Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117: Who Are You

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Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look at the person's eyes twice, and a gleam appeared in his eyes.

These two people are obviously the geniuses who participated in the Twelve Ascension City with him, but they are the ones who reached the God Realm!

They avoided the test of the first three cities, and came to the world of this fifth city early.

When entering the Fifth City world at the time, these people were basically the early cultivation of the Divine Emperor Realm, and only a few of the best and most powerful reached the middle of the Divine Emperor!

But this young man's cultivation base has reached the peak of the Divine Emperor at this time. What kind of adventure did they experience, and they reached this state in a short period of time.

But now that the young man in silver armor has attacked, he has no time to think about it!

Slaughter God sticks at will, blocking the black light directly.

"It's not rude to come and go! You'll be hit by me too!" Zhao Yuande screamed, turned into a cyan dragon in his hand, and roared back to the opponent.

"It's a terrible attack!" The young man in the back sees this terrifying power, and he can't help but show a smile in his mouth. He leans back slightly and doesn't want to be involved in this war.

The young silver armor felt a powerful coercion, and his face also showed a very dignified look.

"The spear of the setting sun!"

The spear in the hands of the young silver armor seemed to turn into a dark light that covered the sky and sun, and greeted the past toward the green dragon turned into a killing stick.


Qinglong and the dark light collided together, and suddenly set off a terrifying wave.

The space around it seemed to be shattered and broken like a mirror.

"So strong!"

The young man in silver armor took a step back and forth for seven or eight steps to get a firm footing, and there was a flush in his face.

He looked at Zhao Yuande on the opposite side. The other party did not retreat, but instead stepped heavily towards himself.

"It's yours, I don't want it anymore!" The silver armored young man simply turned around and walked away without any mess.

The elegant young man standing behind watched the young silver armor retreat, his eyes moved slightly, and there was a flash of war in his eyes, but the next moment he also retreated with the young silver armor.

Zhao Yuande looked at the figure of the two going away, and could not help frowning slightly.

He didn't chase because he felt that the elegant young man's breath was much stronger than the silver armor young man.

Even if he is catching up, he needs to sacrifice his cards or change his real body if he wants to win under the cooperation of the two!

But he hasn't detected that these two men are the powerful ones just in a hurry. If these two men are disciples of several forces related to them, it would be great to kill them!

He stepped out and walked out of this space.

The next moment, he found himself in a magnificent palace.

The palaces are closely connected, and these are the prisons of the 21st floor!

Of course, these are all serious immortals, even the prisoners have to live a bit higher!

In the corridor of the palace, the lights were bright and there were two bright oil lamps every tens of feet.

There was a slightly salty smell in the corridor.

"After the endless years, the oil lamps here can continue to stay on. What is the oil in them?" Zhao Yuande explored those oil lamps curiously.

In an instant he discovered that this oil lamp turned out to be a piece of storage space with a lot of space. It was filled with a lot of inky grease and a black wick with thick pinky fingers protruded into the space. The salty feed is the smell of this dark oil after burning.

"This seems to be the fat of a sea beast!" Zhao Yuande preliminarily judged.

Looking at the passage to the endless and far away, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned.

How many sea beasts need to be slaughtered and how many space oil lamps need to be refined?

This is beyond his imagination. If these space oil lamps are of value, even the super large chamber of commerce such as the Wantong Chamber of Commerce will be ruined.

But here is just an ordinary oil lamp, and this is only the oil lamp used in prison!

Just looking at it, you know how rich and luxurious the fairy world is!

It looks pretty good. Immortal world is full of fairy grass and fairy jade everywhere!

This makes his desire for fairyland a little more!

He shuttled through the corridor for a while, and inexplicably felt a familiar sensation in his heart.

This sense of familiarity is far and near, as if someone is calling, and it seems to be an echo that originates from deep inside.

"Familiar? Why do I feel this way?" Zhao Yuande frowned, why did he feel this way.

He followed this familiar breath, and soon he appeared on the next floor.

"Why is that kind of breath gone?" Zhao Yuande stood on a fragmented ground on the 22nd floor, revealing the color of thought slightly.

This piece of ground seemed to be broken by a punch, and countless subtle cracks continued to extend in all directions.

Zhao Yuande gently stroked the trace of this fist, feeling the wonderful feeling passed from it.

"The physical strength of this punch is very strong! It is estimated that it should be similar to my body, and this person is very tall, and should be above the fairyland. I am afraid that the distance of this punch is now unknown. "

"Haha! Another fool was brought here!" Just when Zhao Yuande was contemplating, suddenly a harsh voice came into his ears.

His face changed, but he found that there was no one around him, and that voice was floating in the void, not knowing where it came from.

"Who are you?" Zhao Yuande said, his face dignified.

I can't track the position of the other party, which shows that the other party's power is still on his own.

"Want to know? Then come to me with that feeling!" The voice flickered left and right.

But this time Zhao Yuande felt the wonderful echo of the call again.

He is a daring artist, even if the opponent is a strong fairyland, he will not be afraid.

He pursued this kind of call to you, and his body continued to shuttle in the corridor, and in a while he reached the 23rd, 24th, and 25th floors!

The twenty-fifth floor, at this time, the figure is sufficient, dozens of powerful existence gathered in the twenty-fifth floor.

In front of an open prison, some of these powerful men frowned and contemplated, some were discussing something, and others were constantly casting their eyes on the prison.

Zhao Yuande instantly felt the source of calling himself, it was in this prison.

He frowned slightly and looked at the strong men, probably understanding what the voice said. It seemed that these people were all drawn by him.

Zhao Yuande saw two acquaintances among these people, it was the young Yinjia and the young elegant.

When Zhao Yuande saw these two people, they naturally saw him.

The elegant young man smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande and nodded.

The silver-clad young man gave him a cold glance, and he didn't say anything.