Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123: Sun Setting

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At this moment, Zhao Yuande seemed to hear his bones rattling, and a powerful force was squeezing him.

"I rely on! The way of the void is deeper than what I realized!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but swear.

He used to imprison others, but what he didn't expect was that he was imprisoned by a centipede.


Zhao Yuande took a sip, and his body twisted one step away from the predicament and appeared in front of this blood vessel.

This blood vessel seems to have been **** for a short period of time. After waiting to clear the parasite Zhao Yuande, it will be reopened.

Zhao Yuande just passed the stretched blood vessel and appeared in front.

"Very good! Very good! Your power is beyond my imagination! There is Qinglian true fire, you are completely sent to the door, I'm sorry if I don't accept you! This consciousness is growing!" Icy, listening to Zhao Yuande's ears, let him feel a chill in your heart.

He felt a huge crisis appear in his heart. He even had a feeling that he entered the body of this fire god, and he was simply throwing himself in the net.

However, Zhao Yuande was already riding a tiger at this time. He didn't pay attention to it, but unfolded his speed and went all the way along the blood vessels.

As long as you can find the heart of the fire **** centipede, even if you can't kill the other party, you can hit it hard.

But things are not as simple as he thought!

At this time, the outside world has also undergone earth-shaking changes.

The Fire God Centipede didn't even care about the strong men who attacked it. The huge body rose into the air and threw directly towards the round of red sun in the sky!

The red sun is like blood, exuding a thousand gods, but it was swallowed by the fire **** centipede and swallowed directly into the belly.

Many strong men are almost stunned at this time!

"this is"

"Is this guy going crazy? The sun is gone, this small world will soon collapse, and our cultivation can't survive this kind of destruction at all!"

"Come on! Let's join forces to break the void, otherwise it will be too late!"


Just when everyone screamed in horror, this fire **** centipede plunged into the depths of the earth, and ignored the people who just besieged it!

"Don't hurry..." Zhou Yang shouted suddenly at this moment.

He understood that it should be Zhao Yuande entering the body of the fire **** centipede, this big guy will dive into the ground to deal with him with all his strength.

Now, if we take advantage of this opportunity to cooperate with each other, it should be a heavy blow to this fire god.

"You didn't feel that although the sun was swallowed by the fire **** centipede, it was still able to be sensed. I estimate that this small world should be intact in a short while, and just now..." Zhou Yang entered Zhao Yuande The things inside the fire **** centipede told everyone.

Everyone's expression was shocked, and there was an obvious opportunity. If they can kill this fire god, the materials on it alone can also enable them to practice in the future!

And there are a few people in this group of cultivators, like Zhou Yang, who are the geniuses of this trial, and their ambitions are greater!

Zhou Yang's claim was quickly confirmed by everyone, and then they made a decision to rush into the ground and kill the fire god.

With so many strong men, there is no shortage of treasures that can escape, and soon the people dive into the earth in a shuttle-shaped flying boat.

At this moment, the fire **** has returned to the depths of the earth in a sea of burning lava.

Noda's flame **** curled up like a giant snake in the lava sea, forming a huge furnace.

The endless flames around the earth, attracted by this furnace, poured into it continuously.

At this time, Zhao Yuande felt that the space in front of him had turned into a dark space.

Just when he was a little puzzled, suddenly the sky above was shone down, and a huge fireball crashed down from above.

"this is"

Feeling the horrifying heat from the huge fireball and the irresistible heavy pressure, Zhao Yuande's face changed again and again!

It's easy to say that kind of heat. When the power of the cyan boy shakes gently, the heat disappears.

Zhao Yuande's biggest headache at this time was the terrible impact from the fireball fall. He had discovered at this time that the fireball was actually the sun just hanging in the outside sky!

The sun was swallowed into the abdomen by the fire **** centipede, and he was moved by him into the space inside its abdomen.

His first reaction was to break the space and escape!

But under full strength, there is no response in the body space!

He immediately understood that this is the fire **** centipede using his own void road to imprison himself here.

Although he also realized the Void Avenue, he was not as good as this old monster that has survived from ancient times to the present.

What it can do in this long captivity time is nothing more than cultivation!

Therefore, the opponent's void road is far above him, even if he has been practicing for another ten million years, it may not be comparable.

And the only thing that can be done now is to stop the falling sun in the sky!

Four spirit sticks? Cut off the sky? Jing Zhongyue? Still the power of pure flesh...

The four spirit sticks can't touch the sun at all, maybe the killing **** stick in the hand can be broken directly!

Cut off the sky, just attack a little bit!

Although Jingzhongyue is extremely sharp, he is now in a very small place, just able to accommodate the sun setting!

Even if Jing Zhongyue directly splits it in half, the powerful impact can still smash himself into a slime in an instant, even the soul can't escape the broken fate!

And the pure physical power, if it is a stationary sun, he might break it with a punch, but in this state, it is just a scorpion as a car!

Zhao Yuande counted many of his methods, and at this moment, none of them could escape the present robbery!

"Sun! This is the sun!"

Suddenly Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up. He remembered one of the most powerful supernatural powers in Bajing Palace, which he had never had the opportunity to use since his cultivation.

The operation of taking the sun and taking the moon is actually the same, but one is to extract Yuehua, and the other is to extract the essence.

Now he doesn't need to extract the sun essence, he just needs to slow down the speed of the horror of this sun landing!


He exerted all his strength, the three stars on his body lighted up instantly, all the physical strength exploded, and in his sea of blood, the power of terror continuously rolled and boiled, and instantly rushed into his palm.

A huge palm enough to cover the sky and the sun flashed again in the void, directly appearing under the falling sun.

"Stop me!"

The huge palm slapped **** the sun.