Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122: Rush Into The Body

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The blue sword-mans seemed to cross time and space at once, and fell directly on the back of the fire **** centipede.


As if a piece of cloth was torn.

The back of the fire **** centipede was suddenly torn open by a dozen feet long mouth.

I don't know how deep it is. I can already see the white tender meat in it.

"It's so strong!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but also be surprised. This Zhou Yang was beyond his imagination. If this sword fell on him, it would easily break him in half.

If it falls on the head, you may be killed directly!

This made his original contempt for these strong men disappear, replaced by a kind of caution!

If three or two people contain themselves, this person will attack him...the consequences are really unimaginable.


Although the Fire God Centipede was extremely large, the addition of such a large opening on his spine made him tumbling in pain.

This tumbling doesn't matter, scarlet blood spewing out of the wound, as if the Tianhe sprinkled on the ground, and at the same time there was a flaming dragon like a real dragon.

As soon as this flaming dragon appeared, it was already blazing incomparable space, and the temperature was raised again by unknown times.

"It's this time!" Zhao Yuande's body suddenly shrank, and he fell directly into the wound.

As soon as he entered the wound, Zhao Yuande felt that the wound was continually creeping. The creeping speed was scary, but only a blink of the Kung Fu wound healed more than half.

Now that he has entered the body of the fire god, Zhao Yuande is not afraid of being discovered his secret.

His palm stretched out, and a small water well appeared in his palm, where the bright moonlight slowly reverberated with the well water.

"Cut me!"

Zhao Yuande snorted.

A round of bright moon shot from the well, tearing the peristaltic flesh directly into a huge wound that was 100 feet deep.

Zhao Yuande opened the light curtain and blocked the splash of blood from the body, hurrying and flew down.

Jing Zhongyue continued to urge Jingzhongyue again and again, and his body gradually deepened in the body of the fire **** centipede.

He was shocked to find that among the flesh and blood of this flame god, swimming a series of flame dragons, these flame dragons are refining its flesh all the time!

Can this method also be applied to oneself?

Zhao Yuande had some unexpected thoughts at this time. If the fire of Qinglian was like this continuously tempered against his own flesh and blood meridians, would his flesh become more tenacious?

Slashing all the way down, Jing Zhongyue's spiritual energy can be described by a massive amount, even Zhao Yuande felt a little breathless.

When he finally cut out the twelfth time, a **** passage appeared in front of him.

This channel is dozens of feet wide, with blood flowing in it,

Zhao Yuande immediately judged that this must be a main blood vessel of the Fire God Centigrade. If he can continue to follow this blood vessel, he should come to the Heart of the Fire God Centigrade!

Unlike human beings, the power source of the super-mob, the Fire God Centipede, is the heart. As long as the heart can be destroyed, this big guy is not far from death.

He fell into this blood-red channel and continued to advance in the direction of the blood flow.

"Although the power contained in this blood is less than that of the black dragon and Kun Kun, but the number is incomparably huge, I can completely refine the blood of this big guy, maybe I can turn on the four stars directly! At that time, the combat power can be comparable to the strongest of the peak of the immortal... I will just collect some here directly!" Zhao Yuande felt the power in the blood, and he immediately smiled and began to transport blood towards his own body world.

"Master, I feel the breath of flame, very powerful!" Cyan Boy stood on Zhao Yuande's shoulder at this time, looking forward with expectation.

"Don't worry, as long as we find its heart, we should be able to find that kind of flame!" Zhao Yuande said comfortingly, "You are now fully guarding my body and devouring those flame dragons!"

"Hmm!" Cyan Boy nodded vigorously.

The fire **** centipede does not know how many miles, the blood in the body is like the ocean, at the rate of Zhao Yuande's collection, I am afraid that it may not be fully collected in a year.

But he was not in a hurry, and continued to follow the direction of blood flow, and kept collecting its blood.

After walking for a full quarter of an hour, Zhao Yuande felt that he had received at least one million pounds of blood, and felt the speed of blood flow increased significantly. He heard a roaring sound like a thunder.

"Is this... was it noticed?" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt something was wrong.

Because he found that the front of the passage seemed to close the gate, the blood had completely disappeared.


There was a thrilling cry of terror, and a large group of large black bugs appeared in front of the passage.

These **** bugs have fangs and sensations, and each one has a strong breath, but the fighting power is not lower than that of the late God Emperor.


At this time behind him, there were also bursts of roar, which turned out to be a flame dragon.

"Qinglian, those flame dragons are handed over to you!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the blue boy on his shoulder.

"it is good!"

The cyan boy turned into a cyan shadow excitedly toward the flaming dragons.

At this time, Zhao Yuande also took out the killing stick and killed a large group of black bugs in front of him.

Zhao Yuande's strength is so strong, even if it collides with the body of the flame god, the wind will not fall. These bugs are nothing to him at all.

Just after a set of four spirit sticks came down, these **** bugs turned into a pool of disgusting mucus.

The cyan child in the back is simply, and when he opens his mouth, the flame dragons are directly sucked into his belly.

"Roar! Bold! You dare to break into my body, I want to make you a wreck!" Suddenly, a crazy consciousness rang in Zhao Yuande's ear, and he almost got his head up, almost Explode.

"What a terrific power!" Zhao Yuande's complexion changed, hurriedly transformed the Eternal Tower into an armor and draped it over the body of the soul. There were also guardians of the toad clothing outside, which gradually eliminated the terrible power of this consciousness.

The sound just disappeared, and the entire channel suddenly began to twist crazily, twisting into a twist from front to back.

Zhao Yuande instantly felt as if he was imprisoned in this passage at once, unable to move for half a minute, and an irresistible force swept across it, twisting a whole blood vessel like a towel.