Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120: Fire God

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Qinglian Chaotic Fire has all kinds of magical effects. Using it to refine the soul can make his soul grow up quickly.

Although his current soul has reached the peak of the Divine Emperor, it does not match his combat effectiveness, and it is still too weak.

If you can refine your soul to the fairyland, you will have a huge improvement in combat power, magical powers and practice.

This is a great expectation!

"Okay! This is done! There are many people in this place, you come back first, I will kill this big guy after a while, and then you come out!" Zhao Yuande nodded to him with a look on his face.

This is a sense of excitement that comes from having goals and directions.

"Thank you Master!" The blue boy flew in the sky excitedly and threw himself into the bronze oil lamp.

Zhao Yuande put away the bronze oil lamp temporarily and began to think about **** this terrible monster.

And at this moment, he suddenly felt a loud rumbling sound beneath the earth, and then the whole earth shook violently.

Just a moment, the ground swelled up huge mountains.

Some of these mountains are vast, some stretch for thousands of miles, and some breathe terrible black smoke.

Zhao Yuande flew up to the sky and looked down, and suddenly found that the shape of the folded up seemed like a huge... Centipede!


Just when Zhao Yuande was shocked that this monster turned out to be a centipede, the earth cracked loudly, and a huge object with a length of tens of thousands of miles suddenly rushed out from under the earth. Its huge body almost filled the entire small world. .

This is indeed a centipede with a pair of golden curved centipedes on top of the head!

Its body is fiery red, and there seems to be a blaze of horrible flames inside. As soon as this big guy appears, the whole world is flooded with a heat wave that ordinary people can't resist.

If ordinary people are here, I am afraid that they will be baked into a dry body in an instant.

A violent and violent breath swept the whole world like a tornado.

Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a trace of fear in his heart.


"This is..." The dozens of strong men were stunned at this time!

They finally understood why this prisoner would be imprisoned in a small world!

The other party's body is too big!

The centipede swings thousands of feet, and the thick limbs are as long as a thousand miles, and under the limbs are huge blue claws.

Just a big paw just let them spit blood under the joint force!

Now this big guy really appeared in front of everyone, everyone immediately felt a deep fear and weakness!

"The fire **** centipede, ancient and exotic, relies on eating the sun in the starry sky, destroying many small worlds, high-end food..."

Zhao Yuande took a look at this message and immediately took a breath!

This guy is too good!

Its food turned out to be the sun in various small worlds. No wonder there will be terrible flames in the body!

The most important thing in a small world is the sun. Without it, a small world will perish sooner or later.

This big guy should be imprisoned, otherwise will there still be a small world under the control of Immortal Realm?

Zhao Yuande sighed for a while here, but the dozens of strong men below had already fought with this fire **** centipede.

These dozens of powerful emperors of the late Emperor and even the pinnacle were frightened at first, but their desire to survive made them have to unite to fight with this Fire God centipede.

Today this fire **** centipede will not die, they will surely die!

Although these strong men alone are not opponents of this fire god, but when they joined forces, there was a temporary stalemate with them.

They showed their magical powers, and many giant giants attacked the flame god's body everywhere, making it impossible to take care of both sides.

However, Zhao Yuande could feel that this flame **** had just awakened, and had not yet exhibited real combat power. As long as the battle continued for a long time, I am afraid that these strong men will not be able to persevere.

He felt that he should join the battle now.

Tens of thousands of miles of front, a dozen breaths to start from beginning to end.

Zhao Yuande chose an attack point, his body fell like a meteor, and a punch blasted the body of the fire **** Centipede.

His entire body was transformed into a burning meteor, and the terrifying power caused a whining noise in the sky.

If you can blast it away, rush directly into the fire of Qinglian to absorb the flames in the opponent's body, maybe this battle can be ended sooner.

However, things were not as beautiful as he had imagined. His body had not fallen yet, and several large blue paws protruded into the sky. The terrible power tore the void, and came directly to Zhao Yuande.

"I rely on! He even realized the law of the void!"

Zhao Yuande was terrified in his heart that this big guy could understand the law of void, which has an inestimable and powerful effect on combat effectiveness. It seems that everyone retreated a few points faster than he thought.

He felt that he couldn't delay any more. If this group of people were all killed by the Fire God Centipede and he fought alone, it would be even more difficult.

He was very confident in his physical body, and he was more confident in his undead body, so he came up against it without fear.


The burning meteor collided with the large blue claws.

The first big claw hit was smashed instantly!

Then came the second and third!

After three impacts, the meteor transformed by Zhao Yuande has been weakened by more than half, and finally bombarded fiercely on the back of the fire god.

Although still powerful, it just made a white mark.

"What a terrible defense!"

Zhao Yuande felt the anti-shock force from the back of the fire **** centipede, and suddenly his heart sank!

He felt that even if he had just hit the back with a full blow, he would not be able to break the defense on the back.

Zhao Yuande could not help feeling a powerlessness in his heart, this was the first time he felt this way!

This is of course not because his Chaos Eucharist is not strong enough, but because his cultivation time is too short!

And the other party is a terrible existence that survived from the ancients, feeds on the sun, and condenses into a terrible flame in its own body!

Under the constant burning and tempering of this flame, it is strange that its flesh is not strong.

"Do you want to use that thing..."

Zhao Yuande looked around.

The strong men were so sweating at this time that they were fighting with the Fire God centipede, and they simply had no time to ignore the others.

Most people do not even know that they have joined the battle.

As long as the thing is well covered, these people should not see any flaws.