Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124: Terrible Power

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The palm shattered in an instant, but the speed of the sun's setting did not slow down much.

"Come again!"

Zhao Yuande once again mobilized all the powers in his body and slapped again on the sun.

"Come again..."

"Come again..."

In just a few minutes of interest, he shot 36 hits in a row!

Although it exhausted him, it really slowed down the sun.

But if the power of these two falls really falls on him, he will still smash him.

"Give me a little!"

Zhao Yuande's body instantly changed like dust.


The sun fell and hit the ground.

The space here is really too small, although Zhao Yuande was not directly hit by the setting sun.

But the extreme violent impact instantly hit him **** the void barrier.


The hard void barrier that even Zhao Yuande couldn't break, even under this collision, he broke into pieces!

At the same time, he also shattered the armor made of eternal fine gold on his body. This kind of metal that was said to be almost indestructible was also crushed under this impact!

He also heard his own body, and there was a very crisp bone fracture. Under this terrible impact, his bones broke into countless pieces in an instant!

Fortunately, his knowledge of the sea was unharmed, and the heat of the sun among the blue children.

"Humph!" The space exhaled with a cold hum.

"You have become a waste, a waste that has lost its flesh, and I will devour your soul!" The consciousness of the fire **** centuries echoed in the space, cold and merciless.

"Don't think about it!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the sun in the space disappeared instantly.

At this time, if there are still people on the ground, you will find that the red sun appears again in the sky, but Guanghua is dim!

A huge centipede with a hundred feet long appeared on the top of his head. This turned out to be the spirit of the fire **** centipede. It wanted to take advantage of Zhao Yuande's broken body to devour Zhao Yuande's spirit.

"Hugh wants to hurt the master!" The blue child turned into a huge blue lotus in front of Zhao Yuande.

"Hum! Qinglian is really a fire, you have your opponent!" The huge centipede opened his mouth to highlight an orange-red fire.

The orange-red fire turned into a small phoenix bird and culled towards the true fire of Qinglian.

"You deal with this phoenix bird with all my strength, I'm fine!" Zhao Yuande's voice rang in the ear of the blue boy.

The cyan boy was stunned for a moment, but when he thought of something, he immediately greeted the little phoenix.

The two little things are all slap-sized, but fighting makes people feel a terrifying surging heat.

If it weren't for the cyan boy to deliberately isolate this heat, Zhao Yuande might be in crisis now.

"Hey! The fire of Qinglian! Don't waste your energy! This is a phoenix bird that I swallowed ninety-nine suns, condensed all the essence of the sun, you can't surrender it! Of course, if you are willing to follow Me, I will give it to you, so that you can increase the level after swallowing!" The voice of the fire **** centipede is full of temptation.

"Really?" Flame Boy suddenly turned his head very seriously to look at the spirit of the fire god.

"Really! Definitely true!" The voice of the fire **** centipede clearly showed joy.

"But...Zhao Yuande is my master..." The blue child looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes showing hesitation.

"Then I'll kill him!" The spirit of the fire **** centrifuge swooped down towards Zhao Yuande all at once.

Divine Soul's big mouth opened, and it was a breath to Zhao Yuande's shattered body.


At this moment, suddenly a round of white moonlight flashed through Zhao Yuande's body, and he split towards the big mouth of the fire god.

Fire God Craze saw Zhao Yuande's crushed body shattered instantly, and he never thought there would be such a terrible attack.

Suddenly the soul of the **** was cut in half by the moonlight.


The fire **** centrifuge roared frantically, and the pain of the **** soul was comparable to that of the flesh, almost letting the fire **** centipede pass directly to death.

And at this moment, Zhao Yuande's undead body has been launched, and his body returned to normal just in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the space change and reappeared in the scarlet passage just now.

The tremendous pain of the gods and souls directly lost the energy of the fire **** centipede to control the void.

The dementor of the fire **** centipede was injured in the eyes, and the flaming phoenix suddenly became dull, and was swallowed by the cyan boy!

At the moment when the flaming phoenix disappeared, the terrible heat around him disappeared and the temperature became normal!

"Give me back..." The flame god's voice was extremely painful.

"Humph! Impossible! Qinglian returns!" Zhao Yuande sneered.

The blue child flew back excitedly, and rushed directly into the bronze oil lamp in Zhao Yuande's hands.

"You... you will regret it!" The voice of the Fire God Centiped is full of resentment and hatred!

This flaming phoenix is the crystallization of his life. Losing the phoenix is almost a half-life. He is not crazy if he is not crazy!

However, the damage it suffered was too heavy at this time, and even the various avenues could not be manipulated freely under the great pain of the soul, which basically did not threaten Zhao Yuande.

"No... no! Even if you try your best, you have to send this human out!" The Fire God centipede felt that life was threatened.

If you still leave Zhao Yuande in its belly, and let him find his heart by touching his claws, then he is really too late!

He gritted his teeth, concentrated on the power of his soul, manipulated the Void Avenue, and wanted to send Zhao Yuande directly.

But at this time, the group of powerful men had also found this underground magma sea, and saw the fire gods rolling continuously in the magma sea.

The obvious breath of this fire **** centipede is fragile, it is likely to be very seriously traumatized.

Everyone immediately looked overjoyed!

"Give me full firepower, kill this big guy, we will share its treasures!" Someone suddenly shouted.

"Slaughter him, our cultivation will be smooth in the future, and we will never lack resources again!"


All of them gathered their strongest forces in a murderous manner, and attacked the fire **** centipede.

Originally, Zhao Yuande felt that he was wrapped in a force of void, and suddenly knew that he might be sent out.

But at the next moment, he felt that the body of the Fire God Crank began to tremble violently, and countless powerful attacks fell on the Fire God Cushion body, pushing it back and forth again and again.

"Good opportunity!" Zhao Yuande was very happy, and suddenly broke free from the power of the void. He knew that these powerful people had chased down underground.

His figure flickered again and again, and hurried away in the direction of the heart of the fire god.