care. Although these cultivators were powerful, they did not threaten him.

After about a dozen breaths, the huge ancient dragon python twitched violently, and then lay straight on the ground motionless!

A white shadow flew out of the ancient dragon python's head. The little guy fell in the palm of Zhao Yuande, his face full of human expressions of satisfaction.

Its small paws patted its belly, and then pointed to the huge body of the ancient dragon python, and finally pointed to Zhao Yuande's belly.

Zhao Yuande suddenly understood that the little guy wanted Zhao Yuande to collect the body of this ancient dragon python and wait for it to digest the brain of the ancient dragon python before eating it!

"Oh! No problem, go digest it first! I'll save it for you!" Zhao Yuande gently stroked the soft white hair on his body, showing a spoiled expression on his face.

"Squeak!" The little guy nodded and re-entered Zhao Yuande's arms, just fell asleep in the blink of an eye.

"It seems that I still took the advantage!" Zhao Yuande chuckled and walked to the huge corpse, he was going to be included in the body world.

Just at this time, a huge roar came from not far away.

A bright light was projected from outside, and Zhao Yuande saw two tall silhouettes rushing in one after the other.

"Boy, stop me!" A shout came from the front figure.

This figure was a young man covered in silver armor. He saw Zhao Yuande's hand grabbing the ancient dragon python's body on the ground as soon as he entered the space.

At the same time, a dark light shot from the spear in his hand, piercing straight towards Zhao Yuande's eyebrow.

Zhao Yuande flicked the black mans with his hand, and the other palm still took the ancient dragon python's body directly into his own body world.

"Damn! How dare you not listen to me! Let me die!" The young man in the silver armor was arrogant and overbearing, and the spear in his hand swept towards Zhao Yuande.

A sharp black light cut through the void and cut directly towards Zhao Yuande.

"I was seized by you guys, hey!" The figure behind was a young man with white light all over his body and elegant temperament. The white light emitted from his body at the moment turned out to be fairy spirit!

At this time, the spirit of the fairy in the young man was vigorous, and there was only a slight taste of the spirit. Obviously, he has entered the peak of the God Emperor. As long as the last trace of the spirit is converted into the spirit of the spirit, he will successfully enter the fairy. territory!